Why do we need a Thiem blog?

There are many reasons, but one of them seems to be obvious. Dominic is Austrian. His Facebook page mainly in German. Not visited that much by English speaking people. And for a young guy, ranked that high, the tennis fan world have right to know more about him. I will try just to close this gap.

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  1. Hi there!

    Big fan of Thiem and a Journalist here, writing about tennis. Thanks a lot for your help, keep the great work. Loved the translation of Bresnik’s book, I’ve been dying to get some details about it.


  2. You are welcome João,
    So nice to hear, Thiem has fans in Brazil too 🙂
    I’m first big fan of Brazil (could spend there a year more than 50 years ago, see Pelé live and other greats of Brazilian football. And to live great bossa nova times (as you can see in a post about Brazilian music). Also a big fan of Guga 🙂 And all Brazilian people 🙂
    If you want to get informed each time new post or page is published or updated on the blog, you can simply check the option “Notify me of new posts by email” under Comments on any post/page and you will be notified about every change on the blog (si Deus quizer e si não vai chover !).
    Or I can add your mail address to the notification list (let me know, if I should do this for you).
    Feel free to comment everything of your interest. We would get another view from Guga’s homeland 🙂
    Do you publish your writing on any website in Brazil? If so, let me know. I still remember a lot of Brazilian and could translate into English and post here from time to time. Or repost (with your consent of course) if you publish in English.
    Nice day 🙂
    And tell Guga, he should prepare for handing the trophy in Paris to Dominic 🙂
    PS: where do you live in Brazil, if you want to tell us?

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