We have an ongoing hot discussion (at least among Dominic’s fans), if this cooperation can/should continue, if things go well there, if Dominic play an adequate role and possesses independent position , if we, fans are seen by Bresnik as a (superfluous?) part of the business, together with all the media, which he calls “dorky”,any many more.

So who is Günter Bresnik – for Dominic and his family and for us, Dominic’s fans? Now and for the future? Mastercoach? Manager? Big Father? Herrscher? Ruler? Fake?

Why are we allowed to ask these questions? Is Mr. Bresnik not a private person with all due protection ,? No, he isn’t definitely, while acting in a public role. The same Dominic. He must give up a part of his privacy, because of being a professional tennis player and thus a public person. In a growing extent, when being so successful.

What are IMO advantages and disadvantages of Bresnik in his role (roles) against Dominic and the public?


  • He is definitely the father of Dominic’s career. Where Dominic is toda, he would never be without Bresnik. It’s enough to have a big respect for him. But can things still go like before?


  • For private reasons since about one year Bresnik is no more that active as he was before. This is easy to understand and he has explained this clear enough.  This would not be a disadvantage, should Bresnik accept or even find another master coach. This did not happen.
  • Right now he’s going more and more to be manager. Any professional tennis player needs one. But is this a good choice to have the coach as manager?
  • The roles are not clearly separated. We don’t know (maybe Dominic too), when Bresnik acts just as Coach or as Manager. There are reasons to assume, he cannot separate these roles and is not able or willing to make  Dominic and the world clear what’s just the actual role.
  • Nonprofessional information policy. One day we hear, Dominic to be the only responsible for just losing so much. Another day, that he is just completely successful. And still very far from the end of the development.  On the one side it’s obvious – a great athlete must develop over the whole career. Any people, whoever they are, develop over the whole life. On the other side – one day everyone goes independent and takes the responsibility for own decisions – as athlete and as a person. Otherwise one will get never adult. And statements of a person with so many, partly contradictory roles, must be clear, respectful and kind. But first of all reliable, professional, true, sufficient and logic. If he likes this or not. Players must just do the same. Everyone is obliged by ATP rules to come to the presser after every match and to meet media on many other occasions. If not, they must pay penalties.


  • Can Dominic continue to develop as a top player with Bresnik as master coach ?
  • Is Dominic’s freedom and his right to decide and also to commit OWN errors, not limited?
  • Is this OK, if he can only seldom see his master sitting in his player’s box ant this all the way with a poker face? Is this good for Dominic or he ,maybe would like to get from time to time a warm support from his box? From his loved one? His mother? Brother? Some friend?
  • Dominic is a very serious and responsible man. Will so many contradictory comments from Bresnik not end with some chaos and uncertainty in his mind?
  • The master is only that good as he knows, when to give his er pupil enough of freedom, so he can turn to be at least partly a decision-maker. Without that feeling of freedom an adult human cannot develop. It’s bad, if he hears from the back seat critical remarks all the way instead of a support and friendly advice from the master?
  • If Mr. Bresnik at the same time praises Dominic for his maturity, going beyond the standard for his age, and blames him for faults, fitting rather to a little bay, this is nothing more than making noise for itself. It’s nothing, which could help Dominic. If everything still goes well in training, the relation should be limited to training. Does it make sense, if Bresnik with childish pride rejects Federer’s offer?
  • Can the relationship between Bresnik and Thiem be adapted by a kind of brainstorming, together with Dominic’s parents and/or friends?
  • Should Dominic start to look after a new coach? Should he discontinue to have him as manager (just like Federer has done years ago to make himself independent from the potent IMG Agency )?


  • Generally I would like the following arrangement. Bresnik as home -coach for regular training when Dominic is home.  Team8 as manager. A new main coach to follow Dominic all over the tour. Of course it would have to be Dominic’s choice.  This must not be somebody from Bresnik’s Academy. But someone, who can really can bring in additional values. Like Annacone or Edberg did for Federer. Lendl for Murray. Norman Magnusson for Wawrinka. The chemistry must be there. Not necessarily with Bresnik (it would rather impossible with him), but with Dominic. And finally – the father as a natural helper with coaching skills, always ready when someone else cannot serve for a while.
  • If Dominic does not feel ready tu decide about so many things, he could still take same risk and test own capabilities or ask some older fellow player (starting with Federer, so long he can and want to do this). Alternatively he would have to subordinate himself totally to Bresnik unterordnen and hope, that he is – as FIVE-IN-ONE solution – still the optimal person. We cannot have that deep knowledge of Dominic and he for sure doesn’t want us to know him that far. This must be respected by everyone. Fans, coach, manager, media, whoever.
  • Both Dominic and Bresnik should have more to show and say to the public. A friend in the player’s box does not mean to damage or sacrifice own privacy. Should Federer hide his happy wife and children? They were all travelling all the season together. An extra effort. But the family was there for Roger. Not only on court but also home, for common distraction within the family circle. Loving family is worth more than thousand hot fans. This helps first of all in difficult situations and this is, where Dominic is not the strongest on tour. Must not be a big hype, if someone does not like it. But a but of humor, not only short and meaningful statements, brought to persons, who don’t understand about tennis even 1/100 of what knows every player.
  • A  special point., Federer’s offer to prepare together for the season 2018. Dominic has not commented it publicly. I do assume, he did prefer Bresnik to arrange the thing and I guess, it was Bresnik’s decision to reject. IMO evidently a false one. Such offers don’t go en masse to everyone. It’s not about the prestige of such an offer. To express recognition some short praise for media is enough. Bresnik told, Dominic could not undertake such preparation with Federer, because he is his rival. Very funny. Does this not look the same way from another side? And somehow Federer stays still “a bit” higher on the Olymp of tennis.  Novak, Ofner, Kohlschreiber acan wait for Dominic and they will never receive such an offer This only one time (maybe still on the line?)  Dominbic/Bresnik should not think longer than seconds. Such a gift has unprecedented value. Just gone? It’s a pity.
  • An update after last Bresnik’s statements. Bresnik thinks it to be  not important, how athletes are dealing with their bodies. This is told by someone being in the position of not risking his bodily integrity and there stays a 24 years old guy, first starting his adult life and it should be not relevant, how long his body will hold, What (only) counts – he is today Top5, tomorrow Top3, then Nr. 1, thereafter maybe off from sport. Many do this more clever, Mr. Bresnik. Once more, example Federer. In terms of what Dominic has achieved Bresnik says, he could have been Top3 right now, should he not “fail” so much during last weeks  But he was hurt and the “injury” was not of an excluding, but limiting kind (according to Bresnik). And a bit earlier Bresnik told, he didn’t hear earlier about the injury. Is this not absurd! Has Dominic no manager, no coach and no physio, who should advice and warn him, when to stop for a treatment so he can after this pause play “unlimited” again and not “fail” so much?
  • Your comments are welcome 🙂 They can help to find new, better answers. And maybe new questions.

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    1. Even with not much time left for the blog, it has turned to be one more passion. And it’s a chance to address my thoughts to more people. Both my faves – Federer and Thiem have German as mother-tongue and respective native fans’ circles but at the same time both are “global”, so to post so much it goes in both languages is obvious and – I believe – worth the time used for this. The article is still not ready in English version but I hope to have it ready until next weekend, so before London starts. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. Hi Wladyslaw,
    I hope to get the opportunity to comment in greater detail soon but for now I want to thank you for a very interesting & insightful article. Here in the UK we have not had access to the same detail of Bresnik’s interviews & comments as you have so the information you have provided has been quite shocking & sad. I am however beginning to believe that Dominic may have far greater values than ‘winning’ or ‘being the best’? That is, that maybe loyalty to family, Bresnik and others may mean far more to him. Although this may be a sad realisation for his fans, if it makes him happy then maybe we need to accept what may be a reality!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I’m full of doubts about that and I hope, this is expressed in my article. Yes, loyalty is one of great values for Dominic and he takes it serious. I would never tell Dominic to forget the loyalty only to achieve more in his career. I think, principally Bresnik’s loyalty is great too as there were times, when Bresnik has trained Dominic for free, given his family was not rich enough and Dominic’s talent was big enough. And Bresnik helped both Dominic and his family to make Dominic that bog player he is just today. Buth time is going on, many things change and loyalty must not mean to stay together for life, one can be still loyal but change the relationship a bit, so everyone brings in what he can and everyone gets what he deserves and what’s possible.
    Thanks for your thoughts so far.
    PS: I’m known for my statements to be sometimes deliberately provoking, so readers are motivated more to think about. Also sometimes joking a bit 😉

  3. Wladyslaw,
    I hope Dominic finds a new coach for the his overall game. He is too good — one talent that he has that no one can not teach is passion and desire (see: Nadal). Dom has that AND tremendous tennis skill.

    When I say he needs variety, I mean he needs to design a better winning formula. You say he is aggression and power. That’s fine. But he has to beat his opponent first and foremost. He’s a professional tennis player; that’s his job.

    My kid plays competitive soccer. I have critiqued his club’s lack of offense — there is almost no creative attack. The head of the club says they are more interested in possession.

    This makes NO sense to me. You can teach possession and winning — at least attacking. This is a flawed approach.

    Dominic can hit opponents off the court. That’s why we love him, his attacking style (and the one-hander BH!). But he can learn to finish points and opponents easier, which does not belittle or undermine his style. This just gets him deeper into draws.

    I’m glad you commented on my blog. I look forward to more dialogue with you.


  4. Welcome, Matt 🙂
    I think, we will have a lot of discussions both on your and my blog 🙂
    You MUST read Bresnik’s book and you will find many answers . For instance about aggression look here: http://prf-mypassions-tennisandmore.com/dominic-thiem-method-part-11-last/.
    I totally agree with you about Dominic’s qualities and potential. But – in some of last interviews Dominic told he does not even feel like a professional player. Ridiculous? Not much. His love and passion prevail. Performance is everything, winning is a bonus.
    Dominic misses the big ego, all big winners have (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic). If he knows, he didn’t play his best and he loses, he accepts it as a normal thing the only (?!) conclusion is, he must learn something more.
    Thiem is happy with less then so many players not playing such a tremendous tennis. He is also not an entertainer like Monfils or even Federer. There is no real aggression in him.
    Of course we, his fans, would like to see him winning more. Not be happy with defeating Rafa in Madrid and then give an easy title to Zverev.
    Maybe some additional coach (Bresnik will be his master coach for ever, for many reasons) could help him win more. But I think, Bresnik has a new vision of Thiem 2.0, the one, who wins so much he deserves 🙂

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