and common sense?

Remember Indian Wells 2018 and the ankle injury? Not even asked for a doctor to come, check and  eventually give first aid. Playing more than one set with a bone fracture. The match could not be won in any case. What was the sense to continue? With every minute making the situation worse. No taping, no cooling, no anti-inflammatory drug.

Now the longer story just ended today – or maybe first starting?

My sources? Videos, interviews, match streaming. Available for everyone. For you too. And you know your feelings. We can only observe your performance, body language, grimacing.

What I describe now, was obvious for me and I guess, it must have been obvious for you. You know, you are prone to cold and different infections.

Let’s tell the story in points:

  • Tenerife – 3 weeks of extremely heavy training. Some time during the preparation first cold. Probably not healed well and then continuing. In Stachi reportage we could hear Mike Reinprecht telling about problems with your pulse. Preparation not optimal but finished. Would be time to visit your doctor in Vienna. But the plan was different. I understand, why. But the cold in Tenerife was not planned.
  • 2 days with family on Tenerife
  • 2 days with Kiki in Dubai
  • Mubadala exhibition. One match more than planned. Not a good performance. Probably still the virus. Not treated after Tenerife.
  • Doha – first match lost. Not a tragedy but some signal – something is not OK with fitness&health.
  • Flight to Melbourne. Jetlag. Cold again and not doing anything but waiting for Bresnik.
  • Theoretically well acclimatized. Then I have seen some short videos of your practices. Not your usual energy. Then pulling out from scheduled practice match with Zverev. Health problems? For sure.
  • Then the Paire match. Good one, but exhausting. And you telling, your pulse over the whole match was about 200 (!!!). Emotions? Not to this level. Something wrong in your body. I’m 70 and my pulse never goes higher (when playing, riding, jogging) than 130. I could go for more, but at 200 I would probably dye. At the end of the match it was visible, you both were staying or running on last feet. Sometimes not even trying to reach the ball.
  • Time for recovery? Of course too short. Fatigue and pains and you were not ready for the competition. Body language telling from the very beginning, you are ill. But the opponent was not so dangerous and in the first set it was close. But you knew, you would not be able to play another long match. And you needed to retire.
  • What now? Back to Vienna (2 weeks late). Starting to do, what you needed to not later than after Tenerife. Probably week or two for healing and recovering. And starting to prepare again. Maybe not ready for South America swing. But going there and playing. Maybe taking another risk just before your most important European clay season.
  • I hope it will have an happy end. But the lesson about listening to your body (you told after ankle injury “lesson learned”) still not learned? Tennis is your love and passion. OK. That’s why we love you. But what a tennis can you show us (and the world), if you are not 100% fit and healthy?

More questions than answers. We don’t expect you or your team to tell us details. We wont to see you healthy and happy, winning or losing.  Think about that. You are not alone. You have your love, your family and dog, you have you passion for tennis. And you have us, your loving fans. Before you continue, be sure, you are really READY 🙂

Updated 17.01.2019, 21:46

We should not expect much details, but the unique information from Bresnik is, it’s not a glandular fever, resulting from infection with Epstein-Barr virus.

Rather a good news 🙂

Updated 19.01.2019, 14:30

We need to be patient. We are worried. Dominic needs time to be checked, healed and recovered.

Until some real news come, we should take this like no news is good news. Hard to have only this. But we must accept, Dominic will not like to give us daily reports. Tomorrow is his Youtube day, maybe he tells us something tomorrow?

Updated 22.02.2019, 09:30


Koubek, the Captain of Austrian Davis Cup Team just announced,  Bresnik put green light for Dominic to play Davis Cup in Salzburg,

This MUST mean Dominic is recovering well enough (from whatever it was and we don’t need to know) to be back in the competition at 1.-2. February in Salzburg.

Well done, Dominic (and your doctors) 🙂

Hoping, the better part of the season is going to start 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

Updated 22.02.2019, 13:48

Another sign of life 🙂

This is Dominic’s post, published 3 minutes ago 🙂

Updated 22.02.2019, 17:22


Today Bresnik told the press, Dominic’s  doctor decided,  he must wait with going back to training at least one weak. This is needed because further test  are made and the whole process since Tenerife and Australia must by analyzed in details before so the right treatment can be applied.

First treatment so far is to have a good rest, while waiting for treatment recommendations.

Right now it’s sure, not only DC but also Cordoba are cancelled. First predictable tournament for the come-back is – as for now – Buenos Aires. Middle of next week there media should get next update.

Updated 23.01.2019 19:54

FIRST SIGN OF LIVE (1 hour ago)  🙂

Updated 30.01.2019, 18:03

Another sign of live – good one


Bresnik opens mouth against the press about Thiem’s health again.

That’s, what he says (essence of his “briefing”).

Dominic doesn’t have anything bad in the heart or  lungs.  But it must be made cleared, why he did have 3 HEAVY COLDS during 6 weeks. And if he eventually had a FLU, one cannot play with that. He is still to pass some tests (stress eCG was named). Then he should start with light training on next Monday and then go to come back on tour in Buenos Aires.

We have never heard before about heavy colds. On Tenerife, were the first one happened, there was of course Bresnik (not a doctor, but studied some time ago 8 semesters of medicine)) and the fitness guru, Ph.D. Mikre Reinprecht. A German  journalist called “Stachi” made a long report with many interviews on Tenerife. We could hear there Mikre Reinprecht to say, there are some problems with stabilizing Thiem’s pulse. Probably just after this first cold. Thiem missed some days of training because of this but it was called then by Bresnik LIGHT COLD.

That’s the first MIRACLE. After so long time the COLD was upgraded to HEAVY.

Just like you were NASA and told people, the current hurricane is classified as strength category 5 and after a month upgraded to 10, so people can prepare well for the disaster just 8 weeks after it happened. Good joke?

Where happened the SECOND HEAVY COLD? Probably in Abu Dhabi or Doha, where Thiem was accompanied with his little brother. but we have all cellular phones, no? Meaning Bresnik knew about it and didn’t tell Thiem to stop to play there. And he did play 3 matches to replace Rafa, who simply withdrew after having lost first match and not feeling well with something. The Mubadala tournament is an exhibition – with rich sponsors and played for rich tourists. And Thiem is not Nadal.

So he did play but was apparently not in form. How could he be just after second HEAVY COLD in few weeks, 3 weeks of hard training on Tenerife and a long travel?

The he went directly to Doha (probably still suffering not treated second  HEAVY COLD, lost first round and went to have some time for acclimatization.  So he added a jetlag to two accumulated and not treated HEAVY COLDS. For a few days he was doing nothing, waiting for Bresnik, but doing nothing is uncharacteristic for Thiem.  So let’s assume, he still did not feel well. After Bresnik come, Dominic started to train. First he had a practice with Goffin, broken by nose bleeding. Then he pulled out last minute from scheduled practice with Zverev.

When did he ´catch the third HEAVY COLD is unclear.

We only know (From Thiem’s review) he was playing the whole 4 hours match with Paire with pulse of 200. I have wrote about this before. With such pule just before the match you risk sever health damage. But Bresnik was happy, calling it “strong”, how Thiem was able to overcome and win first leading by 2:0 (still having some energy I guess) and then Paire coming back to 2:2 (while Thiem was losing energy in cosmic speed).

That’s the second Bresnik’s MIRACLE.

After this all – and he went to sleep around 5.00 local time and slept only about 6 hours – and a day of rest (maybe it was then, when he visited the doctor and his blood counts were OK (third Bresnik’s MIRACLE) . He didn’t hear Thiem telling journalists, he played Paire having pulse of 200 all the time, but … OK, blood counts were OK. Meaning Thiem was healthy and ready to play.

Goof blood counts  may have helped Thiem to overcome first two sets but next Bresnik’s MIRACLE didn’t come. Dominic needed retire because of fatigue (WHAT FATIGIUE???)

Thiem meant, he needs a detailed medical check because in his body there seems to be something not belonging there. No more miracles.

The update with the Austrian thread of the story coming soon

Updated 31.01.2019, 20:19


Since 19.01 Dominic is on home soli.

And here another devil’s circle starts.

Dr. Pidlich starts tu rule in examination and treatment. But the only source of information for the public is Bresnik. Of course. The doctor is obliged to protect patient’s data. Dominic is not interested (or not allowed?) to inform media. Parents – probably more willing than others but belonging to the circle, where probably Bresnik rules.

Silence on all channels.

Then suddenly next MIRACLE. Bresnik tells KOUBEK (Austrian DC captain), he can nominate Dominic to the team and Dominic just started training for DC. There are still 2 test not back, but … next day they are back. SURPRISE (MIRACLE?). Bresnik tells, Dominic  cannot play DC, moreover, he will not able to play Cordoba. No training. He needs longer rest. No word about what he has and what is being done by the doctors. We don’t even know, if he lies in bed home or is hospitalized.

Bresnik proposes, Dominic would like to be in Salzburg to cheer for friends “if the team wants”. No word from the team. No word from Dominic.

It’s today. Will we see him in Salzburg. Should we be happy, of he appears there? Would he be happy?  Austrians seem to have forgotten Thiem – now they build the fairy-tale on Rodionov, 19 years old Belarussian-German, since 3 years citizen of Austria. Thery make hype about him. How would Thiem feel in the arena, where maybe nobody applauds him. Austrians are deeply ambivalent about Thiem. They expect to him to be no.1 and win slams in series. To be another Muster – right now. They don’t care about tennis, Austria is no tennis nation. Ski rules. In fact first of all “patriotic” emotions.


Who has read Bresnik’s book (or my translations of part of it) should know. If not, you find it HERE.

Too much similarity between this old story and the story, started maybe last year? Now COLD VIRUS (and bad immune system) seems te be the negative hero.

Dominic does not help much. His passion for the is so big, with the Campylobacter, in acute phases, when he was vomiting with blood, he didn’t tell anybody (the father was responsible for the teenie on the Futures/Challenger Tour then),  fearing, they would not allow him to play. Campylobacter could he ended Dominic’s career before it started.

Last year, after the twisted ankle, Dominic was telling – lesson learned, I know, I must listen more to my body. REALLY LEARNED?

Updated 1.02.2019, 08:14

A small update, but serious???

tennisnet.com reveals (HERE GERMAN ORIGINAL) with one phrase, that Thiem  has started light training o´n Thursday, quoting Bresnik as a source, but the statement itself is not a quote. This os the trick, media use to tell something but just in case to not be held responsible.  No photo, no video from the alleged practice. No word on Thiem’s instagram.

If it was Thursday and we have now Saturday, and everything OK, today would be third day of getting back to training. And still no “hard” information?

Maybe still a part of treatment and doctors controlling his reaction to training effort.

Elsewhere the same kind of quote from father Thiem, telling that probably Dominic caught a virus on Tenerife.

This sounds, I’m sorry, a bit stupid, if you have read this article from the beginning, no?

We can rely more on information about upcoming Nadal’s marriage  with his long-time girlfriend (very nice and humble girl, avoiding the hype, but still silently present in his player’s lounge.  Well, these news come from paparazzi – not legal but reliable 😉

Maybe we should hire some paparazzi to get something serious about Dominic?

The only real good news – Austria lost qualification for the DC final to Chile and Thiem will have time for rest during new formula DC finals in Madrid. 18-24. November).

Updated 2.02.2019, 22:10

Latest update – reliable?

Well, I kind of hired myself as paparazzi. I went to Karin Thiem Instagram account, where I didn’t find anything about Dominic’s current situation.

I was not sure, if I should ask her directly, but what was the risk? So I asked her to give us some information and if possible to tell Dominic, his loving fans expect eagerly any small positive signal, so maybe he could show himself and drop a word?

And here is, what I got. Not much. But the source is RELIABLE.

The source in German you find HERE (including my question)

And here is the answer

(Translation: he had a virus, which is now gone and he is training again.)

Not so much, but think about, why?

They all: Dominic, parents and Bresnik have some special relation. Being a kind of extended family, with clear roles division, especially about spreading information externally. I guess, who decides about it, is of course Bresnik. Maybe Karin Thiem could give more detailed information, but only private and I don’t belong to the private circle.

Well, it is what it is. Not much, but a bit more than we had.

I have asked her to tell Dominic, we are eagerly waiting for some signal from him, on Instagram or wherever. I don’t know, if she tells him and if so, if he will follow it.

I have told her tooo, that since Melbourne I’m opening his Instagram 10 times in an hour, daily. And it’s not fantasy. I’m doing this all the time. That’s how I found his to Instastory posts, which I copied here above.

Let’s hope, we get something more until tomorrow. It’s the last week before Buenos Aires. If he is really going to play there.

Updated 3.02.2019, 18:10

Pulse 200 and feeling ill “all the time”

(did you ever have such a pulse or was had you ever a heavy cold?)

I must recall these two important inormations, because they can help us to understand, what’s going on.

In the press conference after retiring in Melbourne Dominic told told, he is actually ill “all the time” since Tenerife. And that he did play the whole Paire match with pulse about 200.

I will skip the explanation of how a heavy virus cold develops – everyone had at least one felt this on own body. But what happens, if you don’t take care or are especially vulnerable? First it attacks bronchi. Bronchi are delivering oxygen to the blood. If they are ill, they deliver less. You blood transports less oxygen to the cells of the whole body. If you take too much of effort, you get an oxygen deficit in every cell. You get fatigued, you cannot perform, your muscles get sore. Until the point, the start to strike (to defend your body before too extensive stress). This goes automatically and the more you try to hold, the quicker you are completely exhausted.

But before that you (well trained) body tries to find a way. Because every cell calls for more oxygen, you heart starts to pump faster, to deliver the oxygen needed. given each pumping cycle delivers not enough. So your pulse rises. 200 is extreme and you health is on growing risk, if you continue. .

Dominic felt ill all the time – since Tenerife to Melbourne. What can it mean? He didn’t get treatment after the first virus attack, only maybe some days of rest. The body was still ill but symptoms maybe a bit lingered. Then he went to play again – no light hitting, but real competition. In Mubadala, in Doha, in Melbourne.

It’s still the same infection. Maybe since some point no only the primary virus but also additional bacterial superinfections.

No drug exists to kill a virus. Only your immune system do. You can/must help it. By resting and taking some (maybe only natural) media to strengthen the immune systems. No way to kill the virus directly.

There we are, still with the virus and possibly additional malicious bacteria and a breakdown of the immune system – back to Vienna. First here starts detailed and professional examination and treatment.

It’s not only about destroying the virus and regain the energy and fitness. It’s also about making the immune system stronger, so you don’t get ill in 1-2 weeks of daily effort again.

It may take lots of time.

And THIS LESSON MUST BE LEARNED – by Dominic and the whole team.

PS: I’m just coming from a heavy virus cold. Two weeks cannot (for life’s reasons) lie in bed) bu I must not play 4 hours of extreme competitive match). I feel every day better. But after 2 weeks I’m still not ready for my recreational tennis. I could try. And I would like to – I love to play tennis. But I know, the risk is too high.

Updated 3.02.2018, 08:32


All roads lead to … ???

yes, of course, to CLAY

But before Thiem needs to regain his fitness built up on Tenerife. So look well after THIS

If you see this, here we are? Back to the roots?

Where you can better regain the preseason fitness than on Tenerife?

Well, they both seat there on the beach laughing death about all of us.

To avoid another jetlag and weather stress – Dominic flies from Tenerife to Buenos Aires. Only 3 hours time difference. Only 10°C difference (around 20°C on Tenerife and around 30 in Buenos Aires; so no climatic shock).

If this is not so … well, we at least tried hard 🙂

P.S.: has someone “eyes” on Tenerife?

Updated 5.02.2019, 09:44


(it’s official)

Updated 5.02.2019, 18:35


(wherever it is, declaring to be healthy and ready for Buenos Aires)

Updated 5.02.2019, 22:12


It’s not for us. It’s a typical ticket sellíng advert. Thiem is a FACE OF THE TOURNAMENT. You can see such adverts all the year. Sometimes big names even come and show them on place,  Then it shows they got some injury when practicing on tournament’s courts. And they go to next tournament – who knows: as ticket sellers or players?

Still no pics or videos from training. Still no statement from Bresnik.


Until we see Dominic in a first match in Buenos Aires. Sad.

Updated 6.02.2019, 12:12


Yes, nice session. Of what? No balls, no rackets. Maybe chess? Ah no, Leon Benedict is a promising 16 years old Austrian tennis player (ever heard?). Edward Hubner (if it’s him) – is a British not-so-promising tennis player (20 years old, ranked about 1500).

OK, these are secrets of Bresnik’s Tennis Academy. Let’s wait for next joke 😉

In any case at least it looks LIKE RED DIRT 🙂

Updated 6.02.2019, 15:58

Apologies, it looks like some images were not displayed. Must speak with the system admin 🙁

Well, seems to be resolved 🙂

Updated 6.02.2019, 16:21


According to tennisnet.com (original in German HERE is Dominic underway to Buenos Aires. Accompanied by Bresnik (!) – unusual, because Bresnik goes mainly to big tournaments (slams, Masters).

Last year was Thiem accompanied by Alex Stober in Golden Swing.

And a bit earlier than usual – let’s guess it’s precaution to have more time to overcome jetlag (even if it’s only 4 hours, but long flight. Good decision. And Dominic may need continuing support from Bresnik because the last pause was so long.

Hopefully this is reality. We only get any information via not-so-reliable sources 🙁

I expect, Dominic posts something on his Instagram today or after landed in Buenos Aires. Stay tuned 🙂

Updated 7.02.2019, 15:49


Cappo di Tutti Capi answering our questions about Dominic’s health 😉

Updated 8.02.2019, 22:00

We are “WANTED” 😉

Did you read the comment to this article from “Elea”. You should. It’s very funny. Looks like sense of humor was dead in Dominic’s camp. Actually, not in his camp, but in the camp of voluntary police, feeling obliged to defend Thiem&family plus Bresnik and team before hostile websites 🕵📛👿

Updated 15.02.2019, 10:58


It seems, the story is continuing. Why do think like this?

We doin’t really know the story, started on Tenerife, Light cold (after AO upgraded to heavy), then the hard training continued. Maybe no more virus cold (heavy or not) – Dominic did not look like having heavy cold neither in Mubadala/Doha, nor in AO, where he won a heroic match (Paire was, sorry, not the one of important characters on the scene, could have been anyone – this is not against Paire, who is a bit eccentric but very nice and friend guy but a mercurial player.

Thiem did play with extreme extreme weakness – he played against himself.

Then a black hole – we don’t know anything about what was happening since his comeback to Austria and his flight to Buenos Aires. Maybe he was not ready for the comeback but he needed it emotionally so badly?

What we see since buenos Aires (he was there under special control by Bresnik and mother Thiem. Nobody told him, to play singles and doubles in this situation to not be the best concept for the comeback? It was the worst,possible IMO. Somehow also for friend Diego. Diego was badly beaten in both finals, he reached . Thiem was playing badly in the doubles finals, stealing him a day he would need before Rio. Both failed badly and both with medical timeouts in first round in Rio.

Dominic was 2 days in Rio. First day was rainy Monday. Good day for reading books, sleep longer, doing nothing and getting relaxed. Next day was the match day. Dominic found somehow time for two training-blocks. Was this necessary. No. He was still  in recovery and what he needed more, was to have a rest. After the come-back (which was too early) and so many matches played in Buenos Aires he needed more time for recovery before next tournament. But he interrupted the recovery process and before the first match he was again out of gas.

We can guess again, what was the story with the nape. I have watched it many times in slow-motion. His finger showed the physio, where he feels pain. It was the place, where there are no muscles, but lymph nodes. Maybe reaction to some inflammation process. started after too heavy workload when recovering from the long virus story. Sore lymph nodes can produce pain comparable with heavy muscle strain. And this fits better in what we could see on court.

What the physio was doing to help him, could have been the lymph drainage, not relieving muscular pains.

Then – Bresnik is surprised by how weak was Dominic physically in this match. If so close person like Bresnik is so surprised, this van be only something he does not know what or … a dark thought, he is still not completely healed. To regain top fitness needs time. Bit how can you restore the fitness if you are still ill I don’t know of course, I’ only guessing from what I have seen and from own life’s experience.

Lymph nodes are parts of immune system. Dominic’s immune system has deficiencies sind long years. But this time they were deeper. His good and friendly doctor in Vienna probably told him to skip more than DC+Cordoba. But Dominic started to feel better and he could not prolongue the recovery recommended by the doctor. Well, the doctor is not police. Cannot enforce his opinion.

Dominic went a risk and this risk didn’t pay-off. Too early, too hectic.

What now? No more the family doctor. Who could tell him now to skip Golden Doubles and take a longer break before Mote Carlo?

There are in any case only slight chances, he can collect substantial amount of points there so to defend his Top8 ranking over the European clay, Paris included.

I know, what happens now. The silence. Bresnik was expected to come before IW. He can fly or not – The most important is, if Dominic can recover and finally start a tournament (first this year), completely healthy and fit.

Maybe what he needs before Im are not additional training blocks, hut some nice holiday and than only training last 2-3 days before IW?

Updated 21.02.2019, 18:40

LATEST (maybe last?) UPDATE

Don’t worry: We have Günter Bresnik and Dominic is his pupil (it’s called so nice in German – Schützling, originated from the word Schutzprotection, care).

Bresnik told the Austrian TV – ORF Sport – yesterday, he is “totally surprised” about Dominic’s “extreme fatigue” (in the Djere match).

Do you remember when it was last time, when Dominic was extremely fatigued? It was at AO second round, match lost by retirement (actually by extreme fatigue and soreness in the whole body). Bresnik was there. He didn’t comment.

The CLOSED MOUTH INFORMATION POLICY was held until take-off to Buenos Aires. The information was then – Dominic is fit and healthy. Was he really? Ah yes, he was so fit to play 7 matches in 5 days. Losing in SF singles and F doubles, but – you know – to regain the 100% fitness needs time, so the result was actually good. – Not the game IMO, but who am I?

Then the strange appearance in Rio first (and last) round.  The same day Bresnik, who was satisfied enough with Dominic’s health and fitness at the end of Argentina Open and went back to Vienna. 2 days later he was shocked by what happened in Rio.

2 days after we don’t know, what are the plans. Thiem stays in Rio and some commenter say, he is training on hard court (nice, court for guests of the Copacabana hotel) until Sunday. With Massu or without? Nobody knows. It’s not official, but he is allegedly expected to fly on Sunday to Indian Wells to have a longer training block before Sunshine Doubles.

In the meantime we don’t get any information from the Austrian Circle. They think, they are not obliged to drop a word to the world, including fans. Is Thiem still a part of ATP Tour? If he is, he should tell at last them and they should tell the world. No details. Only what the fans need, especially those, who are now unsure, if they should buy tickets to watch Thiem live there. For sure they would think twice at least, not knowing if he plays at all or eventually just like in Rio.

But first of all, we are all humans. We love Thiem, not only his game. We are again worried. We deserve some information. But the AC seems to believe, we don’t.

OK, I’m closing the reporting until I have something to report. Not only to guess, speculate a.s.o. Because there are more reasons to be scared than to be optimistic.

Updated 22.02.2019, 16:14


I was recently teached by someone from the Thiem’s closer circle (it’s my guess only, but this person has for sure some insider knowledge), Thiem has right to his privacy and is not obliged to tell us about his health. Of course we don’t expect details even if some top players have no problem with presenting their images lying in hospital bed after surgery – it’s only an example, but quite a year ago, after the ankle injury, Thiem posted on Instagram pics showing him during rehab. Anything more general would be enough.

This would be a part of good and positive relation between him and his fans. Many of us are really ready to support him every possible way. So I think, we deserve some respect just like we show our respect, maybe love.

This affects also Bresnik and if Thiem thinks, it would be too hard for him to speak about some things, it’s just Bresnik, who is expected to tell the press and this way everyone, who’s interested and very many are, what’s going on instead of “I’m surprised”. This is equal to tell nothing. Everyone who watched the last match, was surprised but without any information we have no chance to understand.

So – if the whole TEAM THIEM decides to not tell us anything, maybe the best we can do, is to forget about everything, only watching his matches, if they are good to watch and nothing more?

We have nerves and emotions too and if this all is not respected (for whatever the reason/s) we must find the way to live in peace between his good or better appearances and let it go and don’t torture ourselves with guessing, if he does not play for any reason) or when he plays disaster.

If this makes him happy, we will find the way to not get emotional about everything, which is not strictly tennis.

I will give it a go for the next time. I feel now to have about 2 weeks holidays. Eventually watching in the meantime another good tennis.

Updated 22.02.2019, 20:33


Tomorrow starts in Indian Wells a WTA 125K tournament, a kind of Challenger Circuit. Guess, who will play there?

Today Dominic landed in Indian Wells to have some rest and prepare for Sunshine Doubles.

The Miami Masters (second of Sunshine Double) ends by 31 of March. 5 WEEKS TOGETHER.

I guess, Dominic will be 200% healthy and fit, well prepared under Brazilian sun in Rio. Happy weeks, you both 🙂 On and off court !!!

Updated 24.02.2019, 18:22

Kiki waiting – Domi coming 🙂


Updated 25.02.2019, 7:49

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  1. Welcome, Denise 🙂
    Unfortunately I cannot find any “hole” in the bunker and have no real info about Dominic’s health right now. Acc. to Bresnik he should start on Monday light training, but where he is? Home? In a clinic? Can hardly understand his silence on every channel – FB, Instagram, YouTube. No good things to tell?
    I hope we finally get something, when he really starts to train 🙂

  2. Hello, I agree with Denise I love your article, your writing and especillay your analysis of this whole situation (I don’t trust Bresnik words!!). For me, his silence is not a good sign at all and…for me there is another sign that comes from Kiki’s side! She is also very quiet … it’s not usual on her part and another important thing … her fans say she was in a very bad mood in St. Petersburg, not fit at all (ok, she lost her tennis but. .. maybe also she was worried !!),…But it’s just hypotheses!!! I hope to have real news very soon!

    1. Yes, It’s pity Kiki lost her tennis, but she seems to be happy with her excellent doubles performance and big titles. I think, she was not ready to sacrifice her female look for tennis success. This reminds me on my compatriot Radwanska. As she was very close to winning slams, Navratilova was interested to help her. But when talks started, she said Aga – OK, but not with THESE muscles and it was over. Aga never won a slam but remained the person she was since very beginning. Maybe that’s the way of Kiki. With final mixed with Domi (as he said – for a farewell in Paris) 😉

      1. I just found out your reply and….I didn’t know about AGA’s story! It was a player that I liked a lot! And yes, maybe Kiki wasn’t ready to do all these sacrifices … but one thing is sure she is really proud and satisfied with her excellent doubles results with her best friend (these results are already great by the way!). And she has more free time to support Domi ah ah ah! And yes, why not a final mixed with Domi in Paris….Anyway, it is her choice and if she is happy like that, that is the most important thing I think

        1. Both Kiki and Domi see to have something very important in common. To give more value to love, friendship, support than to tennis itself, even if its for sure their biggest life’s passion. I’m happy when I see Kiki happy even when losing a slam final , congratulating heartily the winners. I’m happy as well, when I see Dominic proud and happy just after a match like US open Nadal QF match. Mixed at RG any time in the far future and maybe their kids sitting in the box, would be something, I hope, I will not miss 🙂

  3. Hi, CRUM – you are welcome 🙂
    Yes, I agree, Kiki must be extremely worried, but I guess, Dominic and Kiki have also private channels, so she is probably better informed.
    I’m still looking for some information source and … just had a little success. Look into last update for the article 🙂

    1. Thanks for your reply and the update about Domi’s health from Karin! (and sorry for my duplicate message! I thought the first one was not gone!) And yes Kiki and Domi have a private communication (well it would be better for them !!!) So my thought was: she knows more things that us and the news are not very good thats’ is she is in a bad mood

      1. No problem with the duplicate 😉 I don’t use moderation for new posters, but I don’t know, how the system proceeds itself. Maybe for first-time comment some Anti-spam plugins come into action and I cannot influence, how fast it works. I have added you now to the user’s list manually as subscriber, so you should be automatically informed by e-mail about new/updates post/page. Of course you can change it yourself or ask me to do it for you 🙂
        Back to Dominic – The update was nothing big. Still no word on Instagram from him.
        And I’m still worried. What Karin Thiem wrote me, was almost nothing new. And there is a simple question. If he trains since Thursday (4 days now) and no comment from him or Bresnik, how it goes, we cannot be sure, that now everything goes upright. If so, I think, Dominic would be so excited, that we would get something on Instagram. But there is nothing, still. No simple photo with Hugo or Moritz or something.
        I would assume rather, still no reasons to be happy and to assume, the problem to be over 🙁 Probably doctors still looking for an explanation and, while letting him have a light training, still not sure, what would happen with normal training stress and making additional tests.

        1. I totally share your opinion and I am also a little worried about his health because actually if things progressed well Dominique would have been super happy and we would have had posts on Instagram or elsewhere.
          By the way, another great article “Pulse 200 and feeling ill “all the time”, congrats!

      2. Ah, I think, I know, why you thought, the post was not gone. I have installed the feature allowing the poster to change or even delete the comment over 5 minutes after the post is confirmed. So probably the post is visible first after these 5 minutes. If so, the same will happen with every comment. There is unfortunately no possibility to disable the future to make the comment appear faster. Must tell the developer of the plugin to add this possibility.

  4. Hello, I agree with Denise! I love your articles, your writing and especilly your analysis of this whole situation (I don’t trust any of word from Bresnik!!!) For me it doesn’t sound good because we have no news from Domi on social media and it is not usual at all!! There is another point that comes from Kiki’s side! From her also, no sign on social media, she is very quite and it is not usual as well! And another point is…her fans say that she was in a real bad mood and looked not in a good shape, looked bothered in St Peterburg so..Ok she lost her tennis right now but maybe she was worried as well about Domi’s health…?
    But all this, it’s just hypotheses I hope to have real news very soon!

  5. Thanks, CRUM. Instead I would rather like to post a link to happy Dominic’s training.
    I’m asking on every place, where I think, someone could know something. Right now I asked Moritz on Instagram. So far no answer.
    But after Karin Thiem’s reaction I’m quite sure there is information lockout in the closest circle. I think, it affects Dominic too.
    Who can be the supervisor if not certain G.B. – cappo di tutti cappi in the business?
    I’m also trying to find out, what could be potentially the reason for the blockade. I think, B. is aware of his eventual, maybe costly, failures. He authored the whole mismatch of information, including letting Koubek to nominate Thiem for DC one day and withdraw the confirmation next day. This was for sure nerving for everyone. He better avoids any information maybe until Dominic lifts the trophy in Buenos Aires??? Don’t know, if we should laugh or cry.
    I have never seen so far something like that in tennis. This is not Bresnik’s private circus. This is well paid job at ATP, tournament’s owners, sponsors. They must be informed and even Bresnik cannot tell them what he tells the world. Starts to feel like a thriller.

    1. Whaouh, you even asked Moritz!! I’m impressed but…did you get an answer, I don’t think so…And I’m also quite sure that there is information lockout in the closest circle and..of course Bresnik is the one who supervises everything!! But WHY that’s a really good question!!!
      Oh, and I love your last article “Stuck in a blind corner?”, so funny !! But on the other side, it’s sad to have to make all those assumptions! We would be supposed to be informed at least a minimum, right? And I’m really very skeptical about his participation in the Buesnos Aires tournament! I do not have a good feeling …

      1. Well, of course no answer from Moritz. Bresnik rules, I guess, Karin said not much but more than was allowed.
        Now I just found our fugitive, no matter where (Tenerife is probable, but could be Vienna or even Buenos Aires).
        I’m still full of ???
        Let’s wait, what happens and how he performs in Buenos Aires. Must not be the title. Good warm-up, no health issues and then maybe title in Rio would be very, very nice 🙂

  6. Hello, I have a question: I already received about 10 times the same message with the subject “post update” : DOMINIC THIEM reveals some health issues (which he does not want to name in details) bothering him since longer time this year. This may explain his bad results starting after French Open.Respect his privacy and don’t ask him to tell more.
    Does this message come from you because I can not find it on your “wall”! It seems weird to me!
    By the way, I also find weird Domi’s message and I noticed the same things: “very young/unknown” partners, no rackets, no balls… For more answers we have to wait …again and again…I hate this silence!!!
    PS, 2 images are still not displayed for me!!

    1. Hi CRUM,
      I think the was some problem with the mailing from my hosting service. I’m sorry, I did not answer earlier, but … somehow I didn’t e-mail about this your message. Maybe the same thing. In the meantime the website was not loading over many hours some day.
      Now everything looks OKI for me. Do you experience still some weird behavior od the website? Maybe you should try to clear the cache of your browser? You can do it using the contact option on the home page http://prf-mypassions-tennisandmore.com/home/ – in this case you send the message directly to my mailbox and we can discuss the issues, if needed, not bothering others, because all subscribers for comments would receive “new comment” update 😉
      Hope, everything is working now fine for you. Is it?

  7. Hi CRUM,
    I think the was some problem with the mailing from my hosting service. I’m sorry, I did not answer earlier, but … somehow I didn’t e-mail about this your message. Maybe the same thing. In the meantime the website was nit loading over many hours some day.
    Now everything looks OKI for me. Do you experience still some weird behavior od the website? Maybe you should try to clear the cache of your browser? You can do it using the contact option on the home page http://prf-mypassions-tennisandmore.com/home/ – in this case you send the message directly to my mailbox and we can discuss the issues, if needed, not bothering others, because all subscribers for comments would receive “new comment” update 😉
    Hope, everything is working now fine for you. Is it?

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