Vegan lifestyle is mainly about what do you eat.  Then eventually – if you use animal products in your home, your clothing, shoes etc.  It’s then going to be more than understanding, how bad is omnivore diet for your health, how bad it is for the Earth as our home.

But have you ever thought about so many small animals, you would never eat or use for clothing or such, but they are somehow disturbing you; Imagine, you have mice or rats in your home. Can you accept it? Use live traps and let them live?

What about spiders (if you don’t live in tropical area, where they can be a danger for your life)?

I’m living in a wooden house in the forest since 15 years. During these years I have learned to accept every life.  Snakes and other reptiles and amphibians in my garden.  Mice. rats, spiders, wasps in my house.

If you never did so, try to use a transparent live trap and if you find a mouse there, observe it for some minutes before you let it go, You will be surprised, how nice the animal is.

I don’t want to tell, you should accept only “nice” animals. Some are hard to be seen as nice and we (seem to) have no contact with them. But so long they are not a real danger (like most of spiders in Europe) for you and you don’t like to have them home (but if you have spiders, you would probably have less other insects, which you don’t like that much too), why not to catch them into a glass or similar container and let free in the garden?

There are not many animals you should be scared of having them in your home. And it is not so hard to imagine and understand, they are lives, they have families, children, they have at least the life instinct so they (a kind of) want to live. from that point on you are able to respect them. After some time maybe a bit more?

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