What’s the difference between FEDERER and THIEM?

Well, there are many. Federer has a bit more slam crowns 😉 But Thiem has more wins over Federer (2:1).

Then – Federer’s technique makes every his shot to look effortless like. But it’s a good piece of work with heavy loads on wrist, elbow and back (because of half-volleying so much). Thiem’s technique makes the opposite – every his shot looks like it was his last in life. Look his face and even hair. It’s looking like very heavy piece of work. OK, it’s not effortless. But the load of a hard hit shot is distributed over his whole body. Since toes to the hair.

Deep swing, involving positioning every part of the body so, every part can add something to the overall effort.  Watch his shots in slow-motion and don’t observe the racket and the ball, but the whole body.

Federer is jumping a lot on many shots to generate more power for the shot and get better position while standing very close to the baseline.

Thiem is also mostly jumping, but this is not the end. Observe the movement of his legs, arms, lower and upperbody, while in the air, before jumping and after landing. It’s very complicated and I have never seen a player doing something similar (tell me, please, if I’m wrong).

Thiem is seen on the tour as one of hardest hitting players. Many think, he is wasting his energy instead of hitting softer but placing the ball better. OK, this can help on many occasion and Thiem should maybe apply more often such soft shots. But not because of the energy input on his “normal” shots. Rather because of surprising the opponent and making his game more difficult to read, less predictable.

If this would be such a big effort and energy waste as it looks like, Thiem would not be able to survive a single match, hitting that hard almost every shot. He is not a muscle pack like Rafa. He uses his muscles more efficiently just thanks to WBT.  And never looks tired even after very long rallies or matches. If so it’s because of running a lot (not having to do with hitting technique). Every player is tired for a while after such a long rally. But Thiem is using maybe a bit more (than other players) energy for running, but less for hitting. He can still hit full strength on the end of a long rally.

For a long time I was wondering, how can he survive, play so many tournaments and matches and still remain fit (injuries or illness is completely another thing). I was suspecting what I just describe but had no time to think enough about that.

Now I’m sure – Thiem has unique hitting technique, able to generate fast and hard shots without overloading the most vulnerable part of the body of every tennis player.

Maybe the best thing Thiem has got from B resnik.

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