We know a lot about Dominic Thiem and Günter Bresnik. But not everyone can properly interpret Bresnik’s body language 😉

Thiem is known among others for his predictability. If he prepares to hit down the line, he hits down the line. Why? To make it opponents easier to defeat him?

No, it’s Bresnik’s devilish joke. Maybe you did notice something in New York? No? I will help you. Thiem was NO MORE PREDICTABLE. This opens a new THIEM ERA.

Just like Thiem was switched by Bresnik to one-hander. Before to serve regularly into the fence.  Now, after he has learned perfection in everything he may play, just – to make the drill more difficult – to learn to win points while hitting predictable shots. Predictable, but still good enough to be winners.

Really devilish concept. Over about 5 years all the tour has learned this: Thiem’s shots are hard, often to hard to defend, but they are PREDICTABLE.

At US Open Bresnik disabled PREDICTABILITY and let Thiem play anything he just decided last 1/1000 second.

The result was, poor Rafa could only watch and there was no answer. Well, Thiem lost the match, but he was not meant to come deeper than second round.

Now the tour must learn another thing – Thiem is PREDICTABLY UNPREDICTABLE. Good joke?

If you are the opponent, you must forget every pattern of playing against him, which worked so far. They will not work anymore.

What happens now? Thiem has at least one year until opponents invent something to deal with his predictable unpredictability. Meanwhile Thiem wins his first 4 slam crowns. And maybe goes for one year to live with Kiki on some desert island.

During this year all the tour forgets about Thiem’s old predictability and latest predictable unpredictability.

Then Thiem makes a come-back and … what’s the next Bresnik’s trick? Of course – he disables both predictability and unpredictability. THIEM turns unpredictably predictable. Next 4 slams. Then next joke – THIEM turns to unpredictably unpredictable. Next 4.

How much do we have now? 12? Not bad. We need only 8 to catch Federer 😉 How? This is even Bresnik does not know yet. But he will get a new vision, when the time comes. Ha, ha, ha …

Everything only joke? Not sure …

Updated 13.09.2018, 15:58

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  1. Well, Matt 🙂
    You are brillant in telling so much with so few words. Certain Ernest Hemingway did receive a Nobel prize for his incomparable novels. Just telling a world with a simple, short sentence. You go this way.
    I’m not compatible. I need tons of words to say almost nothing. Professional disease – one of my first translations for money were patents. Did you ever see patent claims? Every claim must be only one sentence. Describing something, you think is vital for the subject of the patent. Such sentence can be 2-3 pages long. That’s where I learned to spread words to say almost nothing 🙂 But your beautiful novel with only three Hemingway-like sentences is my Nobel prize. I’m ridiculously hilariously serious(ly) funny. You see? I’m learning 🙂

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