I hope, Massú will find the right tactic against Klizan, who is a specific opponent. Can play like Top500, another match/day like Top10. Uses lots of tricks, like playing deadly fatigued and then suddenly going young. Just like in the famous saying of Dolgopolov about Djokovic.

Against such an opponent you need to be better in everything or have the right game-plan (plus 2-3 to surprise him). That’s where Massú can be again the key.

Klizan is not the opponent to play “Full ahead” with no tactic against.

Dominic has so far 2:3 record with him. If I was Massú, I would tell Dominic to think rather of the final match against Rafa 😉

Before Dominic plays doubles tomorrow, teamed up with Jürgen Melzer, against Aliassime+Shapovalov. Could be nice match but it’s a classic for me. Or Massú can change this. In most cases so far Dominic had serving and returning problems in the singles match following the doubles. Also better not to go for the win, only for a warm-up. Starting singles on Wednesday (the tournament management scheduled him to play the same day as Rafa – hoping these two to play the final here?) means, he will play singles every day, so would need to play 2 matches on the same day in second round.

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The match is scheduled as last (4th) match (the session starts on 11:00 CEST) of the day on Court Rainier III, after Nishikori vs. Herbert, Aliassime vs. Zverev and Nadal vs. Agut. No doubles for Thiem&Mezer tomorrow. Next doubles opponents could be Kubot&Melo (seed 2) or Granollers&Marc Lopez.

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(click the image to watch the full match record)

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