First match between the 2

Baghdatis’ best years of being Top20 or even Top10 (2006) are far history.  Best achievements in slams also long ago. Including runner-up at Australian open (lost to Federer – 2006) and SF at Wimbledon (lost to Nadal – 2006). But still quite solid player with big experience.

Schedule is of course not yet out, but it must be Monday or Tuesday.

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A bit of Baghdatis on grass

Just losing to Blaz Kavcic (end of second 100 in ATP ranking, never higher than around 80) in first round Antalya. Not a big game from both. Baghdatis can play better, but if he is in this form on Tuesday (I think, Dominic plays on Tuesday, because he is in the lower half and Federer (first half) will for sure start Wimbledon on Monday), don’t expect any bad surprise 🙂

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On this court starts Dominic tomorrow his adventure  at Wimbledon 2018

No more side courts for Dominic. Probably an image effect of being GS finalist. It’s third match of the day with matches starting at 12.30 CEST, first is a ladies match, then Alex Zverev. Hard to tell, when Dominic starts. Let’s take about 2 hours for a ladies match and about 2,5 hours for Alex, so Dominic should start about 17.00 CEST.

And – as always – ladies first. Not yet done, but Kiki leads with 4:1 against Schmiedlova and will serve. Would be nice for both to spend the evening in good mood before Dominic starts 🙂

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Sad, but it’s over 🙁 Whatever it was, it was clearly visible not later than at 3:3 in first set.

Here you can see the decisive moment – slipping on the surface and falling.

After that Dominic was stiff, could not move well, could not serve well. Could not hit anything well. Yes, Baghdatis was not an easy opponent, so congrats to him 🙂 But Dominic was hurt and how can you play on any surface and first of all on grass without serve, return and movement?

Now he needs to find out, wheres the issue, recover from it and have some rest. Maybe Dominic knew, what’s going on, when he told before Wimbledon, it would be no disaster if he exits early?

Here you can watch the whole match

(click the image to watch)

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And here the fall once more in very slow motion

What happened actually? I tried to analyze details of the unlucky movement and found following aspects (everything with question marks).

  • Dominic was running a long way, with longer steps than usual and the final step with left leg must have been even longer (trying to add length in the last phase of the step, to reach the ball). Dominic is heel striker (not forefoot striker like Federer). This kind of running is not a problem on clay, when one can slide, a bit worse on hard court but dangerous on grass.
  • After this step and still stretching the arm with the racket to reach the ball, he was completely out of balance. This would not happen on clay and even with some training to adapt the movement on grass, his automatism expects the sliding possibility. If the grass was not dry or a bit worn after many matches, some sliding would be possible. It was not yesterday.
  • Maybe an additional negative factor was his left knee (quadriceps) problem, occurred in Halle, so the quadriceps was additional factor of getting out of balance.
  • This must have been painful. He was standing up slowly and with caution and then unsure, if he he can move well and safe.
  • Just like with his ankle injury in Indian Wells, he has not called for physio immediately, which could have helped better and maybe play normally until the end. But he waited 2 sets and then it was too much.  Lesson from Indian Wells still not learned 🙁 First aid in such cases is crucial and must be immediate to stop inflammatory processes started by the injury. A short massage or ice and eventually a “small white pill” would maybe allow him to play the whole normal match, won or lost, even 5 sets and then 1 day for recovery would be maybe enough.

It’s not my idea to say something like “what if”. Maybe he would lose the match in any case (but I don’t think he would – his game was very good and promising until the fall).  Now – we must forget and don’t be unhappy. Dominic must learn and also don’t be unhappy 🙂

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2 Replies to “THIEM vs. BAGHDATIS”

  1. Almost certainly that fall would have caused all the muscles surrounding his thoracic spine to go into spasm. I’m sure it will not be long lasting, 72 hrs at most. Interesting that Dominic said he should not have played Halle as we agreed. But this could’ve happened regardless. I haven’t listened to his post match interview yet but it appears he seems positive in regard to the rest & recovery he will now have prior to remainder of the season. Hopefully this will be the case. 🙏

  2. My feeling is, Dominic would skip grass at all, but skipping Wimbledon is impossible (only documented injury is accepted). So somehow this has happened. Maybe Dominic would fight hard in his quite difficult draw, still not getting a deep run. He is not made for grass, first of all because of his footwork, while shots can be adapted easily.
    Yes, it was bad decision not to follow Rafa (Dominic’s clay season was heavier than Rafa’s) and go into Wimbledon after good rest and recovery. But some economy is necessary in his busy schedule. For sure he has better chances on hard than on grass and there’s he can have some big results or at least collect more ranking points. So let’s think about this like he just skipped grass (following Federer skipping clay). And I’m quite sure, he thinks like that and is not very disappointed 🙂 Now having time enough for a rest and preparation for Kitzbuehel and Hamburg and Davis Cup, then for the rest of the season on hard. I’m never happy when he loses, but this loss was maybe the best what could happen to him.

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