One question

The only question is, is Dominic’s energy used out or can he continue his today’s game?

We will see tomorrow, not before 16.00 CEST on Manolo Santana

He could 🙂

(Click the image to  watch the whole match)

What a different tactic. And just perfect for the opponent. In the match against Rafa the goal was to attack his forehand and not let him prepare the winner with his precise backhands. For this must have played staying on the baseline or inside the court, to additionally reach angles requiring Rafa to chase balls and hit from non-comfortable positions.

In this match the goal was to disarm the big serve of Anderson. And look for stats: Thiem 5 aces for the match, Anderson 4 (!!!) aces for the match, while Anderson hit 24 aces in QF against Lajovic.

Then showing rock-solid mental strength in holding own serve. When serving for first set, Thiem was 0:40 and until 40:40 all first serves were faults, so he needed to save 3 breaks, all on second serve. He did. Hey guys, who can’t stop with requiring Thiem to replace Bresnik and to take a mental coach. What do you think?

After the first set was home, Thiem did play more relaxed and unleashed more of his weaponry. Hard topspin fore- and backhands mixed with lots of excellent dropshots.

With this game Thiem can dominate the tour. This year a virus in Doha and ankle injury robbed him many matches and maybe one or two big titles.

Don’t be tempted to think, Dominic will play like this until London. But big moments will be there. Not only on clay.

Updated 12.05.2018, 20:50

It seems, Galo Blanco is a perfect match to help Dominic with implementing his big shot diversity  and quality in matches, using the right tactics. Thank you, Galo Blanco 🙂

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Moments – set 1.

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Moments – set 2.

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3 Replies to “THIEM vs. ANDERSON”

  1. How amazing is this? What a difference 2 weeks can make!
    If we look back to Dominic’s match vs Tsitsipas at Barcelona, what he has achieved this week hardly seems possible.
    A win over the best clay court player to date, No1 in the world as it happens, followed by an emphatic win over another top 10 player & one whom he has finally beaten after 7 attempts.
    Whatever happens tomorrow (& let’s face it a loss will be sad) Dominic has achieved more than we (& he) ever thought possible prior to yesterday!
    Respect Dominic & yes totally agree with you Wladyslaw, no more silly argument in regard to Dominic’s mental strength & his team.
    Onwards & upwards or as someone posted on FB ‘Bamos beats Vamos’!

  2. And, another observation. It seems like something has ‘clicked’ in his brain. He’s realised what he really wants to achieve in his career. He no longer feels sorry/compassion for his opponent ‘on the court’! Snapping Rafa’s winning streak & his No 1 ranking! Long may this last! 😊

  3. Yes, Michelle, something must have clicked. Maybe many things at the same time. Not only in his brain, but also in his soul and spirit. Maybe good vibes from Kiki and her family (as of late I see also Kiki’s brother, Luka (somehow similar to Dominic) cheering for Dominic from his box.
    Maybe long-time efforts of Bresnik and short-time effort of Galo Blanco made the perfect mix?
    Hope to see Dominic playing and behaving today like last two days – won or lost 🙂

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