Who read Bresnik’s book (if not, HERE you find it in my English translation of last 11. part), will recall this text:

Dominic found his way of being aggressive.: to have joy in playing out his skills and capabilities.  The stronger the opponent, the bigger the arena, the higher the expectations, the better. He goes through, because he can do things better than the opponent. And when he cannot do it better, he practices so long until he can.

This seemed to be the only way for Dominic to win. He would have some big wins pro season but not much. After one big win his “winning capability” in mental terms was exhausted. Winning big match against Djokovic, next losing badly to Nadal. Defeating Nadal in Madrid, next losing badly to Zverev. A.s.o. Not much chances to win big titles.

Where blows the wind from?

The big change started IMO at US Open 2018, in the epic QF match against Nadal. Unfortunately lost  and even Nadal seemed to be disappointed, Dominic lost it. Partly because he respects Dominic’s big fighting spirit, partly because he knew, he would be not able to really compete in next stage(s). In fact he was “disabled” until today, about half a year. This devastating was his effort to play Dominic about 5 hours  long. But Dominic was fresh and looked like he could play another 5 hours after change-over.

What happened before?

Dominic had very bad preparation before US open – injuries and virus infections, one after other.

Last week before US Open after losing first round in Canada and missing Cincinnati, it was the last chance. Dominic has worked hard with Bresnik – at the John McEnroes Tennis Academy in NYC. JME found time to hit an hour with Dominic. And I have seen a short interview with both speaking a while after hitting. McEnroe told him something like this: “I like your game. But I didn’t like so much your game in Paris final against Nadal. You should have challenged him more. Because you can”.

I believe – this was the key to switch the aggression trigger. Dominic probably understood, it’s not lack of respect against the opponent, if you beat him, even bagelling.

This was first time to see just in this match against Nadal, the best match of US Open 2018, according to experts and fans.

2 smaller highlights followed it – title in St. Petersburg, where Dominic was accompanied only by friend Lucas Leitner. And SF in Paris Bercy Masters (it was still the London battle). At the end 2 very good matches in London.

Then the bad time came, starting with virus on Tenerife and everything was going wrong until Indian Wells.

Dominic was still not fit in Buenos Aires, even worse in Rio.

But at the same time he started to work with Nicolas Massú and after early loss in Rio there was lot of time for preparation in Indian Wells. With Massú and with his friend, fitness coach Duglas Cordero.

This made the trick. I wrote in another article about Dominic’s body language since first match in IW. It was completely new. And it ended with Dominic’s biggest achievement – IW crown (add to this – by defeating in final the in-form Federer).

Many things changed but let stay here with this one – new kind of aggression was born for Thiem. Big achievement from Massú and Cordero to have re-shaped Thiem this way.

Clay is coming soon. Dominic definitely stays with Massú, at least until the end of 2019 (still 3 slams and a lot of Masters to play). Don’t know, if Cordero will assist Dominic too, but I hope, he will.  Fitness sessions á la Cordero is what Dominic needs more than classic Bresnik drills.

Is Dominic finally on the WINNING WAY, where he will be able to get the maximum from his skills?

If so, don’t think, the whole long work with Bresnik was for nothing. It have created perfect preconditions for winning. Massú and Cordero are perfect triggers to let him use them to win.

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