The eighth milestone


It’s only thanks to a scrupulous and stubborn physician that Dominic’s career did not end before it really started.


In January 2010 Dominic was on a tournament trip in the Central and South America, five tournaments in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. Few days after departure Strengberger calling with the message, that Dominic got a diarrhea with blood, vomiting, he was in a dehydrated state hospitalized, including intensive care unit. Because of time zone difference I was to wait until late afternoon to receive an all-clear signal.

In Venezuela was Dominic still weak, symptoms were back and it was necessary to visit hospital again. But then a fast recovery. So good, that he was able to win his first two ITF titles in high category 1 and 2.

Affair forgotten, one medical control after back home – everything OK, can continue the training.

Nobody would think, that this trip could have costed Dominic his whole career.

Dominic was 16, soon 17, he started finally to grow and his body apparently decided to start with cautious production of testosterone.

In the growing phase the training with young players must be doses with more care than ever. They are more infections vulnerable, get faster injured, which means to take care about not going too close to the limits of stress tolerance.

But next tour trip to Asia was bad, Dominic was weak and could only win 2 matches.

Nevertheless, some weeks later he could win two matches the same day in Santa Croce, one after trailing 1:6, 0:2, the other after trailing 0:6, 2:5.

Media wrote about wins in Thomas Muster style.

Dominic was after coming home (from Morocco trip) more silent than usual.

Principally he did never talk about not feeling well. He would always like to train.

Well anyway” was always his answer, when asked if he feels well.

But this time he started to tell the story.

In Morocco the fatigue was back and he had bad nightmares. One could easily notice, how troubled was Dominic. He was afraid, something is not OK with him. He has fright.

I have reassured him, all these was coming from his development, hormones and he was treated again, he recovered fast, he was just a late bloomer, he experienced at 17, 18, 19, what others experience at 145, 15, 16.

So far then everything normal. Physicians were telling. And we were thinking.

Dominic trained hard, played well. He has learned to overcome difficulties.


In May 2013 Dominic called from Czech Republic. He has just lost a Futures final. 2:6, 1:6,

I was not able to fight. Günter. I stayed only pout there apathetic on the court, as remotely controlled. It’s something wrong with me.”

A day later Dominic was hospitalized in Baden. A friend pf his grandpa, a certain Dr. Johann Pidlich, was there ordinary.

Lots of analytics. And suddenly a rare pathogen from Campylobacter group was found. Some diabolic bacteria, offending intestines, exhausting the whole body.

Dominic had it in his body over three years, since that South America trip.

Three years long was Dominic seriously ill.

We owe this stubborn physician, that Dominic could continue his professional career.

After 4 weeks he was discharged and was healthy again.

Some weeks later the win over Juergen Melzer and first ATP Tour quarterfinals, a challenger title, another quarterfinal in Vienna, where he was very close to beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, then ranked 8.

In February 2014 could Dominic reach Top100, still a junior. He turned to be a genuine tennis professional.

Since the illness to the Top100 it took just eight months.

How bad was he thwarted by the illness, one can judge only by his explosive development after the illness was over.


The tenth milestone

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5 Replies to “THE DOMINIC THIEM METHOD – part 8”

  1. This is so interesting. Thank you again for the translation. It just proves that when you train your body & mind to achieve something at such a high level you learn to ignore that which your body is trying to tell you. I’m sure this is the same for many of the top players but would not be surprised if Dominic manages to do this to more extreme measures than most!

  2. Now as we know a big part of Dominic’s story (I will skip milestone 9 which is more about Gulbis than Dominic, so than remains only the last chapter ending with a big year 2016), we may think about all years Dominic lost, first by being late bloomer (somehome his body and mind 2 years younger than his age) and then by the 3 years illness, so his is a kind of 20 years old now, so maybe comparable with Zverev or Kyrgios in that sense. And his work ethic is only comparable to Rafa’s (Federer said), he loves to play but also to work and learn. Impossible this not to give lots of beautiful fruits. Good times still to come for him 🙂 And us 🙂

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