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Short vacation is over: Thiem start the season’s preparation

Foto: APA/GERALD WIDHALM Thiem (re.) and coach Bresnik: it’s time to take the racket again.

Also Ofner and Novak are present on Tenerife.

01.12.2017, 09:19

76 ATP matches this year and a short vacation after the last group match at the ATP finals in London are history for Dominic Thiem. The fifth-best tennis player in 2017 is preparing for the new season on Tenerife, as in previous years. Dennis Novak and Sebastian Ofner are also there, and in less than a week more players will join the team.

Thiem is once again accommodated in a five-star hotel near Adeje. Tennis courts, fitness center, etc. are all in one place. But even if the ambience reminds of a summer vacation, the 24-year-old Austrian has hard work in the next three weeks before him. “You have to see how he’s getting along, how well he can take the strain, when it makes sense to start at full speed,” Thiem’s coach Günter Bresnik said after in an APA interview.

Thiem will not lack the necessary commitment despite a ten-day holiday. “If he doesn’t have a racket in his hand for two weeks, he’ll be itchy, of course.” In the first few days, the first step is to determine the status quo, explains Bresnik. The program includes fitness checks and a whole bunch of examinations. Necessary medical checks such as blood tests have already been carried out in Austria. “He does that quarterly or half-yearly, he’s as healthy as a fiddle,” said the coach.

Between 8 and 10 December, Kitzbühel winner Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER), Joao Sousa (POR) and Jerzy Janowicz (POL) will join the already large group, in which the physio Alex Stober plays an important role in the build-up. Some young guys from Südstadt are also participating in the training camp.

No seasonal analysis

The big seasonal analysis is nor performed as one might imagine. “You do that every week. It’s not like you’re waiting for the season to end and then analyzing. Some things can then be foreseen, sometimes you already know in advance what will happen. One way or the other.”

Tournament planning is basically done, but for a top ten player it is clearly oriented on Grand Slams and Masters-1000 tournament. Will Thiem play in Kitzbühel again in 2018? “I’ll take my time,” said Bresnik.

Bresnik leaves Rosset’s criticism cold

The harsh criticism of Thiem voiced recently in the Swiss daily 24heures by Marc Rosset leaves Bresnik cold as expected. The Olympic champion in 1992 means, the Austrian had “not a single progress in his tennis” last year. In addition, the 47-year-old criticized Thiem’s tournament planning and missing aggressive play. “I don’t care about what other people say,” explained Bresnik, who knows Rosset from earlier times. “He doesn’t have to tell me how to behave and do everything right, “said the 56-year-old with a smile. “He wasn’t a shining example.”

Observers would see Thiem’s matches and the results, but not his performance. “There are reasons why this doesn’t work in parallel, and you just have to know and understand them.” Bresnik had already broken a lance for Thiem in London, despite the disappointing season’s end. “He is now in the top ten for two years in a sport practiced in every country in the world and has risen from last year’s eight to five.”

“For a tennis player it’s all about automatisms.”

Bresnik remains patient and knows what a fitter Dominic Thiem can do. “There are some things that he can improve quite easily, you need time for that.” The playing style must also be developed and then pulled through. “For a tennis player it’s all about automatisms, not that he thinks for a second. A racer doesn’t even think about switching gears when he drives around the corner at 240 kmh.”

What Bresnik wants to work on, he does not reveal. “It’s like you talk about weaknesses.” With what kind of vision is he already looking towards 2018? “I always want him to play tennis better. It’s about the control of every shot.” In addition, Thiem’s serve was weak in the season’s finale with a rate of less than 50 percent, which is bad for a top ten player. “If I could have a wish, it would be to see Dominic play his best over a longer period of time. Because then it’ll be very difficult for almost everyone.”



Dominic Thiem will once again prepare for the new season in Tenerife

Thiem as preferred training partner

Maximilian Kisanyik

Friday, 01.12.2017 | 14:00 CET


Dominic Thiem seems to take the motto “Never change a winning game” seriously. Also this winter the 24-year-old will be preparing himself for the coming season in Tenerife and will be the training partner of choice for many top players.

Dominic Thiem is clearly one of the top stars on the ATP tour. And it’s not only the media professionals who entice the 24-year-old. Some players want to train with Thiem in the off-season and follow the Lichtenwörth native on Tenerife.

A good example is the German Philipp Kohlschreiber. “It’s not that easy to find such a good training partner,” Kohli explained at the ATP 500 tournament in Vienna a few weeks ago. Looking back at last year’s preparations on the Spanish island, the Augsburg resident came to rave: “For me it was sensational last year and I hope that it will also be appreciated the other way round as training partner. It’s a great team and we had a great time last year,” says the 34-year-old at LAOLA1.

But not only prominent sparring partners from Germany would like to join Thiem. Besides Ernest’s Gulbis, Jan-Lennard Struff and Co. the Belgian top star David Goffin will also be flirting with a stay in Tenerife. For Thiem’s coach Günter Bresnik, it is clear why the preparation with his protégé on the island is so much in demand: “There are 150 metres from the hotel to the tennis court and the spa area is 30 meters away. It’s all so close together that we don’t lose any time,” added Bresnik.

“It’s going to get really hard.”

In addition to Thiem, two other Austrians will travel with Bresnik and visit the largest of the Canary Islands for the first time. Sebastian Ofner and Dennis Novak had already planned the preparation for the event some time ago. “This is the best thing that can happen to you to train with so many good players in preparation. If you don’t profit from Dominic, who does?”, told Thiem: friend Novak and is looking forward to the time together. Ofner, who had finally made his breakthrough in 2017 and advanced to the third round in Wimbledon, is also aware that the time on Tenerife will not be easy. “I hear it’s going to be really hard. I’m excited,” added Ofner.

Bresnik already has a rough training plan in mind: “Before breakfast there should be a run before the training really starts. “Then warm up, play tennis, get a fitness session, have lunch and a quick nap. In the afternoon the same again”, so Bresnik. The stars will follow the “very physical training” for three weeks and get fit for the new season.

In the past, however, this “luxury preparation” was not always customary in the Thiem-Bresnik team. “In the beginning, the hotel was too expensive for us. We walked back and forth on foot. We have been able to afford the hotel for two years now,” admitted Bresnik.

After the preparation, the season for Thiem will start in Doha before the Fifth World Ranking will prepare for the Australian Open.

Latest post from Dominic on his FB page


Dominic Thiem: first impressions from training camp on Tenerife

Maximilian Kisanyik
Tuesday, 12.12.2017 | 12:00

Dominic Thiem (M.) beim Trainingslager auf Teneriffa

© Instagram/@domithiem

Dominic Thiem works in the training camp on Tenerife for the coming season. The 24-year-old is on the spot with some of his colleagues and tortures himself to the limits every day.

The poor performance during the season finale and the last few weeks seems to have been “trained out” by the Thiem team. Since eleven days Dominic Thiem’s coach Günter Bresnik, the physio team and various sparring partners are on Tenerife.

It means: sweating, working, sleeping, sweating again, training. And that, day in, day out. The daily routine includes endurance runs on the beach, tennis and fitness training and regeneration. Thiem is thrilled by the circumstances and conditions. “There’s no better way. Everything can be reached in just a few minutes on foot – everything is perfect,” the 24-year-old was quoted by LAOLA1.

In addition to Thiem, his fellow countrymen Sebastian Ofner and Dennis Novak are present on the largest of the Canary Islands. In addition, the German Philipp Kohlschreiber and the Portuguese Joao Sousa join them. The Thiem team has been a guest on Tenerife for several years now – but the participants can only afford the luxury for two years, as Bresnik admitted before the preparation. “The hotel was simply too expensive for us, now we can afford it,”Bresnik explained.

Coach Bresnik is satisfied

Thiem played an outstanding clay court season, but the final phase of last season did not go according to plan. The weaknesses are now being worked on meticulously. “Dominic is definitely fitter than last year,”said physiotherapist Alexander Stober about the current development of the world’s number five. Sports scientist Mike Reinprecht added: “The boys push each other – there is not even the slightest snarl. And then Coach Bresnik is happy.

Thiem played an outstanding clay court season, but the final phase of last season did not go according to plan. The weaknesses are now being worked on meticulously. “Dominic is definitely fitter than last year,” said physiotherapist Alexander Stober about the current development of the world’s number five. Sports scientist Mike Reinprecht added:”The boys push each other – there is not even the slightest snarl. And Dominic crosses its borders every day. Hats off!”

Especially the volley game is in the foreground during training on the island. But the coach is already seeing improvements: “We are working on two hours of volley every day. It works better and better,” explained Bresnik.

After the preparation, Thiem is scheduled for an exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi. It gets really serious at the start in Doha, followed by the Australian Open, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Acapulco and many other tournaments. The calendar is scheduled until the start of the French Open. “Dominic should feel good, his family and friends will make him happy – this three-week camp costs a lot of energy”, Bresnik added.

And for the last week of Tenerife camp who’s there? Of course it’s Kohli

Look some video impressions from this week

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