Just playing and going to win in Shanghai against another upcomer (but no SHBH-er), Karen Khachanov.

Just won! Congrats, Stef 🎾✅

Big serve and beautiful game

Just watch match stats

Next up will be Isner or Lajovic. Rather Isner. So be careful to serve well and never get broken. Third round ´will be exciting – Dominic Thiem (preferably) or another SHBH upcomerDenis Shapovalov.

Tsitsipas <> Isner

First time 2. round in an ATP Masters 1000 tournament. Big occasion and “big” opponent. Fingers crossed. Serve well and play with courage ❤

Just watched Stef’s (lost) match against Mahut in Marseille.

I don’t see much progress in his game.

And what’s maybe worse, he seems to have basic problems with the movement: coordination, timing, balance. Not sure if it can be substantially improved in this age. Moreover making some useless “dancing” steps on return, then fully surprised by coming service ball, not even starting. Such small moves when waiting for the serve can be good because the player is not static when the ball comes, but it’s too much of that in Stef’s “dance” and he focuses rather on his own movement than on reading the serve.

Maybe father not good enough as coach?

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So much good changes for Stef since last update 🙂 His game has matured a lot, his confidence growing. And he shows good qualities on clay. Playing long, deep shots on both wings, serving big, holding nerves when trailing. Maturing quickly.

Yesterday trailing a mini-break in the TB of decider and then this point to defend another break. Made for red dirt 🙂

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STILL DEVELOPING – the most tactics (was perfect to make Federer having troubles with attacking the net with deep, long, lifted groundstrokes.

A bit of lucky draw helped – first GREAT opponent was Federer, who is no more able to dictate the game against tall baseliners. The story will be complete, if Stef can beat Rafa.

To be more realistic than Stef – I guess, not yet.

I would also like Stef to learn from Zverev  case – arrogance and big ago are not necessary, not nice and in case of some setback – very frustrating.  Use adrenaline for the game, not for presence and selling yourself 🙂

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Well, Stef, you had a nice run in Australia but let’s be honest. Federer is no more the real test. You need to learn respecting your opponents. The real measure of where you are right now, was today. Greek history can wait. Big hype can wait. A bit more of humbleness would not harm you.

You will have a lot of big matches and titles. Remember, what Federer told Zverev – be patient with winning slams. Would be nice if you could smile after the loss today. To Rafa and to yourself.

Everybody must learn to lose, not only to win. You will be loved more when you can loose nicely.

Congrats for you first big achievement in slams. Take it as a success even if the end was bitter 🙂

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  1. Now Tsitsipas made it to the quarterfinal in Dubai. And gave the winner of this – an all of a sudden strong playing veteran in this tour – a strong resistance, judging from the stats. Unfortunately no highlights to be found (by me at least) of this highly interesting match.

  2. You can find replay on TennisTV. You will find some highlights on Youtube but they need time for preparing after the match. Maybe tomorrow.

    1. THANK YOU for the link, as I’m not on TT! – Quite entertaining. Tsitsi moves well. Better than A. Zverev? I liked the other one too. Moves like a small and insistent racing car.

  3. To move better than Zverev you don’t need to seek too far. He is definitely not moving well and not improving in this aspect, which may cost him a setback this year. Tsitsi is definitely NOT moving well. You may like the impression, but this is impression of his person, not understanding his movement. He very often loses coordination and balance. And this fandango while returning – mostly only losing focus and energy. If this is meant to distract the opponent, it is a false concept. If this is meant as being in dynamic condition when the ball comes to strike it not from static position, think about Federer 😉 Does he need any movement at all to be ready to take the ball early? The real dynamics is in the brain and muscles, the player looking completely static, while just loading physically and spiritually the spring with energy, which will unload just on the short move of the racket holding arm and, if there is place for this (the ball not too long) stepping into the ball, especially when hitting backhand. This Stef’s fandango is something learned in bad school. Stef has lots of good shots and feeling for the game, but his movement is absurd.

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