Nothing better

could have happened to Roland Garros even if Thiem was all the time under the radar and media focused on upsets, Cinderella stories, big names even if playing poor.

It’s finally Nadal meeting Thiem and both are in hot-red form, so we can expect an epic battle with hard-to-predict outcome.

Different angles – but big thing for both – either Rafa gets the unrivaled 11th or Thiem the 1st RG crown.

And what a feast for Dominic’s  family, now including also Kiki, for his great TEAM, with Bresnik  as  obvious father, but also Alex Stober and Galo Blanco and at the end Dominic’s loving fans 🙂

See you next Sunday 🙂

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(from  Rem Abulleil’s tweet

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(refreshing memories)

Last Tango in Madrid ▶ First Tango in Paris 🏆

BTW – do you know what his sign ⛔ means? 😉 And who of tomorrow’s rivals has this colors on the national flag?

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What can happen today? On the end only two things – either Rafa wins or Dominic. But before – as they say – everything can happen.

  • They did play on clay 9 times, but never in RG final.
  • Rafa never lost the final in Paris – Dominic too 😉
  • For Rafa it would be the RG crown no. 11, for Dominic – no. 1 – it’s only a difference of an “1” 😉
  • Rafa spent about 2 hours more on court in Paris.
  • It can be rainy day with delays and and suspensions.
  • They say, Rafa hates high humidity. Loves Dominic high humidity? We don’t now. Probably also not.
  • Rain gods were nice so far for Rafa. They came always he was in trouble and after coming back, he was always able to rise his game.
  • Rain gods were not nice once for Dominic. He had even a loud argument with chair umpire. If I recall well, this was the match against Berrettini and Dominic won.
  • Guga won RG while playing for first time in the final.
  • Thomas Muster won RG while playing the final for first time.
  • Rafael Nadal won his first RG crown while playing for the first time in the final.
  • Rafael Nadal won hist first RG crown, beating Argentinian Mariano Puerta, 8 years his senior.
  • Rafael Nadal is 8 years Dominic Thiem’s senior.
  • Rafael Nadal won his first RG crown on 5.06.2005. It was Sunday.
  • Dominic Thiem won his first RG crown on …. It was Sunday 🙂

So what will happen today?

Updated 10.06.2018

Weather update

This is the meteo radar image at 11:30.   Green areas are presenting rain (not a forecast, just actually raining). Darker green means more intense rain. Yellow would mean even more rain and potentially thunderstorm. Rain clouds come from South and must inevitably hit Paris in about half an hour (women doubles just going to start, but improbable to not have suspension – if not very long, must not cause delay in men’s final).

You can follow the actual development HERE.

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Another weather update

The forecast for the afternoon was changed – no rain in the forecast until 19.00 – will 4 hours be enough to finish the match?

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We did hope, because it’s our fan’s job

But we knew, this is mission imposible

Wonders did not happen daily, at least not for Thiem

We all need to wait for more to come

Dominic needs to be patient and at the same time happy because of the biggest highlight of his career so far

Don’t think about, what could have happened, if he did not lose serve in the last game of first, very close set. It would happen, what happened to Schwartzman. 3 short lost sets without a slight chance. 

Watch the match again, if you want or give you (I will too) some short holidays – there are still many tournaments to come this year

After the ankle injury Dominic told, his goal is to remain in Top10 after Paris but would not be very unhappy, if he didn’t. Instead he reached his first GS final (who more from the young generation,  including higher ranked Zverev, could go so far?). And advanced to no. 7 in ATP ranking and to 5. in ATP Race – only Nadal, Federer, del Potro and Zverev before him in the last one.

And congratulations to Rafa for his unbelievable  UNDECIMA 🙂

I don’t know, what are Dominic’s plans for next weeks. But he deserved at least one week of happy holidays before it goes to grass.

And relive the match, whenever you want 🙂

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Final Moments (but it’s “only” another big step ahead)

It’s a bit late, but I needed time after having reported the whole RG almost with the same intensity as Dominic played it 😉 Now it’s ready. Quite big, so it does not fit here, must be placed on Dropbox.

As always click the image below to open the slide show from the whole match, including ceremonies

Who did watch first of all numbers or was disappointed and focused on Dominic’s errors, my recommendation – first watch the moments. Then you will maybe like to watch the whole match again.

It was really a great match. A lot closer, than the score can suggest. With many crucial points and chances. To have this chances, Dominic delivered a big fight. Playing all the time a highest risk game. He made really everything which was possible and even more. Look even only on these images and you will see, how close to the baseline was Dominic playing all the match. often going deep into the court. It was not enough to beat Rafa. But this was not a passive match with calm waiting for the inevitable loss. It was not so inevitable and Rafa needed also to deliver all he had.

Thank you, Dominic and go your way – there are many slam finals waiting, not only in Paris 🙂

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Or maybe watch the last game?

With Dominic fighting at 2:5, 0:40 like it was just the first game of the match!

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  1. Hi Wladyslaw,
    Thank you for keeping us updated & entertained with all your posts throughout the RG tournament. I hope that when Dominic comes to terms with his final loss he will realise & feel proud of all that he has achieved & not only here in Paris. When we think back to his injury in Miami it hardly seems believable. His determination, work ethics & self belief are laudable. I just hope he can continue to reap the rewards of all his hard work throughout the second half of this season.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I see in his own comments and statements in interviews, that he is happy with RG outcome. Could have not been so outstanding. Finally playing a close match in Paris (who watches only numbers, may think, it was one-way-affaire, but it was not). He misses experience from the biggest stages. Now he has one. First set was very close (Toni Nadal said this in an interview), maybe was Dominic a bit nervous in last game. In other sets there were many games, where Dominic was very close to hold serve or to break. No one-way games. I see big chances for Dominic to improve his ranking – almost no points to defend and confidence boosted by Paris 🙂 Maybe a QF this time in Wimbledon? Maybe QF in USO? He plans to skip the Asian swing, only playing Beijing – good decision. Cannot play the same intensity all over the year. Clay season still not closed (will play Hamburg ATP 500 and Kitzbuehel after Wimbledon. Then hard-court with almost nothing to defend and his game fitting better this surface. Main thing – he is still fit and not injured 🙂 And maybe more hungry of winning then ever before !

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