This is what I expected to happen. Thiem needed a coach, who would travel with him all over the season, with Bresnik coming to slams and some tournaments in Europe.

Galo Blanco  was for some time coach of Raonic, lastly of Karen Khachanov.  We don’t know much about him.  But maybe this will be the key for Dominic to fell better while playing as favorite, being his weak point last year.

Galo Blanco should travel with Thiem until the start of clay season. Maybe a time for testing, how it goes. So far Thiem seems to be happy about the new member of his team.

Good performance in Doha (maybe title?) and then in AO would be a good sign.

Of course it’s not a replacement for Bresnik, which some were suggesting last year. Bresnik remains the master coach and it will continue for years, I guess.

So Dominic starts the new season with a big support – of Kiki Mladenovic in his private life and of Galo Blanco on court. Kiki may be an inspiration and motivation for him and Galo Blanco a professional support he needs while travelling on tour without Bresnik.

Update 6.01.2018 19:45

Some words more about Galo Blanco

Galo Blanco is a former professional player and after retired he grounded an Academy in Barcelona. One of his coaches there is Fernando Vicente, actually coaching Andrey Rublev. Also Khachanov was there, but decided to leave and stay alone for some time.

In this context I recall, what Bresnik told after this year’s Tenerife preparation (I think, Galo Blanco was there too).  He was extremely happy with Dominic’s progress during the preparation and told, he sees Dominic every week at least in semis, IF … he can use in matches, what he learned in the camp.

Well, here is the key to the real success. Dominic was over years teached by coaches (including his father and mother), who never were professional players. Maybe an error, because Dominic was probably never capable to play in matches everything he learned in training. And a good  training is the one, where the player learns just what he will then play in matches. Hopefully Galo Blanco can close this gap. Tell Dominic, what he should lat aside, even if it was going very well in training, until he can really play the same in matches. And adapt all what was learned in off-tournament training to the reality of matches.  Something, which Bresnik could not be able to teach.

BTW – as we hear, Dominic and Kristina plan to have some common training. With Kristina commenting, that it will be rather to her advantage. But to have such a contact with the life’s partner is a big deal in every aspect and can help Dominic too – maybe not in technical aspects, but in mental and emotional ones.

I recall once more, how important was Mirka in Federer’s development, of course not in training drills.


Once more thanks to @Anna  we got links to 2 interesting interviews with Galo Blanco. Thanks, Anna 🙂

Updated 5.03.2018, 15:38

Read this article on ATP website. It’s about trends in coaching. It’s also about Thiem&Bresnik. And it’s something to read by those, repeating loud calls for letting Bresnik go, because of no more prospects to bring him ahead. No, it’s not about being thankful. You can be even if you break the coaching relation.

But the arrangement: the first coach home for basics, the travelling coach (mostly former player – more easy to change if it not works well)  to support during tournaments and possibly the lifetime fitness coach and physio – looks to be the best and moreover – trendy.

Updated 9.03.2018, 08:47

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