It’s my pure imagination, but – who knows?

Dominic finally spending time in the right place with the right people.

That’s the perfect coaching duo for him. And perfect place for life.

No gloomy SüdstadtHalle. No Tenerife, sun and nice temperatures all over the year, lots of clay courts. Bresnik in Austria as manager. Guga – the perfect main coach, having everything, what Dominic misses – touch, feeling, imagination. Plus Dominic’s north-born perfection and power.

Guga – 43 years old, Massu 42 years old. Both still able to be active players, not only to throw balls from the basket.

No more colds – living in an amazing climate, among amazing people, just made for a clay player. No more big jetlags – only 4 hours for Europe, only 2 hours to America.4 hours to meet Rafa for some hitting or have off-season preparation in his Academy. Skip Emirates and Australia. Play Golden Swing plus IW&Miami. Then the whole European clay and grass season. Then maybe Hamburg. Skip Kitzbühel and play the whole US Open Series, starting with City Open finishing with US Open. Then 1 month holidays in your new home – Brazil. Skip whole Asia. If cannot skip Shanghai, play Beijing and Shanghai. Vienna Open for your Austrian sentiment. Paris Masters (you cannot skip it), soft, if no points needed for London, or fight for London, if necessary. World Tour Finals. Holiday wherever you want. Back to Brazil or first Rafa Academy for off-season preparation. Back to Brazil. And again.

If cannot skip Australia, go from Brazil directly to Melbourne, eventually play before Brisbane. One time a year a long travel with jetlag, but without substantial climate change. Not from European winter but from beginning Brazilian summer to the full summer in Australia.

Well, why not to have dreams?

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Back to Earth

But it seems, there will be more changes in the coaching arrangement for Thiem.

According to KRONE SPORT, there will be another coach premiere in Barcelona. Massú should work with Thiem on tour until the end of 2019 but at time of the ATP500 tournament in Barcelona Massú will be busy elsewhere because of an exhibition and will be replaced there by father Wolfgang Thiem, who is training (no more Bresnik) with Dominic also right now in Vienna.

I don’t know to read too much into it, maybe a kind of conflict, but here’s how I see the new arrangement.

Bresnik remains manager and master-coach, but the real coach in Vienna will be Wolfgang Thiem (still working in the Bresnik Academy), the touring coach is Nicolas Massú (replaced by Wolfgang Thiem, when necessary, for some tournaments). So what will be the role of Bresnik? We hear, Bresnik is now coaching Ernests Gulbis (again, after longer break). I don’t see Bresnik coaching both Gulbis and Thiem at the same time and there are also Bresnik’s statements, like about Roland Garros, as he says, he will be there for sure if Gulbis plays, but Dominic will train with Massú. Gentlemen`s divorce?

The common denominator is still Bresnik’s Academy in Vienna, where father Wolfgang has a job and trains regularly some other players, Massú will not go to live in Austria 😉 And Dominic want’s to stay to live in Austria.

Of course everything depending on what happens for Dominic until the end of the season. So let’s wait and hope, it’s a new way for Thiem to develop and have more big achievements 🙂

Updated 5.04.2019, 12:37

Another update 

(German original in KRONE SPORT)

The long-term trainer

Bresnik talks openly about the new Thiem team

It is an unexpected development that has recently occurred in “Team Thiem”: Long-term coach Günter Bresnik will be completely replaced on the ATP tour by the new touring coach Nicolas Massu, at least for the time being. Austria’s tennis star Dominic Thiem is currently travelling to Monte Carlo for the Masters 1000 Tournament and is starting into the European clay court season. And this for a long time without the man with the straw hat in his box, who has turned him into the tennis player who has been in the top ten for almost three years.

The background to why Thiem last trained with his father Wolfgang Thiem rather than with Bresnik in the Südstadt remains hidden or unclear. Papa Thiem will support his son in Barcelona, since Massu has a different commitment this week. “Dominic will be 26 this year and is still partly perceived by the public as if he were a small child,” explained Bresnik. “I have always said that my ultimate goal as a coach is for Dominic to be independent and to decide completely on his own”.

The stoic calm with which Bresnik sat in the player box in the matches will be replaced for the time being by the South American temperament of Chilean double Olympic champion Nicolas Massu. An emotionality that, as Thiem himself said, does him good. Bresnik, who can understand this, says: “I’m not a claqueur who has to bounce from the first to the last ball.

But he himself had also jumped up in the past years in the decisive phases. And this was also the case at the annual highlight of the season, the French Open in Paris, where Thiem reached the semifinals in 2016 and 2017 and the final last year.

No longer vain

And if Thiem, now of all times, were to fulfil the great dream of his first Grand Slam title in Roland Garros, and Bresnik wouldn’t be there: wouldn’t this hurt Bresnik, who will soon be 58 years old? If he was honest, then “something like this would of course hurt,” Bresnik admitted, but immediately added: “More hurt than not being there would only hurt me if he never won a Grand Slam tournament. It’s important to me that what I’ve set out to do with him happens. I’m not vain about that anymore.”

However, this has nothing to do with his age, but with the phase Thiem is now in. “The longer you work with someone, the less meaningful your person becomes or should become. As a coach, for a player who is in the top five, I have a completely different meaning for his sporting success than when he was 15. The basis has been laid there.”

For Bresnik, whose contract as coach and manager Thiems is unlimited, the ratio of the importance of the coach to the player changes “extremely” over a period of 20 years. “The first 10 years, when you start with a player so young, between 10 and 20, the activity of the coach is of the utmost importance. If he does something wrong during this period, the (player) will never have a chance to become a successful sportsman,” explained the Lower Austrian, who turns 58 on 21 April. Then there would be an approximately three-year phase with the entry into competition tennis, in which players and the coach’s experience would be roughly equivalent. “After that, only the player is important.

“Absolute world-class player”

“Dominic is an absolute world-class player and actually a finished person,” said Bresnik, who attests his long-term protégé a continuous development like few other players. “He is a tennis player who never does anything the first time. He doesn’t make it to the final for the first time and wins it right away. It has always gone on successively. For me and for 90 percent of the experts he is the technically best tennis player in the world after Djokovic, Federer and Nadal”.

Massu, whom Bresnik recruited himself and informed about Thiem in South America in talks lasting hours, is “currently a super solution” for Bresnik. He likes to get in line himself. “I want the best for him. If it is with me, super, if it is without me, also super.””

Looks a bit ambivalent. Looking like Bresnik telling, Thiem can/should decide freely for himself, but … the coaching and management agreement is timely unlimited.

I would like to hear, what Dominic thinks. But the coaching agreement with Masú is not for ever, while Bresnik is. Let’s see, what happens until the end of the year.

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Latest update comes from ANNA (thank you, Anna  :))  

Look for Anna’s comment here-under

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Now this is confirmed by Thiem in an interview, given in Monte Carlo (German original read HERE).

Thiem confirms parting ways with Bresnik


“Tennis-like, the breakup’s there, that’s definite!” With these words Dominic Thiem confirmed on Sunday at the ATP-1000-Masters in Monte Carlo the sportive separation from his longtime coach Günter Bresnik.

 “It’s not a new beginning for me,” said the 25-year-old in the Principality. “The situation in Rio was already exactly the same as it is now, only the public didn’t know it then, only I knew it then,” said Thiem.

 “It’s not really a new situation for me. I feel very comfortable with it. I feel comfortable both on and off the tour. That’s the most important thing. Therefore, I hope that I will play a good clay court season.”

However, the fifth ranked Thiem, who has been Bresnik’s pupil for around 15 years, does not close all doors to the 58-year-old Bresnik, who also acts as manager for Thiem.

 “But of course, I want him to stay in my team, because I owe him everything. My whole tennis career and he’s one of the best coaches out there, that’s quite clear,” said Thiem and added, “so I hope he stays with me in the team. But at the moment I’m on a new tennis course”.

He is currently on the road with Chilean Nicolas Massú, fitness coach Duglas Cordero and physio Alex Stober.  …

 “It’s not as bad as many could think. It’s a pretty normal situation when you take a break or when you part after such a long time. It happens to everyone, it happens to couples, tennis players and their coaches. That’s why it’s not so bad and I’ll find my way around,” Thiem explains.

 Thiem’s first step into the European clay court season will happen both in singles and doubles, after getting wild card with Marrakesh winner Jürgen Melzer, in the Principality of Monaco.

 “The tournament is wonderful, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve had two really good training weeks in Vienna on clay and here I’ve had a few good days too. Of course, I will try to be ready from the first point on,” hopes Thiem on a rainy Sunday in Monte Carlo.

 For the third 1000cc tournament of the year, Thiem sees Rafael Nadal as the man to beat. “As long as Rafa plays on clay, he is always the top favorite for every title. The field of challengers has grown for him because Djokovic is playing really well again. He can always beat him. Then of course I hope that I will play well again,” says Thiem.

 In addition, Alexander Zverev played “a sensational clay court season last year. I’m sure he can be dangerous again”.

Updated 14.04.2019, 21:44


(original in German you find HERE)

Thiem: “I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time”

by Christian Frühwald

Monte Carlo – Monday, 15.04.2019, 19:12 h1

On Sunday Dominic Thiem confirmed the sport-wise separation from his long-time head coach Günter Bresnik.

24 hours later, in the context of the ATP 1000 tournament in Monte Carlo, Thiem (now ranked 5 in ATP ranking) gave an Austrian round of journalists, which also included LAOLA1, a more detailed insight into the background of the move to his new coach Nicolas Massu.

“The joy of tennis is back. I enjoy the hard training and the matches. That has definitely not been the case in the last two or three years,” explains Thiem his motives.

In the very detailed conversation Thiem also talked about…

…the background to the separation from Günter Bresnik:

There has been no special incident and Nicolas Massu has nothing to do with it. After 15 years it is difficult to maintain the relationship in good condition. There is also a difference whether I am 16 or 25 years old. That’s when you change. Some things looked differently in my imagination. That’s why it came as it is.

…the still pending talk with Bresnik:

That will come one for sure. It was emotionally difficult for both sides, so it’s better to let some grass grow over the matter. After Indian Wells I also had a lot to do.

…the current contract with Bresnik:

I don’t want to worry about these things at the moment. Tennis-wise there was the separation. I owe Günter a lot, so a complete separation is the last thing I want. At the moment I don’t want to deal with it, but focus on the upcoming tournaments.

…a plan B in case the cooperation with Massu doesn’t work out:

I would rule that out for the time being. If it really doesn’t wor, there are plenty of other good coaches. At the moment things are going very well and I don’t think that will change in the near future. But you should never say never.

…the cooperation with the new fitness coach Duglas Cordero:

He’s a really good fitness coach who arranges very tennis-specific exercises. He’s also a big part of the success at Indian Wells because I didn’t come from Rio physically fit and he restored my fitness. That’s largely due to his exercises. They mainly focus on footwork so that the steps fit the ball better. That wasn’t always the case in the past. It would be ideal if I could add such blocks during the season.

…the relationship with Nicolas Massu:

He was on the tour for twelve years, knows a lot of stories from the tennis circus and has a lot to tell. I can ask him a lot of questions about how the tournaments went back then or what it was like at the Olympics. There are very good and interesting topics to talk about. We always have a good atmosphere in the team.

…his improvements in serve and return:

Nicolas and I have trained a lot in these areas. But in Indian Wells the surface was also very favorable for me. If I serve a lot of kick, it naturally increases my serve-in percentage and it went down very well there.

…Massu’s strengths because he’s a former player:

He was in the top 10 himself and celebrated incredible successes. He also played against a lot of players, against whom I still play today and to whom he can adjust me very well. It’s important that someone was once a player himself. He knows how you feel on the pitch. A lot of people who run around here as coaches don’t have any training – that’s not crucial. The way he deals with tennis is very valuable for a player.

…the technical framework learned by Bresnik:

Günter gave me incredible shots. He gave it to me over so long time that I don’t think I’ll ever have any problems with it. In this respect he is the best coach ever. That’s undisputed and also the main reason why I’m so successful. Now I’m ready for other things that don’t have much to do with the shots. For example, the volley or how I should behave in special game situations.

…the higher financial investments due to the increased support staff:

Of course, the prize money always plays a role. I always have to look after myself and can’t spend all my money just to have a good team around me. But I want to have as good a team as possible and that also requires investments. I have to do everything behind the sporting success.

…the weight off from his heart after the separation from Bresnik:

Since Indian Wells I’ve felt better on and off the court than I’ve felt in a long time – I’m that honest. Many things are much more fun than they were for a while. That’s why I think I did everything right. The joy of tennis is back. I enjoy the hard training and the matches. That was definitely not the case in the last two or three years – even though I had good weeks in between, of course. If I feel the way I feel now, these sagging muscles that I used to have over and over again will become rarer. That didn’t always have anything to do with the playful. I often presented myself in a way that I didn’t want it to be. That has changed in the last few weeks.

…a possible earlier separation from Bresnik:

I don’t know if that would have been wiser. I am more mature and wiser now. Maybe I wouldn’t have done it that way some time ago. So, I think now is the right time.

…a possible increased cooperation with father Wolfgang:

I think that will happen rather rarely. From time to time he was there and I did training sessions with him.

…a possible change of the home base:

I definitely want to stay in Austria. For me this is the best country in the world. I don’t plan to change anything about it. But I wouldn’t care whether it remains the Südstadt or something else.

…the clay court classic in Monte Carlo:

I always like coming here and have good memories of it, because as a child I always watched the old VHS cassette of the final between Thomas Muster and Boris Becker. It’s also the start of the clay court season, which is something very special for me. The tournament has a lot of tradition. But in Rome and Madrid I do a bit easier because my spin strokes go better and my opponents have a harder time.

…the high society in Monte Carlo:

To be honest, I don’t like the whole exclusive world. It’s not for me. The facility and the hotel are of course very nice, but I don’t really like it that much in Monte Carlo.

…first-round opponent Klizan:

Klizan is over best-of-three always dangerous. He has one of the best forehands on the tour. The match in Kitzbühel (three-set defeat) last year was good for both of us. In St. Petersburg I clearly beat him later indoors.

…the doubles Jürgen Melzer/Dominic Thiem competing in Monte Carlo:

The performance in Monte Carlo should not remain a unique event. We also want to play doubles together in Barcelona and perhaps in Rome. We understand each other well. In doubles Jürgen is an absolute champion from whom I can still learn a lot. It’s fun to be teamed-up with him.

…his commitment to “4 Oceans”, who are committed to protecting the oceans:

This is very important to me and I only make it public because I believe that I can reach a lot of people and not because I want to do public relations for myself. The last time I was in Miami I almost took part in such an action, but the next day the final in Indian Wells was on the agenda and finally I preferred the final.

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    1. You are welcome, Peter 🙂
      I know, there were many tries to let Jerzy be coached by Bresnik. Jerzy is (was?) someone with the crazy profile Bresnik likes.
      But to be honest, I don’t believe it could have any sense. Too long a break and to many years in the bones to make a successful come-back.

  1. Thank you and it’s a pity, but Bresnik&Co. seem still to not understand, tennis is international (=English) and Thiem is world top class player (=English) and Austria is his beloved home country but nobody survives in the business without English.
    And even if English is not my native language and I would prefer to write it in any language I know better, that’s why I started the blog and that’s why I translated parts of the book or I translate current Bresnik interviews – they are only published in German. National pride? Yes, Thiem is a national pride, because Austria is not a tennis nation, but Thiem lives in the global world, travelling all the year, learns also French for his love’s sake. And Bresnik does not care.
    Well, the side effect for me is, I’m still learning English, while writing, translating and reading. But the more important is, Thiem’s fans all over the world can find some information, they want to be able to read and the world will not learn German because of Thiem.
    Moreover – every time I try to watch a TV interview in Austrian media I can only see “Video not available in your country” 🙁
    Sorry, but all this stupid nationalism in the global world and modern global business (including sport) is nerving 🙁
    Federer is Swiss and his native language is Schwitz (actually Basel dialect), difficult to understand also for Germans, and Switzerland is comparable to Austria, also not a tennis nation, but all media, websites, blogs, his official website are English.
    Maybe Thiem needs to win 10 or more Grand Slams (damn, he should!!!) for Bresnik&Co. to understand, it’s must-be to publish every information about him first in English and then (if this is interesting for some but not many Austrians) also in German.
    Ooooofff – now I’m relieved a bit 😉

    1. The thing is: There is no real news at the moment because things are not really clear. The things in the Austrian media are mainly speculation. Dominic is not talking to the press, not giving any statement to the recent coaching situation. So, of course, Bresnik is asked by the Austrian press. Dominic is big in Austria, Bresnik is big in Austria, that’s why there is a lot of media attention. As long as Dominic doesn’t say what’s going on, there is no need to publish anything in English. If it’s clear what will happen, he will say it anyway, like in Rio when he cleared about Massú. This is not Bresnik’s job to do, especially not now.

      Dominic will leave for Monte Carlo on Wednesday, Massú will join him there. Dominic is training with his father and also fitness-wise with Cordero, who is with him right now. There was no talk between Dominic and Bresnik yet to clear things.

      That national tv stations don’t provide their streams internationally is of course because of rights, this has nothing to do with nationalism. It’s the same for SRF (Swiss tv) p.e. But there are ways to watch it anyway if you have a good VPN provider. 😉

      1. BTW, Anna
        What happened yesterday was no surprise. Only official confirmation. Who observes the scene, could predict exactly this. Some are not only reading official statements but thinking, watching and understanding.
        I hope, we will get to know from Bresnik, if and how he sees his role in Dominic’s new team.
        Knowing Bresnik’s personality, Bresnik will withdraw completely, including management. Behaving this role could be seen as “dancing for money”. I guess, Dominic’s father will overtake this job.
        Of course Bresnik should be always welcome guest in Dominic’s box on big occasions or whenever he wants. He must be allowed and id should be arranged comfortably to him, to be there when big things happen, because, as Dominic said, what Bresnik made for him will stay forever 🙂

  2. Thank you, Anna, for some clarification.
    I don’t really care about rumors and speculations, so long I see, things are going the way , which I think is a good one for Dominic.
    There must be of course emotional factor, if even such person as Bresnik gets emotional in his interviews.
    Even if this all is published in German only, this does not change much. Everyone who really wants to know, what’s published in German, will find the way to get in in English. My comments are general and of course my opinion only.
    I know about VPN and I have a software to change my location. But don’t like to use it only to watch Servus TV or so.
    Yes, Swiss is the same, which does not change things. If I feel it to be a kind of nationalism (maybe rather provincialism?, present in my home country too, it applies not only for Austria but for my Thiem interest logically I’m looking for Austrian media.
    Back to Dominic things. For me the situation is quite clear, without anyone speaking “Klartext” in the public. Massu&Cordero is good for Dominic, not only because IW success. Bresnik says the same, but it’s maybe not very comfortable for him (to be on tour the second trainer and sit in Dominic’s box, where Massu+Cordero rule). After some time of emotional reactions, I expect things to go to be stable. Bresnik as manager and mastercoach if and when there are problems concerning basics. Massú+Cordero for tactics, tour fitness, tournament and match preparation. Maybe some better chemistry between Bresnik and Massú would be nice and useful but I guess it will not happen.
    Bresnik in Paris or other Slams and Masters, especially if Dominic reaches finals – well, they are all adult and MUST find a way to be there all. I can hardly imagine Bresnik missing in the box when Dominic eventually wins slams or Masters. He will remain for ever the one who made Dominic who he is now. Would like to see lots of happy faces in Dominic’s box, when this happens: Bresnik, Kiki, Massú, Cordero, Lucas, parents of course, Moritz. Who rules then in the box? It’s of course Massú because he prepares Dominic for the match and they may have some “signalling code”.
    You say it’s not Bresnik’s job to clarify things to the public. I don’t know. They should arrange this “in the family”. Bresnik has not lost his role all of a sudden. Is still manager and master.
    I see good things coming and “family issues” should be arranged “in the family”. We don’t need to know about this. Even if we also get emotional at times and react emotionally 😉
    And – I don’t know your sources, but you obviously have better ones than I can find, so you are always welcome to bring in your knowledge here, as a comment or a post, if you like 🙂
    For instance – I could not find in media (including Instagrams, Twitters a.s.o.), that Dominic goes to MC tomorrow, that Cordero is assisting him right now. Of course also no such “insider-news”, that Dominic and Bresnik didn’t speak so far about the new arrangement. This would look after some hidden conflict, but none of our business.

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