Old rackets (Rod Laver times)

Dunlop  with synthetic strings, Slazenger with original natural guts

Current rackets

Dunlop 3Hundred M-Fil (right) and Babolat Pure Strike (Thiem’s racket) with Fed’s Wilson strings) (left)

“Outfit” 😉

RF shirt from RF shop and Bablolat shorts


Wilson Trance &Head Speed Pro II

Balls and small things

Babolat Roland Garros balls, Adidas wrist bands and Babolat bandana

Equipment update 2018

It was time to have something more from Dominic 🙂 This is my new Adidas Barricade polo (Dominic’s outfit Spring 2018) and something, Dominic for sure does not need – Babolat Pop wrist band, measuring some parameters of the game and allowing the analyze (how many fore- and backhands, volleys, smashes, serves, spin, racket speed, game time and intensity) in a mobile app. I can even challenge anybody on Earth using the same gadget to compare our achievements or get live feedback from coach using the same app (it’s cloud-based). I fear, Bresnik does not use such funny things

But at this point of a career one needs some news to leverage the motivation. And clay season starts here next weekend. Just “together” with Dominic 🙂

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  1. Why almost? You can start anytime. The age does not matter. Tennis is for everyone. First you buy your gear and enjoy the shopping. Next you take a lesson or two – your coach will know, how to teach you, so you have fun and your body not challenged too much. Never say never 🙂

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