… and wild boars, foxes, birds, every animal living (hopefully tomorrow too) around me, coming close to my fence – yes, we are friends. No  your blood in my stomach. Maybe a bit of your blood in my blood?  If a brotherhood of blood exists, we are brothers and sisters.

I have seen hunters today, hoping to kill some of you to make you a meal on their Christmas tables. Last day of the “Holy Slaughter” – tomorrow is Christmas Eve and human children will be waiting for the first star to look, if there is something for them under the Christmas tree. Maybe a nice plush deer?

Let’s hope, there is no hunting trophy in your home. If there is one, one of you, my Dear Deer, has given your life for human’s fun.

Tomorrow we will shed some tears together because of our animalish brothers and sisters, who cannot come to my fence anymore.

But I have seen hunters today around and apparently they had no “luck” to kill you. Maybe the feeder, where we meet each other every day, helped a bit to stop you in a safe place and not come to meet those unlucky humans, called hinters?

Let’s hope today and tomorrow and every day.

We will have to survive a time of fear,  when humans will let their fireworks make a big noise in the forest and everywhere.

Humans seem to believe, their happiness grows with this noise. Some of them  don’t care. others are maybe not aware, some of you can die from fear. because this will not sound like voices of the nature.

The worst comes at 31 of December night, because humans will make the biggest noise of the year. What’s the very special reason for this very special noise? Actually nothing. Or the accountants in  human souls. letting them think, the day after 31. of December their lives will be better, because a New Year starts.

But no new life comes for anyone on this occasion, neither for the noise-makers nor for you, my friends, trying to survive the fear, now knowing where to go, where’s a safe place, because humans believe to be entitled to do what they want, because the Earth was given them by God. Was it really? And if so, was this big gift not an obligation rather than ownership and freedom to destroy it?

Some believe, animals are speaking human words in the night from Christmas Eve to Christmas.  I wish them to listen well and try to understand, what other creatures want really to tell us. Yes, leave us  in peace. Let us live. Like we do.

Happy Christmas ???

Almost done (surviving Christmas) and coming each day closer to me (sorry, my camera a bit unstable … not from fear ;))

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2 Replies to “MY DEAR DEER …”

  1. Thanks PRF, for this sermon and prayer from your heart. I share your views about hunting and fireworks, and your words make me think even more on hope to diminish, or even stop this human cruel folly, especially huge on this time of the year. This anti respect for our living environment makes me sad, as more friendliness to it makes me very happy. So, merry christmas and as possible happy new year is my intense wish to you and your friends around you at your place. Thanks, for making some free room for this.

  2. Your words, CURIOUS, make my hopes and happiness double. I’m sure, there are many thinking and hoping the same. And every small move in this direction making the hope and happiness in the universe grow (if I may quote your thoughts). My post is hopefully too pessimistic. There are signs of humans starting to deserve HUMAN to be written with big letters. More and more vegans worldwide. Fireworks in Warsaw should be shortened this year to 3 minutes. New legislation is under way in Poland to stop holding dogs on chains. To stop breeding animals for furs (one of more cruel farming activities). Chances are, the new premier will fire Mr. CONE, the chief murder in my homeland to stop the current “environment policy”. Not only dark clouds over our heads 🙂

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