This is, where Dominic starts his 2018 season, still in 2017. The exho tournament starts on 28 December (Abu Dhabi is 3 hours ahead of CET time zone, so quite good hours to watch from Europe).

Here’s the schedule of the tournament, participants and format.


You may be interested, where to watch the tournament.

Well, I’m looking for possibilities. So far only betting services are offering free streams.

If you subscribe (checking the option “Notify me about new posts by email”) you will be informed automatically also about updates of posts. So if I can update this post with information, where to watch this tournament you receive an email notification, click the link to the post and this simple way you are informed about what I have found out 🙂

21.12.2017 Update

Some players pulled out from the tournament: Murray, Wawrinka Raonic.

Thiem is now in the group with Rublev and Djokovic. His potential path to the final: Rublev > Djokovixc > Nadal in finals.

Still cannot find a reliable place for streaming to watch but look here last days before the tournament – maybe I can find some free stream. I’m trying right now with Unibet (not that I want to bet!!!), but streaming is the only thing not working so far.

If I don’t find, will report live scores here.

22.12.2017 Update

I have just tested, how it works with Unibet. Not that bad. You must register with them and pay first deposit (you can use it for betting but must not). In Poland this is about 15 EUR. So long there is some money on your account, you can watch everything fo free.  They have no long-term calendar, only coming soon events are listed, but they stream virtually everything available for betting. A day before Mubadala starts, I will post here another update.

24.12.2017 Update

There is a chance, you will find streams from Mubadala tournament here If it’s not listed directly on this page, click TENNIS in the top menu .

Then you should find the match on the list and principally always 2-3 links. The first link may have a title like XVBET/UNIBET (free registration required). This one would deliver the best quality but don’t choose it, if you don’t want to register with a betting service. Then you can find links like LSHStreams (recommended platform), Castasap and some others. Try, which one works for you the best.

If you click one of such free links, some other page can open in a new tab of your browser. Simply close the page and click the match link once more. Mostly after 2-3 tries such pages offering something you don’t want/need no ore open and you can watch the match you wanted.

I will post here another update, should I find any better stream.

24.12.12017 Update

Finally they decided about groups and schedule.

Dominic is leader of 1. group, together with Carreno Busta and Anderson. On Friday Anderson plays Carreno Busta and the winner plays Dominic on Saturday 17.00 local time, which means 14.00 Vienna time.  The winner plays the winner of group 2. on Sunday, 19.00 local time and the loser plays  the loser of another semifinal  14.30 local time for third place.

Between both matches – surprise – a show match of Serena Williams against Jelena Ostapenko.

27.12 Update

On this page BATMANSTREAM both Thursday’s matches are just on the list.  If you click one of these links, some new page will open on a new tab, offering something you are not interested in, so close this tab and click once more the match link.  This can repeat 2-3 times and then if you click the link and no new tab opens, it will look like this:

Now click the blue text in the upper right corner “open event“. New tab should open with this URL It will look like this.

Clicking the arrow in the middle would not work now, because the match is not streamed yet.  The match starts tomorrow 14.00 Vienna time , so try it tomorrow (or the second match if you cannot try at this time) and if it works, it should work on  Friday for Dominic’s match too.

Just training in Abu Dhabi (calligraphy first ;))

Sorry, I had no time to watch today, but I just see on the  Mubadala page with this URL: 

a small link in the upper left corner “View on court”. If you click it, it opens the page

Right now it tells, there are no matches on court, but maybe this is the place where Mubadala offers streams from it’s matches? Let’s try tomorrow 🙂

29.12.2017  Update

Match between yesterday’s losers, Carreno Busta and Rublev just started (it’s called 1. final – to settle 5. place).  What’s disappointing the page only shows live score :(, so no way to watch.

So we must rely on Batman or Unibet (or other betting system) or try to find something else.

After Dominic’s match starts, I will report here, what works  (if something at all). If nothing, we may still follow love score on Mubadala page.

Dominic’s match starts not before 14.00 Vienna time.

29.12.2017 Update 11:48

This Batman stream now works for Carreno Busta vs. Rublev match, so maybe for Thiem’s match too 🙂

29.12.2017 Update 16.15

Well, the stream worked, I have recorded the whole match and will present here some live scenes later, if time allows.

My short conclusion about the match. Dominic played well and the way he played is a good omen for upcoming ATP events, especially AO. Maybe Bresnik’s plan for the match was not to win, but to try out everything he learned on Tenerife. The serve was good, most shots were good, return (not an easy thing against big servers like Kevin)  was not bad.

What was a reminder on 2017 was failing in big moments. Losing tiebreak by double-fault. Not being able to hold own serve after having a break. Not converting break chances.  Everything I called in an article here “THIEM’S BIG HOLES”.

Now I’m in doubts, what will happen tomorrow. Agut is the winner of another group and will play the final tomorrow. But there is also a 3. place play-off scheduled. Who should be the opponent? Murray once more? Not competitive, I guess. Better would be Rublev. There are no more candidates. Let’s wait, what organizers will decide.

29.12.2017 Update 16:52

Here is a small show of how good Dominic played 🙂

(in slow motion)

29.12.2017 Update 17:26

Well, they decided. Dominic plays tomorrow Carreno Busta at 12.30 Vienna time. Hope, Batman stream will work as well as it did today 🙂 And Dominic will play that good as today, but don’t fail ar decisive points 🙂

Remark about betting

Of course i’m not encouraging you for betting at all.  I have registered with Unibet, while looking for a possibility to watch Mubadala. Once I’m registered and have the minimum required deposit, I decided to bet against Dominic, so I mostly happily lose 😉 Unfortunately today I won – the proud 20 eurocents 😉 I hope I can lose my whole deposit until the end of the season. Tomorrow I will bet once more against Dominic everything I won today, so after tomorrow’s match I’m hopefully balanced to my starting deposit again 🙂

29.12.2017 Update 18:55

A bit longer highlights – can see better here, how Dominic’s shooting looks like – will suit good Australian Open 🙂

30.12.2017  Update 15:48

This is the only report on the match, including very small video, I could find so far about the match. Maybe later someone posts longer highlights and I can place a more interesting link here 🙂



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