It’s time to start fo follow MORITZ THIEM

Why just now?

He just won his first ATP point on the Futures circuit tournament in Antalya

Right time to show him to the growing circle of global THIEM’S fans

Moritz is going to be 19, probably late maturer like Dominic, now only 172 cm high, but Roentgen of metacarpus tells, he should reach 180 cm, when fully grown, which is not optimal, but good enough.

I will look for some videos of Moritz practicing or playing matches. If not earlier, than from Tenerife, because this year Moritz will be part of Tenerife camp for season’s preparation. Moritz plays of course one-hander and hits forehands very similar to Dominic. So it starts to be interesting 🙂

For good start – this is MORITZ THIEM 🙂

Meanwhile you can follow Moritz Thiem HERE

Updated 27.09.2018, 18:58

HERE you can follow live scores of Moritz’s QF match

Unfortunately I’m not sure, if the match starts at 10.00 local time or CEST. If local, it should start in minutes.

Updated 28.09.2018, 08:53

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2 Replies to “MORITZ THIEM”

  1. Great to see Dominic’s little brother getting some victories in the futures circuit. I think Moritz was in Tenerife for off-season training last year. Here is a short clip of Moritz in a match in 2017. His movement and strokes resemble Dominic’s. Even the grunting is very similar! Would love to see them play doubles together on the ATP tour.

  2. Yes, you are right. I’m just starting to follow Moritz and I was somehow not aware of him preparing last year on Tenerife.
    Well, maybe not doubles, but playing some day singles each other 😉

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