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Good practice partner?

(Massú Instastory)

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Meanwhile Thiem prepares for trophy lifting 🙂

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Singles draw is out

but PDF not yet available.

Here’s Dominic’s half (top half) and potential path. PDF comes later, when available.

Potential path:


Draw for doubles not yet published so I don’t know, if Dominic plays doubles.

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Dominic plays doubles, paired with Jürgen Melzer, in first round against Aliassime&Shapovalow. Nice match-up 🙂 I fear, it will be not streamed and I hope, they lose, so Thiem can focus on singles 🙂 Not scheduled yet, but probably Monday/Tuesday, when first round matches will be played and Dominic has BYE and both opponents must play their singles first round matches.

Updated 13.04.2019, 12:17

Doubles is scheduled as 3rd match on Court 9 (first match starting at 11.00 CEST), so it should start at 14.00-15.00). Should be streamed on TennisTV. If no rain delay, I should be able to record the match and post the record here.

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Is this tournament serious???

Shapovalow lost his singles and pulled out from doubles, maybe because (both are incidentally “Canadians”) Aliassime won his singles, so both – for different reasons .- no more interested in playing doubles.

On the other side – Verdasco lost his first round singles and Kohlschreiber is just playing Djokovic, lost first set and going probably to lose the match, but who knows?

Thiem&Melzer probably not interested in getting walk-over because of potential collision with Thiem’s next rounds in singles.

So they (who?) arranged ad hoc- team, featuring Verdasco and Kohlschreiber and set them to play Thiem&Melzer on Court 2 (what an honour!!!) but who knows, when?

Right now starts another doubles on this Court and Kohlschreiber will need “suitable rest” (who knows, when his Djoko-Match ends – maybe 3-setter?).

In the weather forecasts there are showers predicted to start around 19:00 CEST.

Is there a chance for this doubles to happen?

But, as always, I don’t like Thiem playing doubles before singles (he must play his second round singles match tomorrow, so playing doubles today late night or tomorrow after singles and (hopefully) before singles scheduled for Thursday would be absurd.

If I was Massú, I would let Thiem pull out from doubles too, but … he is teamed up with Melzer and would not accept this solution. Melzer plays only doubles and both plan to play doubles in another tournaments (probably Barcelona and Rome).

Let’s see, what happens 🙁

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(click to watch the full match)

Dominic did look like having some cold. Hopefully nothing serious. The weather in Monaco is far from summer 🙁

The match was good and Dominic+Jürger are a good team – Jürgen is very experienced and successful doubles specialist und Thiem can prepare points with serve and hard groundstrokes.

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