KIKI won her first round doubles teamed up with Timea Babos. Today playing first match on court 7 (another Tommy Haas’ victim – many lower ranked play on higher number courts and in better times) against Samantha Stosur.

Match prediction: Kiki wins 6:4, 6:3

To watch here on WTA TV if you are ready to pay 8,93 EUR for a month (would cover Indian Wells and Miami, where both Dominic and Kiki are playing) or – as usual – free stream on BATMAN STREAM.

Updated 9.03.2018, 10:35

Ladies first 🙂 Kiki through to round 3.

Click the image and look in the folder for KikiStosurIndianWells – almost whole match, compiled from parts

In some minutes Dominic takes the court to play doubles.

Updated 9.03.2018, 22:26

Yesterday won next round doubles and today (rather late night) will play Qiang Wang in round 3.

Kiki has bad record with Wang (0:2), but both matches were played just when Kiki was in a big hole. This year she plays better and has Dominic’s support 🙂

Match prediction: Kiki wins 2:1 (I miss more detailed knowledge of ladies tour, thus I don’t dare to predict more detailed result).

Updated 11.03.2018, 13:48

Kiki lost badly to Qiang Wang and can now appear in Dominic’s player’s box 🙂 Almost every important person just there: Dominic’s grandparents, his mother, Galo Blanco, Alex Stober – only Bresnik missing, as planned and Kiki.

Dominic underway home. And Kiki still there, playing today SF in doubles, teamed-up with Timea Babos (looks like they have good chemistry)  against top-seeded Russian duo Makarova&Vesnina.

It’s the second match on Stadium 2, so starting about 21.00 Vienna time. You can watch it HERE, but it’s paid stream, like ATP Tennis TV.

Allez KIKI! Win the title – for you and for your Dominic 🙂

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5 Replies to “KIKI AT INDIAN WELLS 2018”

  1. I don’t think Dominic’s grandparents are in Indian Wells. The older guy in his box is Mike Reinprecht, the white haired lady might be his wife. Or maybe she is Dominic’s grandmother, but Karin’s mum looks a bit different (acc. to her Instagram). The big young guy in his box is his friend Cornelius Haarmann, he is a former player from Munich and studying in the US. He was last year at the US tournaments too to accompany Dominic.

  2. Thank Anna 🙂
    Of course you are right.
    I have seen only once Dominic grandparents, so it was only impression of older people in his box must be his grandparents. But I think, they are older and probably no more travelling that far.
    And somehow I was imagining, Mike Reinprecht must be rather younger man (association with “fitness expert”) 😉
    I have never seen the big young guy in his box, but if they show Thiem’s box, the show mostly Bresnik and Stober.
    Thanks again for detailed information 🙂

    1. If you are aware of Cornelius, you will see him. 🙂 He was also on media day with Dominic when he made that video-story for ATP.

      Reinprecht was in some pictures in Tenerife, that’s why I recognised him.

      Galo Blanco, Alex Stober, Mike Reinprecht, maybe his wife, Karin Thiem and Cornelius

      In doubles, Cornelius is the guy in the green shirt.

  3. Thanks again, Anna. I’m normally not that focused on who’s who in the box, if it’s not a key person (coaches, physio, parents), but good to let our knowledge about Dominic’s environment grow 🙂

    1. Maybe it’s because I follow Dominic on Instagram. You get to know lots of his close friends who travel with him. I think that’s very important for him. They go with him on practice courts too and help collecting balls. And Dominic can spend his free time with them, playing table tennis or playstation. They know him well and know how to support him.

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