Why Tiem does not play IW Challenger (just starting)

Of course the very top are playing now either Dubai (Federer) or Acapulco (Nadal). Still no.1 seed in IW Challenger is Kyle Edmund and second seed is Filip Krajinovic. Any many others, not necessarily easy opponents for Thiem.

It’s a warm-up event. Played not on the biggest arenas of IW venue.  7 matches in 7 days for finalists. Still 125 ranking points for the winner. Looks to be perfect part of IW preparation for someone who didn’t play many matches so far and don’t feel good enough to come deep in Acapulco/Dubai. And for someone, who wants avoid travelling, time zone and climate changes short before the IW Masters. Looks likes what Thiem just could need.

No pressure to win the title but still some good competition.

Instead Thiem has scheduled 1,5 weeks of drills to regain fitness on practice courts.

I don’t know, when Bresnik comes. But probably Massu is still there. If Massu was not set to accompany Thiem until Bresnik comes or even to continue with Bresnik.

The on ly good argument for Thiem to not play this tournament is, there are still some health issues. Closed mouth politics rules and we don’t know about his health.

Should he still have some health issues, is it a good concept to do nothing for 2-3 days and then start heavy drills and end them just before IW Masters? I don’t think, it is. I would be not surprised, if it ends like Rio.  Dominic was telling since before Buenos Aires until the Rio disaster, he feels well and goes for the title. We know, how it ended, both in Buenos Aires and Rio.

I think, it’s time for Thiem to change his old preparation/practice routine. To be fresher when the main tournament starts. To have some competitive practice (like IW Challenger) without a pressure on him. To have a little bit hunger at the tournament’s start. To be rather undertrained than overtrained.

Overtraining is going to no more work well. Why not try a different approach? There is no big pressure on Thiem to go deep in IW or Miami. The worst, which could happen, is heim being again fatigued or ill or not eager to play and then maybe losing again first or second round.

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This one with Yannick Maden. No coach in sight. So far probably “self-arranged” program.

Kiki is out from IW WTA Challenger and can so far play the role of touring coach, hitting partner and take care of Dominic’s health 🙂

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Thiem preparing in Indian Wells

(from Karin Thiem’s Instastory)

The pic does not tell much. Only the he is in IW and hitting there. Who’s the partner? Or coach? Is he hitting hard or light?

Well, let’s wait a bit. Nadal lost in Acapulco and comes soon to Indian Wells too.

If they hit together, we may assume, Dominic is fit and strong.

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Somehow Thiem isolated himself from tennis. These days tennis is present in Dubai and Acapulco. Also in Indian Wells in a 64 men draw Challenger. Thiem is in IW but not in the Challenger. We don’t know, why. Everything we get is practice photo, rather text than photo. No idea, if this is really training. No coach in sight.

Everything looks like he was waiting, but for what? Recovery from next virus? Bresnik?

Apparently he is accompanied there only by the mother.

This weekend end 2 ATP500 events and everyone flies to IW. Will Thiem, staying there for a week, remain isolated? Play 1 match in IW and Miami because it’s mandatory? Or comes refreshed, healthy, strong and … rusty but hungry to compete? I’m not very optimistic about his another come-back in Sunshine Double 🙁

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It’s easy. No points to defend., while others have a lot.

Del Potro is injured and loses on Monday 500 points from Acapulco and over next Monday 1000 points from Indian Wells. This makes him fall out from Top10. Thiem gets 7.

Federer loses 1000 points when IW starts – 200 points behind Thiem. If Thiem reaches QF (no more sitting!), Federer must reach the final to stay higher than Thiem. Thiem possibly gets 6.

Two others are within the reach (Anderson and Nishikori), but to advance to no. 4. or 5. cannot sit anymore 😉

Other close contenders behind Thiem have lost points as of late like him. Only Isner came a bit closer.

QF or better in Indian Wells may make Thiem rise to Top5.

The big ??? is _ will Thiem play IW and Miami at all and will fe finally find some health, fitness and form?

Would be good to start European clay season (where Thiem has a lot to defend) ranked 4. Because he will have to defend more than 50% of his points in Madrid, Lyon and Paris. Of course we expect he will de more than defend clay points from 2018 🙂

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(thanx, Kiki, for this nice video on your Instagram account :))  

And look close to the end of the video. You should find there this:

Who can guess, who is this?

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Next update comes from Anna. Read the comment under this post. Follow comment, because maybe we get more feedback from Anna. Big thanx, Anna 🙂

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First competition in IW, Thiem included

On Tuesday, 5.03.2019, a mini-tournament in Tie Break Tens format will be played. Participants are: Nadal, Thiem. Cilic, Wawrinka, Monfils, Milos Raonic.

This is the format of the event:

The six are drawn into 2 groups, 3 players each to play each other in a round robin. Winners of both groups play then the final.

Every match consists of a Tie Break Ten, tie-break played usually instead of third set in doubles.

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Training with Massu in Indian Wells

Dominic in training yesterday in Indian Wells. Cannot see, who is the hitting partner, but it’s going on with attendance of Nicolas Massu.

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Take a short break and watch this 🙂

(click the image to watch a nice dog video)

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TIE BREAK TENS EVENT: 2 players added: David Goffin and Taylor Fritz

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I was too late for TBT (maybe later I can find some video), but Thiem lost in first match to Wawrinka and it was over.


IndianWells2019MainDrawQualil (1)

Potential path:


Good draw (if Thiem still in no form, every draw would be bad) Coric in 4. round should be first serious challenge, Djokovic/Kyrgios should be end-station but who knows? If in big form and on fire 🙂

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Thiem will play today (meaning middle of the night in Europe) doubles, teamed with Steve Johnson against Taylor Fritz teamed with Nick Kyrgios. Can be nice and funny match. No idea, if he match will be streamed, probably not.

Principally I don’t like Dominic playing doubles before singles (because of different serving and returning routines), but OK … he needs matches after almost nothing played so far this season.

But I hope, he loses so he can focus on singles next rounds. Still they can win because both are very serious (not first doubles they play together) and have a good chemistry. So let them have fun and … win, if they need to 🙂

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The match is scheduled to be streamed on TennisTV !

This means, I should be able te record it tomorrow morning from reply and post the link here, so we can see Thiem in competition before singles starts. I guess singles upper half will be played tomorrow, but we don’t get the schedule earlier than tomorrow morning.

In the meantime a nice pic of the “happy family” during TieBreakTens:

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Thiem&Johnson vs. Fritz&Kyrgios

(click the image to watch the match)

Some comment coming soon after I have watched the match.

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Good and entertaining match. No signs of rust on Thiem. Good serve, good return, good movement and agility. Played relaxed, smiling  and looked fresh. Does not sound good, but good that they lost and Thiem can focus on singles.

Today’s first singles match will tell us more about confidence, eventual changes coming from Massu.

Don’t know, if this is from Massu or simply new energy after long break. But it seems, Thiem is more agile on the baseline, especially on return.

If Massu could add this to Thiem’s game in these two weeks, I would expect more aggressive game and maybe no more slow-start?

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  1. That‘s Alex Stober, his physio, on the picture. Nicolás Massú is also there and practicing with Thiem. Also his friends Lucas and Cornelius, who help during practice.

  2. Thank you a lot, Anna 🙂 You save our lives! Maybe you can tell more? Is Bresnik expected to come to IW and Miami? Or Massu will attend Dominic in these two tournaments?
    Do you know, if Dominic is now fully recovered from whatever it was in Rio and training full strength ?
    Is the relation with Massu going well and are there some signs, Massu could be long-time touring coach?

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