Ask Dominic Thiem. And Günter Bresnik.

Here’s a very short answer from him:

Or start your tennis learning just with single-handed.


Ask Federer. Ask Wawrinka. Ask Thiem.

Also ask Djokovic (elbow) and Murray (hip) – earning long-time  injuries just because of playing double-handed backhand. And many others. Because the most player use these days double-handed backhand. Why?

The reasons are quite simple.

You don’t need outstanding timing, swing and feeling. You can learn it easier and faster. And a professional tennis player is a product. And in the business time-to-market rules. So let kids to be ready to pay the investment back as soon as possible.  No matter their careers will be short and full of injuries.

And double-handed backhand is more stable, can easier generate power (this is why women use it with not much exceptions – all SHB women are either retired or close to retire).

But it is not natural. Look on hands on the racket’s handle for a double-handed backhand and how the additional. left hand (for righties) is bent. And how the upper-body and shoulders’ position looks like. And how more flexible is the shot performed with one hand.

Single-handed backhand – something for GREATS only 🙂

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  1. Besides of the top, we have still lot of nice old SBH-ers in Top100: Mannarino, Lopez, Cuevas, Gasquet, Lorenzi, Zeballos, Lajovic, Dr. Ivo (nono, just only kidding) and also some very young players: Shapovalov, Tsitsipas. Maybe others coming but we don’t know (yet) their names. For the time after Federer (whenever it comes) we are “assured” by Dimitrov and Thiem. Not much, but how good to watch 🙂

  2. I forgot another “giant”, Dudi Sela – 32 years old now, quite nice sbh and great sense of humor, After lost to Dr. Ivo some times ago, he brought quickly a chair to the net, so he could congratulate Ivo on about equal level 😉 And of course Nico Almagro, but I don’t see him playing since a long time – now ranked 175 🙁

  3. Just forgotten, maybe because Kohli is neither top nor a Top100 player. Sometimes playing like top but always failing on big points, sometimes overwhelmed by his doubts, who he is 😉 But fir sure one of the best SHB-ers without big wins, just like Gasquet.