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Dear Readers. I’m happy to see you coming and reading wherever you live. But today I want to ask a reader from Belgium (I guess, it’s one person, but not sure, you are all anonymous), if he/she would like to drop a comment to some post or subscribe to get notifications about new and updated posts? Whoever you are, you seem to be interested in almost everything I post here. Cannot offer you a prize 😉 But if you decide to subscribe, you will be able to send me a graphic or link to it, so I can make it your avatar. Of course you can stay completely anonymous, if you like 🙂 In any case I’m happy to have such engaged readers 🙂 Thank you everyone.

About site’s security

After almost a year of maintaining the blog, I have learned some “Chinese” and want to tell you few words about security, which might make you unsure.

The blog is 100% non-commercial, so I must pay for different services but I don’t earn a cent. It’s OK 🙂

Now big players on the Internet market try to make people unsure and punish bloggers, not using SSL certificate, labelling such websites as unsecure.

Using SSL means additional cost and I would not think too long if this was really important for you, my readers. But it is not. You may feel concerned, if you don’t see the green lock and https before the website’s URL in the browser. SSL ensures, the traffic between you and the website is encoded, so theoretically nobody can overtake data you enter when visiting the page. But what are these data? No personal data, no name, credit card number and the like. It’s only what you write as a comment (in any case intended to be public, visible to other readers) and you mail address, if you subscribe to be e-mail notified about new posts, pages and their updates. Is this vulnerable data? If you think, it is, open a free account at Hotmail, Gmail or elsewhere and use it only for the blog (or also other blogs). Or don’t subscribe. Simply open the blog from time to time and you will see, what’s new.

And there is another side of security, by far more important IMO. It’s about protection against malware, spam, hacking a.s.o. For this I’m using the SiteLock service. You can see the TrustSeal in the upper right corner of every page. It’s telling you, that (or if) the website is malware-free or secure and the seal is updated daily to display the current status. If you click the seal, you will get some details of the protection.

I think, it’s enough for me and you to feel comfortable here in terms of security. Thank you 🙂

BTW – I’m using this protections since the start but was not aware of the possibility of displaying the TrustSeal. That’s why you have not seen it before.

Updated 14.07.2018, 19:41

Dear Readers 😉

Changes are coming to WordPress, some of them only on my side (new editor). On this occasion I’m just trying a new THEME (layout and presence of pages and posts); so please let me know, if it’s OK or you would prefer to have the old layout back. See you 🙂

Website down

My apologies – the blog was down since about 7.00 till about 14.00 today because of an error on hosting server. I could  only ask for help and wait.

Now it’s again alive, hopefully for longer 🙂

Updated 11.02.2019, 14:26   

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