As every year, I’m expecting to have many opportunities to watch Fed in action. And I expect also some big wins.

But I have the impression, maybe David Goffin started in London new era in tennis?

There are many unknows for 2018. The big hospital is awaited to be back on tour. Nobody knows, in which shape they will come. On the other side, some younger players started to come closer to the top and maybe we will see in 2018 a NEW BIG FOUR emerging? I would like to see there: Dominic Thiem, Alexander Zverev, Grigor Dimitrov and David Goffin.

This is why I think, the first ever David’s win over Federer and this in the fight about big title, could be just a symbolic turning point.

FedFans will kill me, but never mind 🙂 I’m just opening


Under this title I will report about FED’s LOSSES TO THIS NEW BIG4. And try to analyze, if this is FED fading or NB4 growing. I’m excited. And I hope this losses will happen in semifinals or finals. Not early exits in 1. or 2. rounds. This can always happen and would not be a sign of this new trend.  FED  HANDING BIG4 passes  to those, who had him as idol since hitting the yellow ball for the first time, being 4 or 6 or 8 and who could learn from him how to be big in tennis and around tennis. Happy LOSSES, FED 🙂

Who comes first and when? Some ideas? Let us know in comments 🙂

The teaser needs some update.

After end phase of season 2017 and the start of 2018, I expect tough time for Zverev this year, so NEW BIG4 will probably need a replacement. Or remain BIG3+(still young)FED?

FED is not at his top this year, even after AO title. The title came on an easy path and had only emotional value. In Rotterdam Fed could show masterclass against Belgian playing Challenger level, but was close to be defeated by Kohlschreiber.

Next chance to start the NEW RECORD BOOK comes in Rotterdam’s FINAL, if Fed survives 2 old foxes: Haase and Seppi. In the other half one of these three will be waiting: Goffin, Dimitrov or Rublev. I expect Goffin to reach the final and be the one to have the most chances.

Updated 16.02.2018, 9:45

Well, Fed survived – the party was not spoiled by Haase.  Now another familiar foe is waiting – LUCKY LOSER (mostly dangerous thing) Andreas Seppi (2015, Australian Open round 3).

The match was a bit ridiculous. Fed was showing all his RF magics, but somehow could not manage Haase in first set. The party was in danger. Then … somebody (or something) switched off Haase and RF magic was played against an empty court. Could have been a better show.

OLD RECORD BOOK – now a series starting with “oldest player in the open era to …  but I’m still waiting for the NEW RECORD BOOK to start. At last I hope for an epic final in Rotterdam – against Goffin or Dimitrov. More chances “on paper” for David (1:6 so far, while Dimitrov has 0:6, which is worse than for Seppi, who has at least one win over Fed, but … he is not a candidate for our NEW BIGxxx).

We (Thiem fans) must drop today’s Fed’s match because Thiem plays at the same time,  hopefully both Fed and Thiem are tomorrow in finals and don’t play the same time 🙂

Just an article on ATP website, telling much about what’s happening with Fed last time.

He is getting a kind of a victim of own success. And both the hype produced in abundance around him (tennis business, fans) and the hype produced by himself (loving interviews, red carpet events a.s.o.).

He says, he doesn’t want to be “bubble boy”. I believe him. But must now find the way to somehow escape. A kind of coming back to the roots, when only tennis was important and only winning was important. Letting the hype live it’s own live, not affecting him.

I know, the “whole world” would be happy with some magic technology, allowing to clone Fed into millions of micro-Feds, so everyone can have his “real” Fed home, arrange for him a micro-court in a golden cage and let him play and win everything and have millions of gadgets to “make him happy every day” – like kids do with their Barbies. New outfit. New haircut. New racket. New wife. New children. New everything.

Maybe just starting to lose something (not intentionally but simply because some other players are going to be able to beat him) would help him to escape the bubble? Or seeing some opponents to get bigger crowd’s support? Or seeing the stadium is not full, when he plays? Well, this does not depend from him. But some things do. Give less interviews. Don’t answer every kind of questions (including that about “what do you think, why so many love you?” – it’s not the real quote, because I could not find the right link) or answer with 2-3 phrases and go be happy elsewhere?  To focus on his own life – tennis and family an whatever he needs, but no more so much public things?

I do imagine, these may be questions just running in his head. Good luck, Fed 🙂

Updated 9.03.2018

Really don’t want to be a bubble boy? An image from the series Me and My Federer. Some time ago in the so called Soviet Block almost every city must have had a  Lenin monument. And people were sarcastically shooting photos at the monument, calling it “Me and My Lenin“. What these two stories common? Just guesses – the cult. But Lenin could not shoot his selfie with his monuments. They came first after he was dead. Federer can.

Watching Federer’s 2-day-match against Delbonis I had the impression to see an old man again. No more so fresh, no more relaxed.

Too much pressure of any kind. Hype everywhere. No way to avoid. No more comfortable.

I think, Fed needs now some big holidays (for family or whatever) – no hype, no tennis.

The best for him would be to lose today. Krajinovic is a nice guy and more than solid player. Could not defeat Fed at his best. But Fed is not at his best.

If he loses today, will maybe feel like he felt after having lost to Seppi in AO. Kind of relief, just like he was maybe unconsciously wishing this to happen.

I would like to see Thiem playing Federer in Indian Wells. But first I’m not sure if they will reach it. Then – if Thiem reaches QF, will be fit and eager to win. Fed would be not fresh, not fit and tired. So maybe Thiem would win easier than one could think. But I would like to see both playing under best possible conditions, whoever would win.

Updated 12.03.2018, 14.00

Time goes by and we are just in another story 😉

Hard-die FedFan watching Isner beating Delpo in Miami. Does not look happy somehow …

Signs of major changes?

No any single record in the book?

Somehow Federer avoided until Rotterdam final all NEW BIG 4 and then Dimitrov was in the final there and this was not a bad day in the office, but start of a deeper crisis. For both. Federer continued winning but not playing well in Indian Wells – not only old BIG4 colleagues were out or in poor form, but also NEW BI4 candidates. Well, a match with Thiem was in the cards but did not happen because of Thiem’s injury.

The situation seems to change on both end and maybe this record will be closed without any single entry.

Whats going on?

  • On Federer’s side

Last time Federer was playing well (for his standards) was Wimbledon 2017 and maybe Shanghai 2017.

Since ATP Finals and unexpected (really?) loss to Goffin it went “down under”. Federer won AO but somehow the oppositions was not present, neither from old nor from new TOP.

Goffin showed (I supposed this right after the match), how to beat Federer on his terrain with his own weapons. Rotterdam and IW was “Drôle de guerre”. Until Delpo came. Delpo showed another way to defeat Federer. Not on his terrain and not with his weapons. Just on own terrain and with own weapons. Meaning “big serve” and the game coming from the height plus hard hitting. That’s were Federer was always vulnerable (losing so much to Nadal).

Then come Kokkinakis (from the other end of tennis circus) and did the same as Delpo.

What can happen now? Federer will be no more confident, when playing guys like Goffin or guys like Delpo (I would add – also not against guys like Thiem, Khachanov, Rublev) or guys like … Kokkinakis (this could be almost anyone on tour). This makes him more and more vulnerable.

Well, some would say – not the first time, Federer is in such situation and he always finally found a way to continue his winning run. Can he do it for ever? Of course not. And what happens since Wimbledon 2017, ist just this. Federer is fit, fresh (playing only few tournaments and making long holidays), but the clock ticks, every week faster. Now it’s maybe 1 calendar day = 1 week (it’s only to help imagine, hot it goes, it has deep foundation in the biological clock of every human).

Just before Indian Wells Federer told about his “dream” to compete with Rafa in a 5-setter on clay – of course French Open final was meant. Well, very nice, but no more guarantee – both can go that deep. So after back-to-back losses in US Federer forgot his dream and decided to skip clay season. Now he will not compete (not the same as 2017, when he was after spectacular AO and Sunshine Double win) over 3 months. He comes fresh and fit on grass, but 2 years older (3 calendar months = 21 biological months) .

  • On the side of other Big4 members

Well, 2 /3 of them – Djokovic and Murray (plus Wawrinka as a kind of replacement) show no signs of coming back. There is still Nadal, but nadal played 4 matches so far this season, completely misses match practice and his injuries, coming from 2017 successes, are still there. So probably Nadal will not do very well even on clay. In worst scenario he can exit early or withdraw because not fully recovered from injuries.

  • Is this time for new Big4?

Not really.

David Goffin is plagued with injuries and cannot find the form. Dimitrov is in a big hole and no signs for some breakthrough. Zverev has, as always, a bit of luck and with this luck he could almost win Miami, but his game shows no progress, his physicality is in a down phase (maybe because of disbalance between the level of the competition and the physical requirements – he gets tired quickly, can still hit hard (but only backhand) and play a mix of big serves with double faults. I don’t see him to be a force this season, for sure once more not in grand slams. Thiem looks to have the best prospects from this 4. Now injured, but given poor form of Nadal and Federer not playing, he has big chances for deep runs all over the clay season. But no chance here for the record book, because Federer will miss.

It’s hard to guess, what happens for Thiem after clay. If he is quite successful and confident until Paris, he can be also a force on grass (even if he says, he hates grass, I think, grass is his second surface, not hard). But if he does very well on clay and quite well on grass, he has almost nothing to defend until the end of the year. With some further progress on hard he can make some deep runs since Wimbledon till the end of the year and collect so much points (while Federer and Nadal will probably lose a bit or a lot), he can goo high in the ranking and depending on draws, has the chance to bring the first record in this book. This can be Goffin too, if he overcomes his injury-induced form low.

  • New forces

Not that new, but quite new after his comeback from surgeries, it is Delpo. If in good form (and having his fanatics in the crowd, which will start as the American swing starts) he is dangerous for everyone.

What about NextGens? Well, they are slowly maturing but sill not mature in terms of physicality and experience in the game. But they are ready for some upsets.

Back to Federer

As of late Federer revealed his new career goals. These should be to play so long as possible. Not to defend anything. How to interpret this? He can play even 10 years, going slowly down to ATP 250 than to Challengers. But this is of course not what he meant. Only thing interesting for him are Masters and slams wins. But changes are still higher, he will exit early even on grass. What will he decide after eventual some new Kokkinakis-event? Let it be and prepare for Tokyo Olympia? When he will be really very very old and candidates to beat him will be not 2 or 3 but rather 20 or 30. Rather absurd. But this only shows his current mindset. Trying to compensate current and maybe upcoming losses with something which is far enough, he can not really plan this but “dream”. Well, let’s him dream.

Update 4.04.2018, 18:33

We needed to wait longer than expected. Goffin was not really the start. David is in decline since those big win in London. Dimitrov? Forget him. He is done, I think.

So who are the potential New Big4 now?

Thiem and Zverev stay there and Thiem has just won his first big title, just defeating FEDERER. New candidates – maybe Tsitsipas and one from some other upcomers – Khachanov, Medvedev, Coric? To early to say. So let it be so far New Big 2? Thiem and Zverev.

The Indian Wells final was symbolic in many aspects. Federer still being a force in big tournaments, but still ageing and with consequences. But ageing very well and chances are, he stays on tour for some other years 🙂

At the IW ceremony Federer looked like happy father of newborn big title apprentice. His feelings probably somewhere between disappointed because of own loss and happy with one of his apprentices making progress – both in the game and in winning.

That’s how I imagined and wanted to look like. The old MAESTRO still on the run. Losing rather to NEW than OLD rivals.

When it comes to Thiem, the match was emotionally similar to Thiem’s loss to Nadal at US Open 2018. But this time it was the win.

We wish New Big xxx more and more big wins and at the same time the AGEING GREATS – Federer, Nadal – still play great and still to teach the upcomers and of course to have fun playing them 🙂

Updated 21.03.2019, 14:24

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39 Replies to “FEDERER’S NEW RECORD BOOK 2018”

  1. Humm, I think you are tired of Fed’s still continuing success and maybe (now not so) secretly want it to be broken. Although you open for a backdoor “BIG3+(still young)FED” because you may also be tired of Zverev – well yes Zv’s up, and down now a little bit – maybe the DBH is typical down breaking symptom? Goffin plays elegantly even being DBH’er, but he’s special. As a typical Fed-Fan I want Roger to play with success for ever, – much too early for me to predict record of losing, and to what purpose REALLY, PRF?

  2. You are just speculating about what’s my relation to FED 😉 I’m (mostly) not expressing my wishes on this blog, but analyzing what’s going on. The incentive for this thread to be started was unexpected Goffin’s win over Fed in London 2017.
    I think, it’s time for players like Goffin, Dimitrov and Thiem to challenge Fed better than others can and maybe to win. IMO this would be the best way for Federer to finish his career (if you want it or not, it must happen but single losses to those new BIG ones would not mean the end). Finish and end is not the same. I hope, Fed can still be on tour for long time. But while it was painful to see Fed losing to Djokovic or Seppi, it would be a kind of optimistic and even a kind of reward for Fed to start to lose to those , who are somehow his pupils and followers.
    You say “as a typical Fed-Fan”. I was never “typical”. I want Fed’s tennis to be alive after he stops. I see some younger players able to do this. There are another places for prayers. You know where. Here is a more rational place. Thiem fans (and I know it directly from some of them) all are also Fed lovers, but not “typical”. So this “record Book” is positive both for Fed and Thiem, Goffin, Dimitrov. I’m quite sure, Fed would rather be happy (like every maestro) to be beaten some day by his students than by others. To be beaten by age-mates means just fading. To be beaten by students is the biggest reward for a real maestro. And I think, he is one 🙂
    I’m not eager to see this happening soon. But I’m eager to see those 3, maybe first of all Thiem and Goffin, to win their first slams. It seems to be inevitable for this to happen by defeating Fed. Maybe not for clay, where Fed maybe doesn’t feel good enough to not skip it. So Thiem can maybe win his first slam without beating Fed 😉 Goffin or Dimitrov rather not – they will challenge him on hard and grass.
    Zverev is not up and down. He started to early and maybe thought to play tennis good enough to win slams and reach no. 1 without making progress in his game. He does not make it. Moreover he is too young to make it consistently. He is overloaded, tired, maybe temporarily losing motivation. Just like Kyrgios. Rocket start and then no progress, loss of motivation, kind of waiting until big titles come, not working enough for this to happen.

    1. Humm, alright (mostly). Agree about Zverev, but hope this is inevitable steps to maturity. Or to something, maybe -else, which turns his heart on. Just this about different categories of fans/lovers: I don’t regard any human being to be objectively rational…

  3. Yes, Zverev has exploited his big talent and physical gifts sp far, but will now need to accept, he needs to learn and work harder if he want’s to continue his success. Whatever happens, it’s not my preferred tennis, what he plays. I see him rather turning another Raonic or Isner. He will never be able to move and run like lower players can. But being big tall server must be boring.
    About your philosophic remark. It’s a deep internal contradiction. How can you tell, someone (including yourself) to be “objectively” something? If you say, you want Fed to play and win for ever, you are expressing yourself (=subjectively). If I say, I’m not typical fan of Federer, I’m expressing myself, as an admirer of Fed’s tennis, yes still and so long he plays and after he stops too, seeing his mastery growing in others (=subjectively).
    If Fed is your love and inspiration, listen to him. For instance, how he commented the match against Kohli. I have seen Kohli for the first time playing with such courage (maybe following the concept Goffin presented in London), almost overtaking the command on the court but then as usually failing on converting the advantage he had. Fed named it “it was complicated”. Yes, indeed, it was. Because Fed is used to have a command on court. Both Goffin in London and Kohlschreiber yesterday did show courage to try to beat Fed on his own territory. This could easily have ended with a loss. And IMO it was not Fed’s off day. He did play his best tennis. But this time it was “complicated” and Fed expressed this like ” I think Philipp did that to me; it was a struggle.” Very rational 😉
    BTW – did you see this? https://youtu.be/MRjeCHuILoc
    Kohli just winning point playing Federer. Federer also playing Federer. Nice 🙂

  4. Just something, you may recall too and a kind of “justification” of this “provocative” post. I’m sure (but don’t recall exactly the place, time and occasion), Fed was not one time calling young players to challenge the old guard more. Did he not think about himself first of all? In my imagination Fed can be a bit bored, winning so easily and on big stages mostly against another old guard members. And to meet (and maybe lose to) young guns on big stages would be something, he misses right now, when he is still in top form. This is, what is this “NEW RECORD BOOK” about. And why should I make secrets from what I think about such things? You know, I was first not only to think but also to tell things beyond the dekalog of “typical Fed-Fans”. Yes, I’m tired to see all the time Fed defeating Rafa, Cilic, Delpo, Berdych, Isner …
    (now we must for some time or for ever forget about the big oldies hospital, fortunately not featuring Fed). Why not Thiem, Goffin, Dimitrov? And why not start to “help” them to have big wins against him, just like he had some time ago against Sampras, Agassi & Co.? I want still to see Fed playing his best and even better but he needs new challenges to be able to show us new things. To invent and develop them, he must be really challenged. Not by old ill men. I even think, Fed would be happy to play a Wimbledon or other big tournament final against a young player and to hear they have both own supporters in crowds and his supporters being ready to support the young ones. Not against him. For him and for his followers at the same time.

    1. DImitrov is a difficult opponent for David Goffin.
      David won last year in Rotterdam against him.
      He’s very quick in defence and his slices keep the ball in play where others lose already the point.
      I expect a difficult afternoon for David as I don’t think he is in top form at the moment (regardless of what the ATP website is claiming).

      1. @wilfried
        Agree, but Dimitrov is not in top form too. And David has the ability to make point short by moving so fast and playing shots so well.
        Dimitrov has won his matches in Rotterdam so far bot by being so quick, but by making opponents get out of nerves with his dead-ball slices. Krajinovic could have defeated him, but could not hold his nerves on big points. My guess – who serves better today, will win.

  5. Yesyes he likes to be challenged, right, one of his big forces. But he also likes to overcome them. And as long he has any chance of that he’ll play. And as I and many others wants him to play for ever 🙂 we like his chances too. Not some sentimental doing losing for the the small cute young ones, this is not his job on court. It is also no good for the opponent.
    The other thing about rational ctr irrational, I never said I was rational. I think nobody can be objectively rational. (We try sometimes, in order to survive, and yes, sometimes it turns out how we thought, but absolutely no guaranty exists of that)

    1. He likes his records more than being challenged, at least it looks that way to me.
      If Roger would realyy like / love to be challenged by strong opponents, he would not ask to play evening schedule in Melbourne where his most dangerous younger challengers in the draw have to suffer in the afternoon), he would not, when behind in a match like it was the case against Tomas Berdych in the AO quarter finals, would not disturb the serve rythm of his opponent and complain unnecessarily against the umpire about a call and about Hawkeye not being able to show the image, etc…
      Roger is a tremendous tennis player, probably the best ever, but not a God. No need of idolatry here.

      1. @wilfried
        Of course he is human, but maybe made to feel a bit more-than-human by his fanatics (somehow the word “fans” does not fit here). And of course he is using his privileges not always a fair way.

      2. Wilfred, it seems you think it is for you to define what Federer’s true challenges should be. As it is, he is not as young as he was, and does not play as many tours as he once did. Yes he takes benefit, and maybe his liking to win/and conscience of health and strength just now has tipped the balance a bit. And true, I’m fan, and wouldn’t deny him this, and his winning delights me. But that’s because of the whole picture, his talent, entertaining play, his style and behavior and so on, which all in all is superior to what I have seen in tennis world so far. So I want this character to dominate, to keep my interest in tennis. No, I’m not tennis fan, I’m fan of the arts, and to my surprise found art in tennis when watching RF for the first time some years ago.

        1. @curious
          I’m not wilfried 🙂 But it was me to start the thread and tell about young players challenging BIG4. And I quoted (from my memory, because had no time to google out the real statement) Fed saying (probably answering the question from a journ about old BIG4 reigning maybe too long), he would like BIG4 to be challenged more by young players. So it was not me or wilfried to tell Federer, what “true” challenges for him should be. Maybe he was not honest or not serious, telling this, but he did. And I have also wrote not only once and not only here about Fed abusing privileges (while receiving every year Sportsmanship Awards) . This is just what is wilfried’s post about, I think. Sports or arts, at some point we need a kind of objective truth and we have something like this in sports (not in arts like music, literature, painting a.s.o.) – these are written official rules and this is an habitus developed by players, umpires and officials. Unfortunately even if arts, sports today is ruled by money, so not a pure arts. What wilfried wrote about AO is 100% true and maybe Rotterdam is another privilege story, only to produce excitement. And well … not long but a wek or two ago Fed answered, when asked, that he does not care about ranking but now he tells (after another tons of water), its maybe his bigger achievement. Yes – to beat 3 unseeded players and for the party to be bigger now to beat a lucky loser and maybe first in the final first a real challenge. I think, Federer deserves more than everyone spreading red carpets before him and he playing naive teenie to not see how it works. I think, Federer is still playing great but his ego is growing bigger than his game or arts, whatever, while this is simply some “deal”. in this case between Godsick and Krajicek. You may not deny him such deals and privileges and everything – but this is just idolizing and I think, this was just what wilfried wanted to tell us. But of course i’m speaking for myself and “it is not for me to define”, what wilfiried thinks 🙂

          1. It think you’ve understood me better, Wladyslaw, than commenter with moniker curious (no offense intended).
            The beauty of the mind and the heart (integrity, honesty, modesty) mean a lot more to me than Roger’s records.
            That’s why I was a fan of Bjorn Borg, and am less a fan of Roger Federer.
            Bjorn Borg didn’t play mind games with his opponents as far as I know, didn’t protest against decisions of the umpire, etc… simply played and tried to win, without that stuff that is bothering me a bit with Federer.
            I don’t ask or expect anybody to share my feelings in this.

  6. What a bad luck for Goffin. 2017 the ankle and long pause. Now the ball hitting his eye. Hoping it’s nothing wrong and David comes back soon. Get well soon, David 🙂

      1. It’s probably less serious than it looked like. I have some experience with self-made injuries, one was just hitting the eyebrow with a racket (just trying to perform a Thiem-like follow-through after hitting a forehand). This ended with a lot of blood (just typical injury in boxing) but I was able to continue to play about 1 hour, then applying home-made first aid. But David probably goes directly from the stadium to a clinic for an eye tomography, so we should know maybe tomorrow, if the eye is OK. If nothing serious, should be ready to play Marseille as scheduled since Monday/Tuesday.
        Similar accident occurred in Buenos Aires, where Thiem did play for a mini-exho a kind of football on mini-court. Diego wanted to hit the ball with a head, while the ball was just falling onto Thiem’s knee. Looked worse than with David at the first sight, but next day both played and won doubles in the tournament. A kind of professional risk 🙁

  7. Just watching Fed vs. Seppi while waiting for Thiem and right now something of what @wilfried called “mind games”. It’s Fed’s invention and some others learned this from him. Namely changing rackets not because the racket was damaged and not on changeover, but just at 3:3 and the opponent serving (or similar situations”. This is just what you wrote about Berdych match at AO. To destroy the concentration of the server. This should not be allowed and I’m quite sure, it would not be allowed if this was not Federer’s invention. If they allow him, must allow others too. Or just discussing with umpire, while the opponent prepares for serve. it’s the same. Not a sportsmanship.

    1. Ah well yes, typical to be tired of and find everything of any possible negativity in a man so much adored by so many. If RF was that bad as you say I don’t think his pears would acknowledge him so many years to the Edberg prize. I think you may be right, PRF, he wants challenging tennis-sports/art like. But still taking some (small) physical opportunities of comfort, offered by the directors. Privilege of age and number of accomplishments and fans. And of course the ranking means a lot to him and his fans, as the number of records of wins and so on. But to focus on that advancing the matches might ruin the chances, and all fun too. So to me he is just showing the difference of priorities – first fun and creativity, possibilities of improvement, and then possibly win – it IS sport – his opponents doesn’t learn anything if not both of them doing his best – and then the ego confirming of records. The ego is there, has to be in any artist, and has to be confirmed, but of course in balance, so that it doesn’t overtake fun and eats all possible delight.

      1. Privileges of age? What age? Fed is still very very young. Will be for many years more after he stops to play.
        I don’t know, how Fed was formed by parents and coaches. I can compare this with what Bresnik has built-in into Dominic. There are no privileges but if they are, you must ignore them. Once you stay of the court (not retired or pulled out, whatever) you declare to be ready for the competition. To win or to lose. But no excuses. Federer is different. And this is no sportsmanship IMO. Federer may earn awards every year, because this does not mean anything more. He earns them because his name is Federer. And it’s “good for tennis” (like media and officials mean).
        Back to privileges because of age. What about privileges for Karlovic? For Seppi (only 2 years younger than Fed)? Wawrinka? Muller? Lopez? Ferrer? Lorenzi? Nope. They don’t have the right name. RF is the better merchandise. Bestseller (besides of maybe the best player). Federer has enough privileges coming directly from his sports achievements – high ranking, but not high ranking 10 years ago – high ranking today. Such privileges are natural in sports.
        Now you mean there are also privileges in arts. Never heard about, but maybe today. Nobody has guarantee to be honored for his last works. If they are not great. What about privileges for old Michelangelo, for old Beethoven. Is the last “symphony” for everyone always the best or best selling or the like?
        We, regular people, have no such privileges at all. Don’t we deserve if it is about age? Is my or your or anyone’s age not the same?
        Dominic Thiem is known to be different (and just because of this not inspiring for you). He expresses this like here http://prf-mypassions-tennisandmore.com/thiem-too-normal-for-hype/.
        I like it more in sports. I like it more in life.
        If Federer wants to be “bestseller” is up to him. To some extent he is selling (and this way wasting) his own legend. Turning a waxen figure while still having lots of life before him. He will be obliged to play the role to the end of the world. Just like “typical” FedFans want to. He will be slave of the sold legend. I wish him better than that.

  8. Only a small example of the Federer’s hype. Title on ATP website after yesterday’s Seppi match. “FEDERER FLIES INTO ROTTERDAM FINAL”. I have watched the match. And read Federer’s after-match interview. This was all but not a flight. It was struggling. Just like in every match after Bemelmans.
    And next title “Dimitrov’s day of reckoning”. A kind of anticipation – maybe the party will not be crowned. So don’s expect Federer to win today. But this is irrelevant (diminishing eventual Dimitrov’s win, which would be the first in his career), because the “real thing” is just done. Would be nice, but not necessary, no motivation and nerves, because Rafa still close in the background. And some years younger.
    Is this hype good for Federer? Yes, so long he wins.
    But in the (positive) meaning of my “NEW RECORD BOOK” still the opportunity to crown one of NEW BIGxxx. Federer knows how to play this role. Only not a big opportunity for tears 😉

  9. Well never mind it all. Have fun (being as negative and positive you need – or just maybe enjoy tennis, maybe even this Rotterdam Open final of today’s two SBH finalists), but I don’t hope for counting in your FNRB.

    1. As to FNRB I’m not hoping for anything – I’m not excited about the count to start. I will not scream “Go Grisha!” or wave with Bulgarian flag and I will not wear any RF or GD gadgets. Simply watching good tennis. If Dimitrov prevails, the counter will start and I will need to make a remark. Only this. Nothing of every negative things against Federer you are trying to press into my head, mouth and pencil.
      But I understand “typical Fedfans” believe, everything other than worshiping Federer is negative (or rather a sacrilege). Of course i will enjoy today’s Rotterdam final, hoping for Fed doing better than so far (deal done, now can relax), whoever wins. And I will enjoy just TENNIS, not the HYPE. If the hype is too big, I’m going for a walk with my doggie. I do HATE the HYPE.
      I will also enjoy Dominic in another final (only one SHB-er but the opponent friendly and nice player. Today no time collision, so I can watch both.

      1. Of course I don’t want to press anything into your head. I sometimes have the impression you do that yourself a little bit. -“But I understand “typical Fedfans” believe, everything other than worshiping Federer is negative (or rather a sacrilege).” Who’s pressing now in whom? Well peace be about this impression of yours, I don’t personally feel hit about it. I simply try to as clearly as possible to express my opinions, and when they differ from yours, we have discussion. Is this good or bad? Different things can happen: One is that both goes into stony defense of own point of view, accusing each other of emotional blur – another having interest of opening up to new thoughts – trying to see if shareable – another again is to try to see why or why not, and mostly a mix of emotion involved. To try to see whatever comes up, is IMO always enriching. So thanks for this, and enjoy the tennis – much of that possible today – what a treat! 🙂

  10. You did call yourself “typical FedFan”. I’m not sure, you are that typical. Typical FedFans could be seen on old Roger’s website and now on peRFect tennis blog. We know each other from posting here and there. And you know, what I needed to hear about me – no idea to repeat this here.
    I did create and am maintaining this blog to share information and opinions, no matter they are positive or negative about any player. No gods and no sacrileges here (maybe animals – I would not allow hunters to spread their point of view about animals). Everyone is free to discuss about any subject present on the blog or even to start own “corner” and post on another subject. The only red line here is to not be offensive or hostil. Well, it’s my job to judge, what is offensive and what is not. So far I have not seen here something I would like to limit or block. I hope, this never happens.
    Just got an idea. I’m offering to my readers full match records, because not everyone can watch live or watch a reply in any available service. Maybe I will open today a new folder on Dropbox – featuring match records FED vs. NEW BIGxxx. No matter, who wins. I do assume, all these matches will be worth watching. And maybe my FNRB will contain Fed’s wins over NEW BIGxxx too. To be still able to win over quite mature young guns would fit well to FNRB.

      1. Well, I decided not to start with yesterday’s match. Dimitrov was either hurt or following instructions from Godsick. Rotterdam was a kind of exhibition for Fed. Her was not in a big form so he needed some “small comfort” to not exit too early and to show RF magic, which he did perfectly, but a kind of against empty court 🙂

    1. Interesting, thanks. Seems that he bends down in order to read the shot from the opponent – and/or maybe also to get a good standing point to leap fast into the right direction for returning…?

      1. Right, but first of all it’s about physics. If he wants to jump high, unloading the energy he needs for the shot (hitting point mostly on the height of the shoulder), he must first bend deep to load the spring. Fed is doing the same, but not for every shot, because he takes balls earlier and uses the energy of the ball, while Dominic must give his own.

        1. Were it not better for Dominik to take the ball a bit earlier too ? The way he plays it looks like he is spending a lot of energy. He should be a bit more econmic with it I think if he wants to beat Federer and /or Nadal at Roland Garros (in case Federer decides to play at Roland Garros this season… as you think he will).

  11. Yes, This is I was thinking all over the tournament.
    Maybe specific of Buenos Aires court, rather slow. But Bedene was taking the ball earlier, making Dominic some troubles with that.
    Well, this is how Dominic learned to play since very young and first since a year he started to learn the hard court game. May need now time to make his new hard court game his principal game, not only good for hard and adapt it to clay. Not sure, but while playing Pella Dominic was taking the ball earlier.
    Maybe Galo Blanco told him, this kind of game against these opponents costs him less energy (and Rio is just starting, where he has lots of points to defend) because he must hit from the back of the court, but must not run much. Once more – against these opponents. Rio is also slow court, if I recall well, so first faster clay courts to be played are in Europe. And coming back to Europe he will be after 3 hard court tournaments, where he will play his hard court game, as he did this year in Doha and AO.
    About energy loss I’m not sure. It looks like he was spending lots of energy with those shots from far behind the baseline, but his hitting skills are just made for this and with perfect timing and deep swing he must not use so much energy as it looks like. Maybe in the heat a player loses mor energy running than hitting?
    But I agree – against Nadal or Federer he must play faster (=closer to the baseline). The only match he won last year against Nadal he just did play very close to the baseline, taking balls early, stepping early into the court, which allows to play more extreme angles, taking Rafa time for coming closer and while Rafa is very good in a deep defense, he was timed out by Dominic and could not really hit his dangerous shots.
    We must rely on expertise of both Bresnik and Galo Blanco. They know for sure, how to play against middle-class and top-class opponents.
    I would also assume, Dominic can now control both styles and change the game during the match (as he did against Zeballos and Pella).
    From my own humble experience (I’m playing only on clay and in winter indoors but with special softer balls) I would say, I need more energy to take balls early than to take them back behind the baseline. Of course on cost of flexibility of the game and ability to play sharper angles and attacking the net.

  12. @wilfried
    I think too, when playing from the back, Dominic makes less errors and this was maybe the concept for building-up confidence on clay,

  13. Not enough of that on PeRFect? And every other corner in the world? I would write about Federer on peRFect, but you know, why I cannot.
    And of course I did not forget about Fed, still following him, watching matches, never reading prayers about him and sometimes I’m writing about Fed in Thiem’s context. But you don’t read posts about Thiem, so you don’t find this stuff. Still you can use the internal search engine, put “Federer” in it and you get all posts (and comments), where there is something about Fed.
    And you can see, I’m busy enough in writing about Thiem and so many other subjects. Wait for QF at IW – maybe Thiem vs. Fed?

  14. And of course you know, FNRB still empty 🙂 and Fed not playing since Rotterdam (only doing red carpet things, which I’m not interested in).

  15. BNP PARIBAS OPEN website (quoting)
    “When you’re @rogerfederer, even signing your name is poetry in motion.#BNPPO18”.
    I have added a comment “When you’re @rogerfederer, even crapping is poetry in motion.” Good joke?
    Are they not going too far???
    You told, you miss writings about Federer, so …. 😉

    1. Of course my comment was not posted. I have looked the discussion to this video on Twitter. Mostly in the same tone.
      They are going to make people have enough of Fed. This is absurd.
      He does not need it. He speaks for himself first of all with his game. People are getting nausea because of all that hype. It’s not only me.
      I guess, it’s about the same on peRFect?

  16. I’m just writing another article about Federer’s footwork and Tarahumara. Everything to help Thiem with his feet problems. Nobody can change his/her roots, but this footwork can be learned. Not directly from Federer, but there are lots of techniques developed to change the running form from heel striking to forefoot striking.
    BTW – somehow I have Federer’s footwork. Not inborn. Not learned. Maybe “transferred” via streams?

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