• Don’t assess the whole season having in mind only the finish line. But the finish line (ATP finals) was unexpectedly (?) good. the match (,maybe the best of the hard court season) against later winner Dimitrov was almost won. Second best match against PCB won. Third against Goffin -Thiem was out of fuel and injured (knee, probably feet too) and Goffin was overall the best player of the tournament.
  • Two big goals for the season (ATP Finals participation and TOP5 ranking) were achieved. Don’t be fooled by thinking like “Sock or Goffin could have won ATP Finals and make him slip to rank 6.” But they didn’t.  If you are, then think also – Thiem was a point away of reaching SF in Wimbledon and in USO and deeper run in some other tournaments.
  • Some will remember more the negative highlights. Thiem starting as number 1 in some tournaments and exiting in first round (Antalya, Chengdu, Tokyo). He is not used to play as favorite. But it’s a kind of people always learning and never forgetting. Such things can always happen to all, including Federer. But they will not occur frequently in 2018. Still they will occur. because nobody can play 30 tournaments and win all – the number of matches would be too great. One could think – less tournaments but deeper runs would do the trick. Maybe. But not now. Now Dominic needs to play so much he can and want to. Sometimes exit early, survive bitter losses. These are all bricks for a wider and higher foundation and will pay-off next years. This was so earlier, this is and will remain so for many years.
  • Clay season will be for years to come the measure of things for Thiem. In this part of the season he plays everything, like Rafa in younger years. Maybe finally the final or even win at RG and Masters on clay. Season 2017 on clay was extreme success. Second-best after Rafa, who was in his another prime time. But Rafa’s prime times are each time shorter. If Rafa declines, Thiem rules on clay.
  • No serious illness or injury. Only minor things. Disturbing but not requiring big recovery. After 10 days holiday he is again in training, eager to play 24 hours a day, as always.
  • So called bitter  losses.  Big matches at big stages or in first rounds. Lost while going to win. Another experience. Thiem is learning all the time. Bresnik knows, what to do. “Simply” rise the level of his performance. Cannot exclude losses. Must not.

So how was the season 2017 for Thiem? It was great, with ups and downs, just like the life is. He is a human. Very young. Eager to play, eager learn. Must not be eager to win. Wins are the result of performance. Performance results from playing and learning.

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