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I have skipped the ninth milestone, because it is more about Ernests Gulbis than Dominic. Very interesting because Gulbis was a big candidate to com very very high. He had talent and all bodily and mental predispositions for no.1, but he missed discipline, didn’t like to work hard. So we are going now to the Dominic’s tenth milestone, the last in the book, but of course life is going on and he new milestones every year, every year being exciting and bringing Dominic closer to the top. (PRF)

By the end of 2013 Dominic was ranked 130. With this ranking the player starts rather not in Australia and not on ATP Tour, but stay in Europe, saves money, collects generally safe points in small Challengers. But because Ernests after strong season 2013, ranked 20. and Dominic doing quite well after common seasons-preparation on Tenerife I decided to take Dominic to Australia. He should to seek a challenge in qualifications for Doha and AO. This was indeed a lot risky because the perspective of small ranking pints number was about that high as the perspective of heavy costs, because the was a risk for many empty weeks – one is going to lose early but must stay, having only limited chances for training. Two arguments were – Dominic needed to collect some experience and Ernests would have a good hitting partner.

The trip was a real breakthrough for Dominic. He has qualified in Doha. He has qualified in AO, did play his first 5-setter in the career and won it against the Portuguese Top50 player, Joao Sousa.

New matches, including seven wins. And the experience, how close it goes on Tour. . The first quali round in Doha Dominic did overcome after trailing 1;6, 1:3 against the Italian Cecchinato and in the first round of AO quali – his first match in a professional’s Grand Slam – he was on the brink and could get through with 10:8 in the third set. .

Should he have lost both matches, he would come home with zero points and 10.000 Dollars less. But he got 80 ranking points and 60.000 Dollars.

A bit later he was able to break into Top100 in Rotterdam, where his has qualified once more, could beat once more some solid Top100 players, the highly experienced Jarkko Nieminen and took one set Andy Murray with some rallies, which were gone around the world as highlights. At handshake one could see Murray to take a breath.

Dominic was winning respect, was noticed by many. In Indian Wells Dominic impressed when pushing Simon from the court, still the world number 23 and maybe the smartest tactician within the wider top of the Tour.

In Madrid the first win over a Top10 player, 6:4 in third set against Wawrinka.

In July was Dominic ranked Top50, reached in Kitzbuehel his first final on ATPTour, at the US Open advanced for the first time into second week of a Grand Slam.

On the end of 2014 Dominic was ranked 39.

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