DOMINIC THIEM METHOD – part 11 (last)

This was a perfect week (apart from that after one day a French hitting partner has cancelled his participation for the rest of the week because of exhaustion). In the morning we work with such intensity, that other players and coaches are only shaking their heads. In the afternoon a second training unit followed or the tournament’s match. Because if the match was to easy, like 6:3, 6:0 against Leonardo Mayer (ATP no. 51, year before Dominic’s opponent in the final), then we added another an extra training unit.

Dominic won the final in third set against the 19 years old German Sascha Zverev  (for sure future world’s number one). Zverev did get fitness problems.

That Dominic would be not very fresh in the final, I have not only expected but even planned: I gave free days our physio, Alex Stober – the worldwide best in his profession, who works in our team since the beginning of the year. I wanted a kind of a boot camp atmosphere like 2 years earlier with Ernests. Only Dominic and me, training balls, training court, , matches. No massages, no relaxation. He should be tired, when starting next training or next match.

This week Dominic turned a better player. He has overcome the tiredness, bitten through, he has shown himself and his opponent his bodily capabilities. He has sharpened his virtues, just right in time before his most important tournament of the year.

And he could take his sixth title in the year.

After the final my fellow coaches came with congratulations, but still shaking their heads. “How should Dominic win anything in Paris? Before a Grand Slam one must take care about his player”.

I answered “Lt’s see”.

3:6, 6:2, 7:5, 6:1 against Inigo Cervantes.

7:5, 6:4, 7:6 against Guillermo García Lopez.

6:7, 6:3, 6:3, 6:3 against Alex Zverev.

6:2, 6:7, 6:1, 6:4 against Marcel Granollers.

4:6, 7:6, 6:4, 6:1 against David Goffin.

2:6, 1:6, 4:6 against Novak Djokovic.

Semifinal. Top Ten.

After the loss to Novak Djokovic Dominic told me “I must be better. This loss is a motivation for me to work even harder.”

He meant that seriously.

Dominic found his way of being aggressive.: to have joy in playing out his skills and capabilities.  The stronger the opponent, the bigger the arena, the higher the expectations, the better. He goes through, because he can do things better than the opponent. And when he cannot do it better, he practices so long until he can.

Dominic is aggressive like a player in my mind. But at the same time: more sympathetic, heartfelt and emphatic.

This is the first point, where Dominic has surpassed the goal.


A kind of epilogue is everything what happened after that and this is about 1,5 years. And it was so much. Rising skills to another level, reaching Top10, playing some unforgetable matches, some of them bitter losses. But still smiling, working hard and harder, rising, maturing, developing as a young man, not only as a tennis player,

There are no pauses in life. Right now Dominic prepares for what’s to come. next season.

When comes the time for Günter Bresnik to write next book? After Roland Garros crown?

Lots of exciting things to expect very soon. Good times for Thiem. Good times for his family, friends, team and fans. Be ready and expect unexpected 😊 (PRF).

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4 Replies to “DOMINIC THIEM METHOD – part 11 (last)”

  1. Thank you! I really appreciate the translation! I am a coach in American. I love to learn things like this. I was eager to read the book. I really appreciate all of the information!

    1. Hi, Peter. Did you read all parts? Well, you know now everything about Thiem, what you would probably never now from other sources. The rest of the book is Bresnik’s story, including his work with Boris Becker, Koubek, Skoff, Gulbis a.s.o.. So far I know, Bresnik has an “official” English translation of the whole book, but it’s waiting for his authorization since US Open 2018 (should have been presented at this time to the public. Bresnik is not a big fan of writing 😉 It was scheduled to be first available only as an e-book. My translation was of course unofficial (call it “illegal”) but on the end Bresnik and the publisher accepted it so long the official version is not available. It will never be, I guess. Maybe another book after Thiem wins fiorst Calendar Slam, hahaha …

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