It’s my second season of feeding wild in winter, not so much because of potential hunger but to hold deer and wild boars on distance from places, where they are killed by humans for fun,  trophy and – last but not least – for food (by no mean necessary).

This year I have arranged a “full service” feeding place, started early in November, so animals get used to visit my place instead of  shooting-ranges.

I have about the same time of “delivery” every day. It’s about 14.00 CET, so still a day. This week I experienced a big surprise.

Deer are known to be very shy, first of all against humans. Maybe I’m no more?

3 days ago and today I was a bit late. As I came with the “delivery”, some deer were waiting there, close to the feeding place on a meadow.  The feeding place is located still on the meadow but 1-2 meters from a small forest between my cottage and the meadow.

I made just first steps on the meadow and wanted to start to fill the feeder, but I had some weird feeling to be observed. I was. Some deer were there, about 20 meters from me, but not escaping as expected (from my experience from the last year).

Well, I started to arrange things as usual. Deer were waiting. Because a part of the food must be spread on the meadow, I was required to make some steps ahead, coming closer and closer. Deer were still waiting.

Then I probably made some incautious movement while spreading the food and deer started slowly to retreat.

I stopped my movement and wanted to do something so they don’t escape. This was first time I “told” something to them and it was maybe my first “speech” in a deer language 😉 It was something like “Shhhhhhhhhh”. Just my spontaneous reaction. But the effect was good. They stopped and started to come closer. Oooofff!!!

I was ready with my job and went back into the forest to go home. And I could observe, how they were coming closer and closer.

This repeated today.

And I know, deer and wild boars come through the small forest close to the fencing of my parcel, when it turns dark.

Maybe some day they come to the wicket I use to pass from my parcel to the meadow and ask for more food or have some special wishes?

Unfortunately my forest camera was just maintained home so I have no video to show. But I hope to get one next days.

18.12.2017 – camera up and running since yesterday. The following video shows 2 brave deer, who waited 10 meters from me for the food to be spread and now just FIRST AT FOOD (big prize for courage :)).

As you can see, it’s still a day and the clock shows the actual time, it’s about 3.00 p.m., half an hour before turning dark.

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