Cincinnati Western&Southern Masters 2018

And here we are with the main draw



Nice draw. Finally a chance to meet Federer not in a bistro but on court 🙂 No idea, in which form will be Fed but cannot see him falling before QF. And if Thiem finds his groove, his game does not suit well Federer, so there are some chances to come deeper.

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Thiem practicing 5000 backhand returns (SRBD) in Cincinnati

(slow-motion from original, you find HERE)

The same shot Thiem did try before in a lost match in Toronto

Updated 12.08.2018, 09:18

Thiem playing doubles in Cincy tonight

I don’t need to remind you, what I think about Dominic playing doubles before singles, so …

Thiem teams up with Diego and they play against Kohlschreiber&Verdasco. The match will be played around 3:00 CEST tomorrow (9:00 pm local time)

The match will be played on Center Court after 2 qualifications matches and will be probably streamed on TennisTV.

I don’t plan to watch the match live, but will try to record some highlights tomorrow morning, so we can have an impression of his form.

Updated 12:08.2018, 17:40

Pulled out from doubles because of some problems with left knee. As always no information from his camp about the issue and if he will be able to play singles. Let’s wait. Maybe 5000 backhand returns was too much? Now having perfect return but no ability to play? Mr. Bresnik, stop to kill your golden cow!!!

Still no reliable information about Dominic’s status. We must rely on private reporting channels. Looks like Dominic was ill, not injured.

In any case time to rethink the schedule management. Since Paris Thiem is only travelling from one tournament to another only to not be really able to play and losing early. Cincy may be next ending up like this.

But we still here before every tournament, Thiem is topfit. Somehow nobody seems to be scared, because Dominic loses early after every such statement.

Austrian “fans” press him to play Kitzbühel and Vienna and DavisCup, but then are first at criticizing him for missing progress, missing titles a.s.o.

On the other hand Bresnik seems to believe, everything can be compensated with additional portion of hard training.

Looks like blind path to nothing. Ruining health and results of hard work.  What’s next???

Updated 13.08.2018, 14:13

Lesson learned? No competition, no fun, no wins, if not listening to your body. But at the end good decision to pull-out. 

Still not so much time to repair health damages and be able to prepare well for USO. If he stays for some days in Cincinnati. maybe Kiki can care a bit of him? Women understand these things better 🙂

Some lessen for Bresnik too, I think. Before he asks Gary Muller to hit 5000 backhand returns before Cincy, it would be good to ask doctors, if Thiem is healthy enough. He was not. And still he started to train hard in Cincinnati. Too hard. With this outcome 🙁

Updated 15.08.2018, 09:30

Now Thiem states in an interview for Austrian “Krone”, he thinks his immune system is down and regeneration after “normal cold” lasts too long. Telling this Bresnik via telephone, he gets answer, it’s a pitty but you must decide until Friday, if you can play USO.

Well, he cannot decide it. Doctors (not a standard doctor to prescribe you Ibuprofen or something and let you go – nothing out of ordinary). It’s his immune system, “who” will decide. Be it on Friday or a day before first USO match.

Think on THIS. First there were normal doctors at work and bacteria was ruling, applying ups and downs to their pleasure. Maybe time to another visit at the stubborn doctor in Austria? Maybe right now, before USO? Or maybe instead of USO?

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2 Replies to “Cincinnati Western&Southern Masters 2018”

  1. Thiem seems to have pulled out of the Cinccinati draw (replaced by Guillermo Garcia Lopez in the draw).
    That’s not particularly good news, on the health front as well as for his chances at the US Open.
    Dominik will lose 170 rankingpoints on Monday (because of his withdrawl), which brings him at 3665-170 = 3495 points.
    Djokovic on the contrary, who is currently ranked 10th in the Emirates ATP rankings with 3445 points on his tally, will leapfrog Dominik if he wins his Cincinnati R2 against Adrian today, as it would gain Novak 90 points and bring his total rankingpoints at 3535 ( 3445 currently + 90 = 3535 points on Monday.
    If this scenario indeed occurs, Djokovic will be seeded 8th at the US Open to the detriment of Dominik seeding ( who then will be seeded 9th instead of eight, and therefore could meet a top player before the US Open Quarterfinals).

  2. Yes, but Djokovic will pass him even losing to Mannarino. Add 45 points for Djokovic’s defeat of Steve Johnson and Thiem is 9. Querrey saved him before being passed by Isner, but to save him before Djokovic is no more possible.
    But this is IMO not the worst news for Thiem. He seems to not take care of his health and fitness very wise this year. Shoulder problems sind Hamburg (or earlier), but he plays Kitz. Then a jetlag and virus in Toronto, but he plays (and almost wins) Tsitsipas (too much hype about him, I think and I was glad to see David coming back, playing well and defeating him). Then he comes to Cincinnati and starts a very heavy training (Bresnik sent Gary Muller there to train with Thiem “5000 backhand returns), then he gets probably a superinfection and cannot breath, must leave practice with Stan after 10 minutes. Not so much time for really good recovery and preparation. In any case no match practice on hard before USO. Depending on the draw, he can even make a first round exit in New York 🙁 Then he is scheduled to play DC vs. Australia – another stupid thing, so I don’t expect from him anything big this year. It’s very probable, he will not qualify to London.

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