Maybe you are shocked by the title of this post?

No matter if you are Christ or not. It’s up to you. And your conscience. Many non-Christs also celebrate these days.

Some think, Jesus was vegetarian or vegan.

But, whatever your religion or any other reason to celebrate, think about how much blood will flow these days so you can celebrate.

Each time you go to buy what you think is necessary to be happy on Christmas, you are sentencing some innocent creatures to dead.  You don’t need to kill with your hands.  But you undersign deadly sentences, using your money.

You may think, you are omnivore by nature or by being created by God just like this. But even so, the Good God gave you three things:  free will, intellect and conscience.

Why not to try to use them all together?

And maybe make these important days less bloody for animals, who maybe celebrate some special days too, but never coming to our homes and killing us for their happiness.

And maybe you give your small children some nice plush animals on Christmas Eve. And then you go to your festive table and … you find there dead animals, prepared so you can play to not recognize them on your table, so you can happily think, these are only some meals, not dead animals.

Happy Christmas you all

Your Animals

And if you don’t know how to celebrate without killing but still have fun with your Christmas table, there are thousands of Vegan blogs, where you can find millions of recipes, including special ones for Christmas. Here’s one of those blogs I like


Happy Vegan Holidays 🙂

And here you can see, how bloody Christmas 2017 will be for wild boars in the Kampinos National Park  near Warsaw. 100 wild boars condemned to death these days. Guess why right now in so deeply catholic country as Poland? A week before they all land on Polish Christmas tables. Poles like vodka and meat. What’s meat? Something, which some seconds earlier was still a life, happy natural life.  But if you buy a sausage or pâté, do you think about life?


You may not understand the Polish article. I could translate it into English, if you want, but does not the photo tell everything?

We have now in Poland Ministry of Environment (!!!!!), who’s name is SZYSZKO. Change one letter and you get SZYSZKA (=CONE). What a nice name for a chief murder of the nation!

BTW – if you are European, you may have heard the name. We have (yet) in Poland the last in Europe big natural forest (Puszcza Bialowieska) with very old trees, natural diversity you don’t find elsewhere in Europe, bisons, lynxs, wolves. Mr CONE is just battling against Europe, against our common treasure to be able to make this forest (National Park of course) a board plantation. GREENPEACE is at work here and many voluntaries from different countries.

But they are first killing the FOREST – when it is killed, it does not matter anymore, what the world says. And the more the world says, the more is killed. European  politics and officials have their holy cow – it’s PROCEDURES. So they PROCEDE, while other KILL.

Happy …. whatever 🙁

How does it look like in your homelands?

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  1. Good words 🙂 “To celebrate the possibility of love and peace”. This is just something, everyone can do. Because love and peace are universal. More love and peace towards animals give us more happiness than how “good” our tables are dressed 🙂

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