The first clay tournament for Thiem this year starts 10.02.2018.

So far not much information available, but here is the actual entry list (without Sandgren, who planned to play the whole South-American Swing: Quito, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo).


Thiem has no points to defend here, because did not participate last year.

Updates about draw, schedule and watching options you will find here when they are available.

The tournament will be showed on TennisTV and probably also on free BATMAN STREAMS


9.02.2018 Update 11:42

Just before Argentina, maybe you want to watch the replay of whole Thiem<>Mannarino match from Australian Open? One of best matches at AO this year. And good to watch, how well is now Thiem’s game. Once more a class higher than a year before. Maturing and developing in all elements.

I expect, we will not see many differences in Dominic’s game on different surfaces. I bet, he will use on clay everything he learned last year and off-season on Tenerife, principally dedicated for hard court.

But a real top player has ONLY ONE GAME and can play it on every surface. Thiem is now very close to have such a game.

Enjoy, if you like 🙂


10.02.2018 Update 7:58

Tennys Sandgren is back on tour. Guess, where. Of course Argentina. But must go through qualifications. Well, maybe a chance for Dominic for revenge. What’s a bit strange – Sandgren has higher ranking then many players, who entered the list without qualifications. Does his ranking not count in Argentina???  Are his points earned in Australia cancelled?

But it’s only curiosities. Dominic is going for the title, not for sparring against challenger heroes 🙂

10.02.2018 Update 18:22

Well, poor Sandgren just lost his first round of qualifications in Buenos Aires 1:6, 2:6 to Facundo Bagnis, ranked about as high as Sandgren before AO, the same age, mostly playing challengers, but Bagnis having collected 11 titles, while Sandgren 3 in the Challenger circuit.

Once more the big question: how the hell could Sandgren reach AO quarters, beating Thiem, who delivered so outstanding game?

My guess:

  1. Sandgren was allowed to take doping so he can be useful to throw out some threat on Fed’s way to the title (I’m not blaming Fed, this must have been arranged among the ATP rulers).
  2. Now (just like in cases of Stakhovsky and Darcis 2013) he gets a kind of silent ban. No more doping allowed, ignoring his ranking and letting him  play in qualifications all-the time, where he will probably never reach the main draw and comes back to challengers for the rest of his “career”.
  3. Poor Dominic, once more bad-luck (like with Delpo’s “2 small white pills” and playing on the stadium, where 90% of  the crowd were latino soccer-fans, maybe paid to behave like they did and the umpire allowing this).
  4. Some day Dominic comes through and wins a slam and then it will no more possible to handle him this way.

10.02.2018 Update 20:13

Draw is finally out. You can find it here ARGENTINA OPEN MAIN DRAW

Potential path to the title:

BYE > Horacio Zeballos > Pella/Verdasco > Cuevas/Monfils/Fognini > Diego Schwartzman/Pablo Carreno-Busta

Everyone good clay player. Dominic must simply play well and it should be enough. Reaching the final would be good enough in terms of finding the feeling on clay, confidence and prepare well for title defense in Rio.

First match probably not before Wednesday.

On Sunday probably a show “match” against a young Argentinian lady who won  a Babolat contest with this meeting as a prize. Here is her FB page JAZMIN AMICUCI. Probably not trannsmitted.

Live streaming on TennisTV starts on 14.02, so maybe on the day of Dominic’s first match, but you can probably find streams earlier on

10.02.2018 Update 22:51

Galo Blanco is accompanying Thiem in Buenos Aires, so he will support him in the whole Latin-American Swing. This cooperation seems so far to work well 🙂

And once more ladies first 🙂 Kiki with French team advances to FED CUP semifinals

Now it’s your move, Dominic 🙂

Tomorrow Thiem/Schwartzman are set to play doubles against Czech team Vesely/Jebavy NB 17:45 Buenos Aires time (=NB  21:45 Vienna time).

Try if this official tournament’s stream  works for you Unfortunately not available in my country, so I will look for some stream on Later (since 14.02 streaming on TennisTV is scheduled).

Updated 11.02.2018, 20:38

Here you can watch video of Dominic’s practice with Schwartzman – finished about 30 minutes ago.

Updated 11.02.2018 20:56

Sandgren story goes on. The entry list and qualifier lists are published. 11 players with lower rankings than Sandgren’s rank 55 entered the main draw directly (maybe 2 lowest ranked Brazilians are wildcards, so still 9 with rank lower than 55 are directly in the main draw. Sandgren, ranked 55, must play qualifications. What does it mean? It’s second ATP tournament in a row with Sandgren in qualifications no matter his ranking.

Can be only a kind of silent ban after AO.

Now probably clean, he showed his level in Buenos Aires, losing in first qualifications round.  Hope, he does not qualify in Rio too and goes back to challengers, where he belongs.

Rhetoric question: how everyone who lost to Sandgren at AO will be rewarded??? Where is WADA? 

Updated 11.02.2018 22:20

Where to watch today’s doubles Thiem+Schwartzman vs. Vesely+Jebavy?

Here is the stream, scheduled to start at NOT BEFORE 19.30 Vienna time–vesely-vs-schwartzman–thiem-atp-buenos-aires-live-stream-4588435.html

Updated 12.02.2018 10:12

First win on clay! Good game from both Dominic and Diego. But Olé for Thiem will stop, when he plays an Argentine and it will be probably Horacio Zeballos. Schwartzman scheduled to play singles tomorrow, Dominic for sure not tomorrow. Tomorrow Zeballos plays his first round, so Dominic probably on Wednesday.

The whole match (with some short distortions due to the stream) will be shortly available in this Dropbox folder

Updated 12.02.2018 21:33

When you watch records on Dropbox, you have an option to select the motion speed since 0,5 (slow motion)  until 4x (very fast motion) (in lower right corner), no matter if you watch small or full screen.

Updated 12.02.2018 22:05

Now it’s (late) time for Dominic.  Thiem-Zeballos in first match (second round) to play today (rather tomorrow) very late night – about 1.00. Vienna time, so it’s here Thursday.

To watch HERE or on  ATP TENNISTV

Match prediction: 7:5, 6:3

Unbelievable! On TennisTV they stream Schwartzman vs. Bellucci but not the match of the top sed Thiem. Well, who is still alive at the time of the match, can try to watch it on Batmanstream. I fear, it will not be possible for me and no possibility to schedule the recording, so we will probably miss the match record :(.

Updated 14.02.2018 17:01

Quite as expected 6:4, 6:3. Good start for the tournament. Bad start with watching. Late night, Nor broadcast or reply on Tennis TV. So we have only short highlights.

Here are the longest I could find

Next is “familiar foe” Guido Pella in QF. Hopefully this one will be somehow streamed. Not in the schedule for today, so all QF’s will be played on Friday (including early hours of Saturday).

Thiem <> Pella prediction:  7:6, 6:7, 6:4

As a small consolation for everybody who could not watch yesterday’s singles, I was able to “catch” a small part of today’s doubles Thiem+Schwartzman against Verdasco+Marreror. Our brave duo won by 6:1 and 6:4 ans advanced to semis 🙂

You can find the partly match record HERE

Schedule for tomorrow still not available, but even if the match comes late, it will be streamed on Tennis TV and I will be able to schedule the match to be recorded, while I will be sleeping and place it tomorrow morning on  Dropbox.

Schedule for tomorrow is out – Thiem plays Pella about 1.00 am on Saturday.

Updated 15.02.2018, 22:30

Apparently Thiem has read my prediction, but after a look on today’s schedule, he decided to skip the second set of it, just to have more time for rest before the semi against Gael Monfils.

And here you can watch the whole match record:

Good but not (yet) perfect stats for the match. Lots of excellent shots, many impressive backhands down-the-line, good serve, but he can serve better., a bit too many unforced errors. Right now he must switch to clay, while all his opponents so far have played or at least practiced a lot on Buenos Aires clay.

Today better schedule for Europe – not before 7.30 pm Vienna time, but probably a bit later (before another semi will be played, starting at 6.00 pm Vienna time). The match is streamed on TennisTV and Batmanstream.  The full match record will be available about 1-2 hours after the match is finished.

Match prediction: Thiem wins 6:4, 6:3

Well, Thiem has then “after suitable rest” another semifinal – doubles together with Diego Schwartzman against doubles specialists Colombians Cabal&Farrah. This will be for sure late night. Not the best for Dominic if he plays the final tomorrow, but well – this is friendly affair and a chance for Diego (who was defeated in QF by Bedene) to still have some success. I guess, Dominic will not save energy for the eventual final, but give all he can to win. In the optimal case, he would have two finals tomorrow. Rare 🙂

The match record is just uploaded to Dropbox. Enjoy if you like 🙂

Updated 17.02.2018, 10:59

Thiem among friends

Playing yesterday doubles SF teamed-up with his friend on tour, Diego Schwartzman. A kind of playing for him, because he could not go deep in the tournament and no Argentinian in the final.  Very entertaining match and Thiem on high tours. The match lost, but against very good doubles specialists. But fighting ardently and having lots of fun.

Singles semifinal match against Monfils a bit boring to watch, because Thiem was rock-solid and Monfils looked (like almost always)  fatigued and not able to produce his lovely tricks. Maybe getting old? But as always smiling and friendly at the net after match-point and then telling farewell to spectators, who expected more from him, but were still happy to watch him. Not so many good losers like him on tour 🙂

You can see both matches (only first set from doubles, but worth watching) on Dropbox HERE.

Another friend – they play regularly friendly football withing teams consisting of tennis players, in Austria and in Slovenia – today about 18.00 Vienna time on the other side of the net.

Match prediction: Thiem wins 6:4, 6:4.

Again better than my prediction. May it be always so 🙂

The match was good but because of the heat both players could not show everything they can. Once again Thiem was rock-solid on serve and breaking was only question of time.

Now another “hot” tournament waiting – defending title (and points) in Rio. Well, to be in Rio is a delight, to be crowned by Guga even more delight.  The same timezone, but I expect Thiem to play first Wednesday.

And HERE you can watch the full match.

Adios, Buenos Aires 🙂

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6 Replies to “ARGENTINA OPEN 2018”

  1. Hi Wladyslaw,
    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to watch Dominic’s matches. Very much appreciated! How has Sandgren managed to qualify for the main draw in Rio when he didn’t in Buenos Aires? Is that a result of the rankings of the other players?

  2. 😉
    I have recorded today Dominic’s singles and 1 set of doubles with Schwartzman. Too late now to make some montage. Will be available tomorrow morning.
    Sandgren had ranking to enter directly Buenos Aires. My assumption was, he has a silent ban, but maybe not. If not, it’s OK he is in main draw in Rio. Hope, someone ousts him badly in first round. Could be Dominic 🙂

  3. So happy for Dominic! At long last some pay back for all his hard work & tenacity. Looking at the Rio schedule, Dominic is due to play tomorrow. Could that be correct?

    1. Sandgren will play today in Rio 21.30 CET (don’t know, what it means for you). I had some look on his activity so far. It will be his first ATP level match on clay ever. First one was in Buenos Aires, but in qualifications, where he lost badly to Argentinian Facundo Bagnis. But Sandgren owns 1 or 2 titles in Challengers on clay.
      I will follow the match today, only for the expected fun to see him exited 😉 He will play a Spanish qualifier Roberto Carballes Baena, also rather challenger level player, but as a Spaniard, must be better on clay. He has at least played 35 ATP Tour level matches on clay, winning 18 🙂 and is a winner of ATP 250 in Quito this year. Should be enough, if S. is not pumped once more 😉

  4. Michelle, it’s a rule for back-to-back tournaments, that finalists of the last always play the last day possible, so both Dominic and Bedene will probably start on Wednesday. Must have some time for a travel and due rest. Dominic is topfit and there will be no jetlag but some rest and light training is necessary 🙂

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