Everything about the tournament you find HERE.

The field will be very strong – with Nadal, Zverev, del Potro and many NextGen players: Hyeon Chung, Rublev, Shapovalov.

But first good news for Dominic is (Acapulco is ATP+WTA tournament) his Kiki will be there in the WTA field 🙂

Main draw is out. The whole draw you find HERE.

Dominic’s potential path to the title:

Qualifier>Shapovalov>del Potro>Alex Zverev>Anderson

Acapulco is 7 hours back to Vienna time, so probably all matches in the night for Europe. Matches played as last of the night session could come here in the early morning.

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And here is the DRAW for Kiki. Both Dominic and Kiki will meet qualifiers in first round 😉 And both are set in the lower half (Thiem seeded 3., Kiki seeded 2.) Time schedule is not yet set up for the main draw.  Both men and ladies play every day in parallel, so it’s probable, Domi+Kiki will play the same day (then both have free day to spend some time together, including training).

Qualifiers will be known tomorrow morning Vienna time.

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Dominic’s first opponent is qualifier, 22 years old Brit, born in South Africa, residence in Texas, USA 😉 Ranked 113, another lefty.  Has ousted in qualifications one of Dominic’s AO nightmares, Denis Kudla 😉

Not scheduled for today (tomorrow night and early morning in Europe), so must for tomorrow (…..)

Match prediction: Thiem wins 6:4, 6:3

Thiem plays the third match on Grandstand (of course lower ranked and playing against lower ranked Mischa Zverev could find place on Center Court!). I hope Mischa can oust the White Pills Teddy Baer 😉

But this arrangement has this nice effect, that while Dominic will Ply, Kiki will wait for her match on the same court, following Dominic’s match, so maybe can appear for a while in his box 🙂

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Click the image to land in THIEM folder on Dropbox – look for ThiemNorrieAcapulco to watch the full match (wait a bit if the match not yet appears on the list, it’s just being uploaded (updated 10:24)

An exciting match, with accordingly reacting crowd (it’s called DrandStand Caliente – “caliente” means hot), almost won in 2 sets. Some small errors when serving for the match in the second set cost Dominic a 3-setter. Not bad for a warm-up before Shapovalov :).

Good game, good shots, not yet found perfectly the range on hard court. The opponent not that easy. Young, fighting, hitting hard (using the same Babolat Pure Strike racket), having played at least 2 matches before on hard.

(meanwhile Kiki won her first round match against Hesse, with more ease, 6:2, 6:2 – the LOVE works well for both so far :))

Today night (not before  01.00 pm, so for us it’s tomorrow) another exciting match against Shapovalov. Once more two big single-handed backhands on court.  Not an easy task for Dominic, but if he plays a bit better than today … Now on Center Court.

Match prediction: 7:6, 5:7, 7:5

Kiki plays her match 2 hours earlier, so maybe she can support Dominic a bit from his box? Mexican TV did not show player’s boxes today, but I expect Galo Blanco and Alex Stober sitting there

Meanwhile 2 big surprises yesterday.

  • Nadal withdrew from Acapulco because of  recurring leg muscle injury and will probably not be ready for IW and Miami. Sad for him. Could not be in big form in this year’s clay season.
  • Dimitrov was ousted in first round in Dubai by Malek Jaziri. Well, it looked like a “deal” with Federer. Dimitrov’s loss in Rotterdam was a bit dubious. I thought, maybe Fed decided to not enter Dubai to let Dimitrov win this one.  But this ended bad for him. At least has now more time to overcome jetlag before IW starts

After the change in the draw (why did not Rafa withdraw earlier to let Dominic be ranked 2.and vahe better draw?) I expect Anderson in the final. Who can be another finalist? The lower half  is heavy of contenders – Thiem, Shapovalov del Potro, Ferrer, Zverev, Schwartzman.

Dominic must not go badly for the title (but he will try of course) – if he reaches SF, would be good enough before Sunshine Double.

But before yesterday’s match the TWO had some relaxing  training on the beach 🙂

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We don’t know, what happens today night, but we know, what is planned for Indian Wells, next station of the Tour, from an article (original in German here).

Fitness Camp in „Paradise of millionaires“

Switching from clay to hard succeeded but not without problems: last week lost Dominic Thiem, title defender in QF at Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday could advance after 6:3, 5:7, 7:5 against the Brit Cameron Norrie into 1/8 finals. After Mexico an intensive fitness camp awaits.

 Title in 2016 – in Acapulco reached Thiem one of his nine tour titles. In 2018 he needed to sweat first, but it was enough for 3-sets win over Norrie. “A very, very hard match. It should be over a earlier, after the second set. Unfortunately I was not able to convert the advantage of 6:3, 5:4 and serving”, explains Thiem, “so I was required to go over a thriller.”

After Mexico it goes forward in Indian Wells. In the “Desert Paradise of US-millionaires” an intensive fitness camp with the sports scientist Mike Reinprecht from Austrian Steiermark awaits. “This year I will try”, says Dominic, “to make more fitness block during the season. To remain fir and fresh.” Reinprecht announces: “These blocks will be extreme.”

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Click the image to land in THIEM folder on Dropbox and look for ThiemShapovalovAcapulco – the full match record

6:2, 6:3. Well, I was a bit too cautious, not expecting such a good game from Dominic.´The best comment is this quote from ATP website “Former champion Dominic Thiem looked like a hard-court king on Wednesday.

Yes, maybe just starting, what I expect to happen this season – Thiem will be more impressive on hard court than on clay.

What I would complain about were maybe too many tries of hitting return winners, most of them not successful. But maybe a kind of “training in competition” in relatively comfortable match situation? Anyway look the return winner on a breakpoint to 5:2. This one should count as hot shot of the day 🙂

Kiki winning too, so maybe they should play so many common tournaments as possible?

Today (rather early morning tomorrow) QF against del Potro.  Not sure what to expect from Delpo – hopefully no “little white pills” 😉 but maybe heavy support from the crowd?

Match prediction:  Thiem wins 7:6, 7:5

Updated 1.03.2018, 10:05

The return of returns 😉

Updated 1.03.2018, 12:17

Click the image to land in THIEM folder on Dropbox and look for ThiemDelpoAcapulco – full match record, wait about 30 minutes for the record to be uploaded

Bad day in the office. Delpo was not in big form and could be defeated. Dominic was too nervous and impatient. Bad tactic to look for instant winners, leading to lots of errors. Delpo could calmly wait for Dominic’s errors and they came. Delpo made also lot of errors, but Dominic was “better” in this aspect.

At 0:1, 4:5 with Delpo serving for the match Dominic started to play more relaxed, showing (too late) the game, he should have been played all the time.

The right tactic against Delpo is to make him running, simply hitting left-right until he makes error. But this is not Dominic’s game.

An old issue came back too. Being 3 times a break ahead and getting re-broken immediately by own errors and finally losing with double fault – it’s still the problem with playing pressure points.

Small and not very nice consolation –  Kiki lost too, so they have maybe 1-2 days free to spend together 🙂

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Do you remember these two articles? A RIDDLE and PRESSURE from 2017?

I thought, the lessen was understood and faults repaired. But it looks, they are still there.

Thiem cannot close games, sets and matches, which are actually almost won. Lots of such stories last season, including big tournaments, when he was in top form, fit and could even win titles in Masters and Slams. Berdych in Wimbledon 2017 – leading 5:2 in decider, serving for the match and … losing it. Delpo in US Open! Sandgren in AO.  Now Verdasco in Rio (playing like we would rather expect Dominic to play – first strike tennis for oldies). And Delpo again in Acapulco.

I don’t know answers but I know questions. And I know, nobody would drop a word. These questions goes to Thiem, Bresnik and Galo Blanco.

Once again a riddle.

Thiem is topfit. His hard court game matured. No more a trace of a virus illness from Doha. But somehow I don’t remember Thiem smiling and being on fire and playing with courage (as he always did) this year.

Stony, serious face, sometimes grimaces (of pain?) He looks ill. How can anybody be topfit and ill at the same time? Where are comments from Dominic and his team?

Everything only preparation for tons of big titles on clay and later? Not very logic. How can confidence be built-up, while playing many “warm-up” tournaments, ending so poor? And not showing motivation, courage, energy?

Now Thiem should have an additional extreme fitness block before Indian Wells? Who plans such things for a player, who misses energy in matches? For a player, who is maybe ill, but nobody tells?

Again, a riddle too much, the Thiem Team.

Maybe holding his abilities secret before bigger events? I would like it to be true. But … too many doubts.

But this was good !!!

See you at Sunshine Double 🙂

Just seen, that Zverev lost to Delpo in SF 4:6, 2:6.

Looked stats of both matches – vs. Thiem and vs. Zverev.  I knew this generally before, but this is now again the same and maybe some explanation, why Delpo is so hard to beat, especially for young guys with not enough experience.

What’s special in these stats, Delpo has substantially higher winning rate at his second serve, higher winning rate when returning both first and second serve, higher breakpoint saving and breakpoint converting rates. All these are pressure points.

Delpo has virtually no nerves. And extraordinary capability of making opponents nervous and get them out of rhythm. Here are some ways he does it, not always fair and sometimes breaking rules (but which umpire would punish such a teddy bear after so hard years of surgeries for time violation or violation of other rules?).

  • Between points he is walking like almost dead old man.
  • He regularly uses towel after serve fault of the opponent.

This is obvious breaking of the rule, telling, the server’s time for serve since the last point ended is limited and the returner must be ready to receive (if nothing special happens) so the server must not wait for him to be ready. This is intentionally distracting opponents in crucial moments – before first and even worse – before second serve.

  • Of course he is allowed to use rule-breaking Federer’s invention to change racket between games, when there is no changeover. So the opponent is waiting even 1 minute since he is ready to serve. At this time the receiver should be ready to receive. But he is just changing the racket. Not because the racket failed. Only because he needs to distract the server. This works very often, resulting in missing first serve or even lose the point with double fault. Imagine there is 5:5 or 5:4 for you in the set and you are serving, either to not get broken on the finish line or to hold serve to win the set. PeRFect moment to be distracted. Thanks Mr. Federer, winner of Sportsmanship Awards every year. Thank Mr. d.P., the second client of Federer’s agency Team8. Thanks, Tony Godsick, for good job in building-up the image of your clients by explaining the umpires, it’s good for tennis (business) those 2 to win matches and tournaments.


I wrote before how strange I found it. Thiem being topfit and not performing well.

Well, this is speculation. But based on something any good observer of professional tennis should know by heart.

Every player has his main goals for the season. Some have only the biggest, like Federer who because according to ATP rules (age, position in ranking a.s.o.) can skip also mandatory events, so he skips everything and plays only tournaments he wants and plans to win.

Some have opposite plans – to play so much it goes, maybe it happens to make a deep run in one tournament or even win a title?

I think, Thiem has for the first time big plans, focused on Masters and Slams. But he cannot skip anything like Federer and needs some match practice before those bigger tournaments.

So the first one was AO. He played first Doha, then had a virus (maybe not a virus but warm-up before AO scheduled for 3 matches in Doha?) Then he did play very well at AO – the run (which would probably end with SF or even F) was unfortunately broken by Sandgren (I’m still following his  presence on tour because of suspicion, he could be heavily doped in AO, maybe just to get Thiem away before he eventually could beat Federer).

Then Buenos Aires ending with title, but without any stellar performance – not needed. Then Rio – again, no plans to win the tournament and “waste” resources before upcoming big goals.

Again the same in Acapulco. Only so much to have some practice on hard surface but remain fresh and fit before Sunshine Double.

Now he plans another short but extreme fitness block in Indian Wells with Mike Ruprecht (specialist in extreme fitness exercises).

This all together can be a big plan to go for big results in IW+Miami. We will see.

I think, Acapulco was some display of what Thiem is able too but with missing motivation to go deep.

In such cases some are retiring after 2-3 matches, when it’s enough for the warm-up, even sometimes telling the media, they are OK but must just save powers for upcoming Slam or Masters. Retiring is not something, Thiem would like to do. So playing matches, not losing intentionally, but going only to some predefined energy loss.

You can see on my Dropbox account (links are available in this post) the whole Delpo match and here in the post a short video of how Dominic suddenly could perform for some games, not giving Delpo any chance, maybe just trying out something, he would play at 100% in upcoming big events.

Maybe you think, I’m crazy or my speculations is rather fantasy then logic. We’ll see soon 🙂


This is how they make big hype from nothing. The only thing is you have the right name. No, not Dominic Thiem, this one is not good. You must call you Federer or del Potro. Then they do things like this.

Just wanted to watch once more the reply of the Delpo match on Tennis TV, where I have full year subscription paid. I have stopped the record too early and now I wanted to recall Dominic’s reaction after the match, just for my thinking about what you can read in my comments to this post. But under the respective link I found only THIS !!!

I’m sorry, I must laugh. You can see better and more spectacular volley in every match in Challengers. Now if this is an unbelievable volley for Delpo, I ask organizers to let Delpo go through qualifications in every match until he retires.

So I could not find what I was looking for, but I somehow recall it from watching live. Thiem was not disappointed with the loss. He absolved his exercise and went with Kiki to the beach or took the flight to Indian Wells, where he has scheduled a fitness camp before IW.

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45 Replies to “ACAPULCO 2018”

  1. I think these short intense fitness ‘blocks’ will be a really positive addition to his season & preparation for upcoming tournaments.

    1. Ruprecht is a kind of “survival” hero. Not only scientist. And it’s him, who added to Dominic’s training such extreme fitness blocks, endurance runs and the like.
      It may look like not very wise to wear up the player just in the middle of the full schedule season, but he will know, where to stop. I think, this can also restore Thiem’s confidence in case of some bad losses.

      1. Mike Reinprecht is already in Indian Wells, observing training with Domi. He is practicing with Andrey Rublev like Galo Blanco announced.

        Some videos from the training

        And talking of Galo Blanco, there are two very interesting interviews with him. I think he is a very good addition to Team Thiem.

        1. Many thanks. So interesting links. Just going to read and watch and then probably to place them in the Indian Wells thread (many readers don’t subscribe to be notified about comments, so more probable, they look for new or updated posts)

          1. Please do. Fans of Domi should get all info about him.

            And I’ve seen an English translation of the interviews on twitter too. I have to take a look to find the link.

  2. There is nothing wrong with Dominic in the physical sense. If there was, why would he be running around playing ball games on the beach? I also don’t believe that he wouldn’t have given everything he had in the way of motivation & determination to win the match vs Delpo! Mentally, that would’ve been such an important win for him moving forwards. When you’ve been beaten by someone 3 times it’s essential to break the pattern & there’s every possibility that Dominic will be drawn against Delpo again in the bigger tournaments coming up, in 4th rounds, quarters, semis & so on! He still would’ve had more than enough time to recover prior to his first match at IW. If he was trying to conserve energy why bother taking the second set to a tie! Need I go on?
    I think it’s been more than clear for a long time in which area Dominic needs training & it’s definitely not physical!!!
    Btw, if you look at most of Dominic’s action photos, just like Rafa he grimaces a lot! 😫

  3. This was only speculation. And your way of thinking is another one. We miss facts. We have only observations and then we try to interpret, basing on our “knowledge”.
    Remember 2017, when Dominic was doing so poor almost all over the second half of the season. First at time of Vienna tournament Bresnik told media, Dominic has problems with feet. In fact he did play all the time with open wounds on feet. And even Bresnik didn’t know, the thing started in Monte Carlo. Dominic tells nobody about such things. But in this case he needed help from doctors and he finally got it by the end of the season. He is mentally hard and don’t need things like mental coach or so. It’s his character to not tell or show about his small problems. But these small problems can destroy his game and they did 2017.
    I know Dominic’s grimaces by heart. In one of this year’s matches I have seen him looking to the feet with an obvious grimace of pain. Dominic is not an actor. It would be another possible explanation. He is topfit but nobody from the fitness team is interested to look on his feet so long he moves well in training.
    But I still think, my speculation about saving energy for bigger events, may be right.
    I agree, Dominic himself would never invent such things like not giving everything in every match. But he has a manager and it’s Bresnik. Bresnik knows better, how to plan Dominic’s efforts so he has a real chance for big wins. I’m quite sure, we will see another Dominic since Indian Wells.
    About losing many times to the same opponent – it has mostly some explanation in game styles. Dominic always had problems with big servers, even such on the level of Struff, not Delpo or Anderson. Everybody has problems with big servers, but he has maybe more than you would expect. Not because of fear. He has enough courage and passion to not have fear. He needs to learn, how to play big servers. Delpo belongs to this group and whatever we think about his bad tricks, he belongs to the top and I think, he will pass everyone this season and land 2. or 3. in the ranking. Would be maybe 4. or 5. if not the whole top hospital.
    Grimacing of Rafa is not comparable to Dominic’s. Dominic is a stony face when compared to Rafa. If he has stony face and pain-like grimaces and looks stiff and cannot move well, he probably has problems with feet. Or he follows Bresnik’s scenario.
    Last years since 2015, including 2016 with so many titles, he was playing every match and tournament giving everything. Then he was worn out at some point, and this point was just his most important tournaments and we wondered how could he not defeat Rafa more than once or how could he be bagelled by Djokovic next day after Rafa win.
    This years main goal is of course French Open. And Bresnik has for sure a plan for Dominic to be optimally prepared for French Open, no matter what he wins or loses before. After French Open Bresnik tells him maybe, now there is no scenario anymore, you can go for everything in any single match. Which can bring another big wins, but they are not scheduled.
    If you want really to know, what are Dominic’s mental basics, you need to read the whole Bresnik’s book, because besides of this, we don’t know anything and our impressions when watching him in matches can be illusion.

    1. On this Instagram post of a fan you can see Dominic‘s toes. Looks like there is an open wound between his small toe. The pic was taken on his first or second day in Acapulco, before the tournament started.

      And in the Facebook live video of the football-tennis game with Kiki, Marrero and Sakkari, you can see Domi hitting the ball with his foot while playing paddle tennis. He grimaced, shook his foot and left the field afterwards. This did not look healthy. But looks like it was ok and didn’t bother him during matches. He just needs to be precautious.

      1. @Anna
        Welcome to our discussions 🙂
        And thanks for some evidence. Could you give here a link to the video posted on FB you are talking about? Somehow I missed it.
        But I was quite sure, he has feet problems again (like last year since Monte Carlo).
        Yes, he need to learn how to deal with it, because this can spoil every match, however fit and well prepared he is.

          1. Thanks for the video. Yeah – he is pointing then to his left foot. And not moving good all the time 🙁

  4. Last minute news – a nice one 😉 Just read on IW website, Tennys Sandgren got a wildcard to the main draw.
    I want to see him and all so called “Angstgegners” (nemeses) in a row in his draw, so he must pass one after another. This is the mental coaching he needs. Sandgren>Schwartzman>Ferrer>Anderson>Goffin>Delpo. If he can beat the first, he can beat the last too. And then meet Federer, who is somehow not his “Angstgegner” 😉 And win this match too.

  5. Another thing. Calling for mental coaching is 3 or more years old. Who calls? First of all fans. Cannot recall some expert statement about that. Among experts Dominic is seen as an extraordinary mentally hard player.
    Do you really believe, all his environment, starting with (maybe crazy in some sense) Bresnik, his excellent physio and fitness coach Stober, his parents, who are also both professional tennis coaches, all they are too stupid to see, Dominic needs a mental coach (if he really needs)? This would be another speculation and with no arguments, I could accept.

  6. And let me add this (all based on Bresnik’s encyclopedic knowledge of Dominic (and the book would not get authorized by Dominic and his parents if it was not telling truth) plus own intense observations and thinking).
    Dominic has NO AGGRESSION. Maybe a deficit for a professional player. Maybe he will not win so much he could with his game level if he had this aggression. But he has not and I’m sure, he will not have. If he should change his mindset only to have more big wins, it’s so simple, he can do it himself at any time. But he don’t want. He is happy with his achievements and he knows, he must get better in every aspect of the game, but he will never play the opponent – only the ball and the court. This is his aggression (I have quoted this from Bresnik’s book in some of parts I translated) – against things he need to improve. Here is his way. If we don’t accept it, we look better for other favorites. I like Thiem the most just “as he is”. No aggression against opponents. No tricks. No doubts about being always fair, no matter how his opponents react.

  7. Another thing, many don’t take into account, assuming, their favorite or every player plays every match to win it. Wrong assumption. Nobody can win everything. And it does not make sense to waste energy for the match you cannot or must not win or it’s only a competitive exercise in your schedule.
    I bet, Dominic was just following Bresnik’s scenario to try to implement some new things in a real competition. You can recognize it if a player makes unusually many unforced errors, but from time to time hits gib shots. This was how Delpo match looked like (don’t forget, he was the closest to win the match from all opponents, including Zverev and Anderson). This was part of preparation for Sunshine Double. Must have played Shapovalov so to learn his playing style and this was the match to win. Not against Delpo. And because Delpo is now 8., Dominic will not meet him before QF next time.

  8. And one “theory” ,ore. Maybe the most beautiful one 🙂
    Dominic is DEEP IN LOVE. And they have so little time to spend together. And then the big chance to spend 2 weekend in amazing Acapulco. So Dominic had to end Rio story before the weekend and immediately fly to Acapulco. Then Kiki lost her second match just after Dominic won his second against Shapovalov, which was an outstanding match from him and … there was another weekend coming and Kiki waiting. If something is worth more than tennis, wins and titles, is this not just LOVE? In such a paradise as Acapulco?
    And then maybe common “fitness camp” in a desert paradise Indian Wells – still few days to spend together, but of course also preparing for the big tournament. If neither Dominic nor Kiki win much in Indian Wells and Miami (both are ATP+WTA tournaments), they will at least WIN TO LOVE 🙂

  9. Did you see those happy images of Dominic and Kiki in Acapulco? The short video and a the photo on the beach?
    So far Dominic was only happy when playing tennis. Maybe just realized there is more happiness to find in life?
    Don’t worry – he will want now to win for Kiki. And if I recall well, most of big events on clay including of course Roland Garros are both ATP and WTA events 🙂

    1. Well, I guess they are both professional enough to draw a line between their “job“ and private life. Both look extremely happy and in love and it’s the best thing that can happen to them. Also with their families backing them up, that’s really good for their well being. Both can support each other at their matches (if the schedule allows) and talk about it afterwards. Kiki did not take her loss to Tsurenko in quarters easily, she looked really hurt after her match. He was also runner-up last year. But you are right, in Dominic‘s case I was really missing some emotion on court against Delpo. Maybe he just had a bad day. He really had the chance to turn it around. But quite interesting that both lost in quarters to the later winner of the tournament.

      1. @Anna
        Of course I didn’t want to say, they have planned their losses. But maybe love is making them a bit distracted from the court 😉 I would not find it abnormal 🙂 I can hardly imagine to be in love and have so little opportunities to be together.
        Professional or not. I would say OK, if Dominic has less wins this year but is just happy in love !!!
        Of course the best, he can have both and Kiki as well 🙂

        1. Yeah, maybe both are also more easily satisfied. I mean, if they have a tough defeat, they know they have each other. And having friends/family/love/support/health is more important than a match in the end. Bresnik said the same after the Delpo match at US Open. “It’s only a match.”

          But of course, this doesn’t mean there is no eager to reach higher. Maybe just to think in relative terms.

          1. Fully agree. And I see, you don’t perceive Bresnik as an egoistic monster, like many do. I think, Bresnik is dealing with Dominic like with a loved son. But Bresnik’s public attitude, interviews, face No. 9 all the time, when sitting in the box, looks like playing an “old bad boy”.
            I think, first he isn’t and he does not play anything, no clowning, no fist pumping a.s.o.. That’s why he may look cold, but he is not. And what he said after Delpo match, tells a lot about him and the relation between him and Dominic.
            He could still travel with Dominic for the world to watch him when Dominic wins big things, but he decided to be more with the family (he’s father of two girls). Good man and just good one for Dominic 🙂
            Kiki may turn a key person in Dominic’s environment. Or she is right now. It looks it’s not only declarative relation but a fine mix of young love, understanding each other, helping and supporting in every possible way but still understanding, their path’s so long they go their careers, cannot be like for regular people.

  10. Wow! So many theories & speculations as you say!
    I would like to comment on one thing that I know without doubt that I am qualified to. Feet! Blisters & open sores to name but two. As a professional classical ballet dancer, blisters & open sores on the feet were part & parcel of the job! The pain was excruciating & we learnt well before we became professional how to treat & bind them to minimise the pain as much as possible & still be able to produce good movement both in practice & on stage without grimacing! 😬
    We had no one to do it for us & we didn’t complain as we were doing something that we were so passionate about but it was very important for us to learn how to deal with these issues. The lotions used to treat & materials needed to strap & bind were cheap & readily available at any local pharmacy wherever in the world you happened to be.
    If you can bear with me I will get to the point. This is obviously something that tennis players have to deal with too & not surprising considering the humid conditions & amount of repetitive movements. Chung retired accordingly from his AO match against Federer (Federer stated that he had seen Chung limping in the Locker Room prior to the match) & Cilic nearly threw the towel in for the same reasons at the Wimbledon final last year.
    And the latter is the situation that shocked me! We were given very clear footage from the BBC coverage. When the trainer attended to his foot you could see it was wrapped in a very thin gauze bandage that would have given him no relief whatsoever. You could see his foot was raw underneath. Then the trainer bound & strapped his foot in exactly the same materials I used many years ago. His game from then definitely improved, you could clearly see he was moving better & not in as much pain. I’m not trying to say for one moment that he may have beaten Federer if he’d had the correct treatment prior to the match (same for Chung).
    My point is the lack of knowledge in these matters seems unbelievable unless Cilic had decided to say nothing to his team & just deal with it in the best way he could! I’m still baffled by it now! 🤔

    1. @Michelle,
      Thanks for your professional and competent comment. I fully agree with you – these are things for everyone to take care off. And to tell his/her near persons (parents, coach), if he thinks, this troubles him too much and maybe need professional help. Last year the problem was still there since Monte Carlo but it seems he was the only one to know this or maybe rejected any help. This would be not very professional of course. He should tell and show his physio, who would recommend him, how to deal with it and when to go to a doctor.
      I’m also very surprised about Cilic. I know, he had a problem like this but thought him to be experienced enough to do what was to do. Looks like they all somehow “play” harder guys than they are. And it does not make sense to show such “hardness” only to suffer and play at 50% and maybe lose big things, when it was maybe so easy to win them or at least to make the match a real competition.
      I think women have more feeling for such issues – maybe Kiki helps Dominic 🙂 He can hardly hide it before her.
      Maybe this “theory” is the most probable. Somehow stupid.
      Now against Delpo Dominic could not move well all over the match and then suddenly played 3 games to almost win the second set and Delpo was fully lost. Maybe a kind of motivation overwhelming the pain but not for long.
      I’m also wondering, if we can notice this, how cannot the coach and physio?

  11. @Michelle
    I’m delighted we have here such a movement pro and this from the world of arts 🙂 I always thought, classical ballet was something extreme. Well – decades ago I have read “The Agony and Ecstasy” from Irving Stone and I was impressed. Maybe both big arts and performance sports (a kind of arts too?) are not possible without extreme suffering.
    I have seen somewhere last year or so photos of hands of some top players, including Federer. Looking like hands of a feller working with ax. I’m also regularly observing Dominic manipulating with his hands during matches. Of course others too. Well – arts or not – they are working hard with their feet and hands, whatever the technology and comfort inventions of manufacturers of the gear. The gear is going more comfortable but at the same time the work is getting harder.
    But I completely agree with you. It’s something unavoidable but everyone can and should learn it very very early how to deal with it. As we all must learn how to deal with our daily pains.
    BTW – did you read this article Federer is almost never sliding, even on clay and he plays mainly on hard. And others are sliding a lot even on hard. This must end with blisters and sores. I cannot recall Federer to ever have such problems. Probably just because of his specific footwork. He has this probably inborn, from African roots, but other can learn this, just like some have learned from Tarahumara.

  12. @Anna
    Would be nice, if you can find both interviews in English. I have the luck to be able to read both Portugués and Spanish but I fear, most cannot. So far I will add the two from Indian Wells 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

      1. Thanks, Anna. I will set them soon in the IW post.
        Sorry for waiting for approval. Just changed the default setting, meaning every comment with 2 or more links must be accepted by moderator. Just made this limit higher. It’s not my intention to limit anything in the discussion here so long I don’t get spam. But so far this didn’t happen 🙂

  13. @Anna
    If you want to be automatically notified via e-mail about new or updated posts, you can subscribe, enabling “Notify me of new posts by email” or you can tell me and I will set you as subscriber on my side. You can also get notifications about new comments, but this works only for comments on the post, where you have checked “Notify me of follow-up comments by email”. You don’t need to have commented the post you want to follow comments for.

      1. Of course the blog is not restricted to vegans. But always nice to hear, I’m not alone as veg 🙂 @curious is vegan too 🙂

  14. In my opinion Bresnik is a very good coach and it’s a big advantage for Domi that he knows him so well. Domi is well educated and working hard. Maybe sometimes this “father-son” relationship isn’t the best, but most of the time I think it is. Domi hiding injuries is of course not very wise and I hope he is going to stop doing this in the future.

    The only thing I don’t like in terms of Bresnik is how he deals with the media sometimes, this mostly in Austria. Of course the main thing he wants to spread is that people, who are just randomly watching tennis, don’t really have a clue. But things like the Davis Cup on and off and how the info about Dominic’s toe injury in Vienna went to public idoes not look good. It does more damage to how Dominc is seen in public. It looks like he is depending on Bresnik and cannot decide on his own. Don’t know if Bresnik does this on purpose.

    Also sayings like “mental issus are just jabber” doesn’t look good in public. But I am pretty sure Bresnik and his team knows about how important mental strenghs in tennis is and they are working on it. He doesn’t have to take that into public. Bresnik is very wise and knows what to tell and what not – except the two things I pointed out earlier.

    I’m pretty sure he loves Dominic like his own son and only wants his best. And of course there are things Dominic has his own opinion and does what he thinks is right – like playing Davis Cup (which in my opinion was a good decision, he enjoyed it a lot and he looked really happy).

    Btw, Bresnik has 4 very beautiful daughters. 🙂

    I think so too that Kiki gets very important in Dominic’s life. Both went through a very though phase in fall and managed to get out of it. Both have their families to support and great friends to travel with them. And both can learn a lot from each other. Dominic is very shy and humble, Kiki is more open and shows emotions. That’s a really good combination. And I see they get more fans supporting them now too. At the beginning fans of Dominic didn’t approve him being with her (not that his would change anything for them), lots of fans only knew the Kiki from media and her bad reputation after the Fed Cup and Roland Garros “scandal”.

    Let’s hope this works out in the future, but it looks like a big advantage for both of them. Having support from your loved ones can only be good for you. And them playing combined events is great for both of them too. Now there are some weeks they can see each other frequently.

  15. It’s great to have you here, Anna 🙂 You are bringing so much in.
    Sorry, Mr. Bresnik, I guess, I knew, he has 4 daughters, but forgot 😉
    Didn’t see their photos. I think, Bresnik has a fat red line between his prtivate and professional life. Dominic too, maybe with the difference coming from age. So I know, they understand each other really well.
    I have complained too about how Bresnik was dealing with media. Not because of media but because of fans, who are really loving and supporting Dominic. It’s good for him, not only for us, to know about his problem, we don’t need very private details, but if we don’t know, many of fans are getting critic about Bresnik and about Dominic too. Yes, we can be, but must be very cautious with this, because of missing knowledge about facts. But I understand, why Bresnik (not because of being shy, he isn’t for sure ;)) does not like media and media don’t like him. To be a bit more open, for instance publishing from time to time something on Dominic’s FB page, would be good. I know, Dominic is not “made for hype” like Federer is. And Bresnik too. But to be professional top tennis player is just like being politician or artist. Cannot avoid media at all.

  16. Thank you Anna for all the interview & VT links re Dominic, I’ve really enjoyed reading & watching. And thank you Wladyslaw for compiling them. I must say even I was shocked as to the dire condition of Dominic’s left foot clearly visible from the Instagram post. Yes Wladyslaw, I did read your article re Federer’s footwork & I guess we just have to face the fact that he does just about everything more efficiently than anyone else due to genetics & much more I’m sure. Although I do believe the position he adopts when waiting to receive serve does not help with his back issues. Dominic’s is much better in this regard. Anyway that’s just my opinion.
    Back to Dominic’s foot issues. It’s bad & it appears not enough time to heal. This may sound bizarre but I wonder if Adidas are aware. From my own experience shoes make a massive difference. During my dancing career there were about four different brands of shoe & you eventually found out which worked best with your foot shape. I don’t know if you’ve noticed (probably a female thing) but Dominic will often wear shoes from a previous collection to the clothing he currently wears. This all ties in with his foot issues. Maybe Adidas need to create a specific shoe for him or maybe Dominic needs to give Nike a call! Only joking! 🙃

    1. You’re are welcome. Of course I noticed Domi wearing a old yellow Adidas model. It doesn’t really fit the colour of his polo shirt. 😉

      There is an interesting video of Domi‘s equipment (also about his shoes). It’s in German. Stachi, a reporter from Eurosport Germany visited Domi in Tenerife.

      There are also a few more interesting videos, also with Bresnik.

    2. About Federer’s footwork. I don’t know, if it’s inborn, but I know, how African natives are walking/running (mostly barefoot) so it can be inborn. It’s the same for Mexican Tarahumara tribe.
      In a sport like tennis, where the movement makes the difference, because everyone can learn shots (nobody has shots inborn, only potential in being biologically fast), but it’s very hard to learn the movement. But it’s possible for white people without any specific roots, it is shown in the Tarahumara story and scientifically investigated.
      Imagine someone having all talents and skills of Federer, but running like Djokovic or Murray. He would never be Federer.
      With Federer’s movement you not only save your body before many typical injuries but you can easily achieve perfect timing in movement, no need for sliding, hitting on the run, changing moving direction quickly. This is 90% of tennis. 10% are hand skills. And to reach hand skills on highest level depends on the movement., so in fact Federer’s footwork is 99% of his tennis.
      I would recommend everyone, starting to learn tennis, to beging with learning that footwork. Some, like Federer, will have it inborn. Mostly those with African or Indian roots. Not from India, but South- and North America natives (indios, indigenas). They were named Indians because Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) believed to have disclosed the alternate road to India.

    3. About Adidas shoes for Dominic. I remember (maybe 2 years ago) Bresnik telling, Adidas will now design custom shoes for Dominic. Maybe this does not work? It was the same with the Babolat racket. First customized racket for Dominic was the last Babolat Pure Strike, his current racket. Before he used standard equipment.
      What young promising players in US have at 15-16 years old, Dominic got first after breaking into Top20 🙁

  17. While this is hard to believe, it looks like ADIDAS and others were not taking enough care of Dominic’s equipment, especially shoes, which is more important than the design of the shirt or the like.
    Maybe because (such is the world these days) he is not accordingly visible in international media, on ATP website a.s.o. He is not clown enough to be interesting for them. They don’t care about tennis, even not about ranking.
    What are Dominic’s options? To turn a media clown, which he for sure rejects (and we accept and like). Or to be in position in which he is. At least not so dependent on the tennis business.
    In the feet and shoes debate I think we are at the point, where we must assume, SOMEONE must take care of Dominic and is doing this – his parents, his team. Maybe it’s him, who makes things difficult, not telling or neglecting problems when asked. He is adult enough to decide. Whatever his decision, I’m accepting it blindly, because it’s his life, his feet a.s.o.
    I remember Bresnik’s comment (not only once expressed) about Dominic’s feet problem in 2017. If you step into the court, you are ready to play. If you are not ready, you pull out. Whatever the reason. My biggest HOPE in this aspect is KIKI. A loving and loved women will be able to tell him things, others would not be able to. And to hear from him, what others would never hear.
    KIKI, please help Dominic with his feet !!!

    1. Kiki is also with Adidas and she is someone, who talks out clearly. Let’s see if there will be some change soon. I guess Dominic is someone who thinks he has to accept the challenge and live with it. Like working hard.

  18. I have watched short videos from Dominic’s training in Indian Wells and I don’t see him moving well. Probably feet problems still there. I’m wondering, how can he make extrem fitness training with Ruprecht with this issue and then have a normal hitting training and then play matches – where’s the time to heal his feet?

  19. We can speculate forever & a day as you so often say but the fact remains that Dominic has feet issues. If he’s not moving well in practice both himself & his team must know the reason. If it is due to his feet then some kind of intervention needs to take place. If Dominic has been insistent that he can cope with this issue it’s becoming clear that he cannot. Maybe his team have tried to help? Maybe Adidas have tried to help? Will we ever know?
    I know you remember the bizarre turnaround after Vienna last year when it was announced that Dominic would not be playing in Paris due to his foot issues & then the following day that was withdrawn.
    I too agree with Anna that there are some things that maybe Bresnik should not disclose to the media while maybe there are some things that he should but chooses not to.
    Back to the feet issue! Some players will always be more prone to blisters & sores than others, due to foot/toe shape/dimensions & as you have pointed out also style of play. After Chung withdrew during the AO he missed at least the next tournament he was due to play (maybe even the one after as well) to give his feet time to heal. I would like to believe that treatment & binding/strapping techniques have evolved in the last 20 years (since I had to do it) but maybe that’s not the case.
    There has & continues to be so much research in regard to the treatment & rehabilitation of bone, muscle & connective tissue injuries yet maybe this has been overlooked?
    We will just have to wait & see what happens with Dominic. I am sure his team & loved ones will not want him to continue playing this way but if he is insistent can they stop him?

  20. And maybe we are caring too much? Dominic is adult enough to deal with such problems. If he cannot or want not (using all available ways – self-aid, asking team, doctor or Adidas), it’s up to him.
    Last year’s case with Dominic having this issue getting worse with the time since Monte Carlo until Vienna – we must ask, how was he able to beat Rafa, reach finals in Barcelona and Madrid, semifinals in Paris? It must have been maybe up and down and never so bad, he would need to retire or play really poor.
    About Bresnik’s information policy, I’m in doubts. Last year I was critic about that (article but then I rethought – it’s not a kind of injury, Bresnik should reveal in interview if Thiem does not – Thiem is not a teenager anymore and this is a kind of respecting Thiem as an adult to tell only when everybody knows and Thiem has still closed mouth. Tennis is not that extreme as himalaism or MMA, but still a thing for hard men 😉 And Thiem is hard!

  21. @Anna
    Let me drop a word about the Stachi video. If the interview is in German, not in English, Dominic is not the same. He simply does not feel comfortable with his English and tries to tell, what he can tell with some good language and this is not much.
    Players should have the right to ask for interpreters for interviews and speeches, so they can tell everything they really want to say. Some time ago this was just like this and it was nice to hear everyone speaking clearly and fluently in his mother tongue and then the professional interpreter to translate it to the public.

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