First in the singles competition is my compatriot, Hubert Hurkacz, after a good run into QF in Indian Wells.

Another kind of opponent. 196 cm tall but not a big server. Instead very patient  defensive baseliner, making only few unforced errors but missing any special dangerous shot. Waiting for the opponent to make an error, so … better don’t do too much 🙂

If Thiem is still in form from IW and not fatigued after IW, Hurkacz should be not a big obstacle, but – this is, as always, a tricky first match (against opponent, who did play one just yesterday and will be confident.

Update 21.03.2019, 13:43

Match scheduled for today, 7.00pm Miami time (00:00 CET tomorrow = midnight from  March 22nd to 23rd)

Updated 22.03.2019, 10:52


(click the image to watch)

Thiem was 50% still in Indian Wells (the physical and emotional energy he used there out), 50% just on European clay. The calculation was simple. No chance to go very deep in Miami or if then with great risk for clay season preparation. He didn’t gave the match away but was not so much involved and motivated. Hurkacz played well and was able to convert offered opportunities (both in Thiem’s last serving games).

Just like Massú told, early loss in Rio was kind allowing to prepare well for the IW success, maybe early exit in Miami was necessary to have enough time to prepare well for European Clay Swing, which is in many aspects still the crucial part of the year and the main big goal is of course Paris.

So “don’t cry for me, Argentina” 😉

Updated 23.03.2019, 09:06


Well, we have first Indian Wells final but we know right now, when the main draw of MIAMI OPEN 2019 will be made – 12.30pm local time (17.30 CET).

For seeding the ATP ranking on Monday will be taken. Because Nadal withdraws from Miami, Thiem will be seeded in first 4 even if losing today.

This is good news, meaning, he cannot meet Federer before SF and Djokovic/Zverev before the final.

Updated 17.03.2019, 10:55




Updated 18.03.2019, 18:54

Thiem starts in Miami again with doubles – teamed up with Steve Johnson. 

Let it be a short warm-up and don’t go for a win to not be required to play another doubles, when singles competition will develop.

It’s second match after 11.00 am Miami time (around 18:00 Vienna time.

Probably not streamed.

Updated 21.03.2019, 13:36


Monfils pulled out so this makes Basilashvili the potential opponent for round 3. Nishikori lost today so Coric or Kyrgios for potential QF.

But before Aliassime just winning first set and should Thiem advance, he is going to be third round opponent. Dangerous! 

Updated 22.03.2019, 21:45



The match is scheduled as not before 3.30 pm (23.30 CET)

Thank you, Nico. You made Thiem to really know how to use tools developed for years with BRESNIK. Thank you both :)))

Updated 16.03.2019, 22:59


As mostly, we have more questions than answers, we know only general things. It’s not enough to predict the result, but it’s enough to expect good tennis. Thiem’s win would be symbolic, even if their H2H (some special conditions of matches played so far) if 2:2 could suggest, they both have tools to beat each other.

We know actually nothing about Federer’s form, because he was so far not seriously tested in IW.

We know, Thiem is in good form, which started just here, after all the health problems, started in Tenerife.  We know, Massú seems to be a perfect match as touring coach (they will decide, if it goes further  first after Miami bus fo far it seems to go perfectly. Lots of changes in Tiem’s game since Massú. More aggressive approach,  more confidence and stability, less winners (no more FULL AHEAD at every shot) but also less unforced errors, meaning higher reliability in the game. Much higher stats both for serve and return. Staying closer to the baseline and hitting (still hard) also if taking the ball early. But still able to hit long and hard from far behind the baseline, if necessary (was partly necessary against Karlovic and Raonic). Negatives? So far not visible, but … today it will be Federer. And Thiem almost didn’t play a “normal” game (only Thompson and Simon, Monfils didn’t happen, then Karlovic and Raonic – not a “normal” tennis, rather “survival tests” 😉

The win and trophy would be maybe the most important win in Thiem’s career (maybe after Paris final). But the final is also amazing in terms of achievements and developing direction all-courter.  So he can play relaxed and focused. The pressure will be on Federer – he is supposed to win, runner-up not big deal for him. Only title counts. Which does not mean much, because pressure is something, Federer is living with over years.

If Thiem delivers some decent game or maybe makes the match close, it’s good enough.

Maybe the first time they play each other, being both healthy and in good form. Expect good spectacle and enjoy 🙂

Updated 17.03.2019, 14:54

Full match record with ceremony 🙂

(click the im,age to watch)

Every word of the comment is ONE WORD TOO MUCH. Watch be happy and enjoy 🙂

I hope to find later some time to compile most memorable moments of the match.

Updated 18.03.2019,  10:21

Memorable moments still need some extra time. In the meantime, instead of descriptive comment (there are so many available on different media), what was there in the ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE?

  • First big title (Masters or Grand Slam)
  • Big rise in the ranking, now 4.
  • Seeded 3. in Miami
  • Regained lead in H2H against Federer
  • Another level of the hard court game
  • Crazy beginning of the relation with new touring coach, Nicolas Masú (I would expect, this one will last longer)
  • Bad blood left in Indian Wells 😉
  • Lots of happiness around the world
  • Side effect: hundreds of users reading parts of English translation (sorry, it’s not perfect, because I’m not a native-speaker) of DOMINIC THIEM METHOD

If you are aware of more – let’s post in comments 🙂

Updated 18.03.2019, 13:28


you mostly don’t realize because of fast action and emotions. Enjoy 🙂

Updated 18.09.2019, 22:05

Quite an interesting article about Thiem’s success in Indian Wells at McShow Blog

Updated 21.06.2019, 14:06


Both semifinals to be played tomorrow, not yet scheduled, but I guess, this one is going to be played first and the ladies final in the night session, so maybe Dominic plays in time, most of us can watch it live

And here is a small highlights of Raonic vs. Kecmanovic in yesterday’s QF so you can have some idea about Raonic’s “new style” being developed with Fabrice Santoro as a new coach. The mantra is “more variety”. Well, his opponent was not a world class player. Still some short impression of what will wait for Thiem tomorrow.

(click the image to watch)

Updated 15.03.2019, 18:48

As expected the match is scheduled as first, starting at 11:00pm  (19.00 CET), so finally we can watch it at comfortable time

Updated 16.03.2019, 8:21

Weather forecast

At the time of the match it will be sunny, around 25°C but breezy (winds around 38 km/h).

Updated 16.03.2019, 9:36



(click the image to watch)

More comment coming tomorrow.

Updated 16.03.2019, 22:37


No need to present the opponent 🙂

The real H2H is 4:0 for Thiem, plus one match won by Thiem and one by Monfils, both by walk-over.

Expect some good tennis. The match is scheduled as last match of the day on Stadium 1 not before 7:00  pm (local time) = not before 3:00 CET (tomorrow)

Let’s hope, Massu, Cordero and Stober prepare Dominic for the match as perfectly as so far in Indian Wells 🙂

Updated 14.03.2019, 10:08

That’s the whole story

Sad for Monfils, uncomfortable for Thiem. Just one year agoThiem had rolled the ankle badly against Cuevas and was playing through the pain more han one set. Maybe a class act, but Monfils decision was wiser. Get well soon, Gael.

Dominic will kind of play Raonic for himself and for you 🙂

Updated 15.03.2019, 08:53


I have just read the post on Twitter account of Massú and first understood what was Tommy Haas’ tweet about.

To offer the crowd some “replacement” Dominic decided to have some entertaining training with Massú 🙂 Since like Massú was bringing in different aspects to Dominic’s mindset 😉 Dominic was never before an entertainer 😉

Meanwhile Chef-trainer Günter Bresnik has commented IW success. He meant, Massú has extreme good influence on Dominic’s mentality and it’s unlikely (after IW result) for Massú to not stay for longer with Dominic. And he added – “Miami? Why not?” (meaning, Dominic has a chance for Sunshine Double – while all the tennis world thinks, Sunshine Double trophy is gone – the first half didn’t go to Federer, Nadal or Djokovic, so who could earn it?).

Updated 20.03.2019, 15:24



Next is a really big thing – bigger by 3 cm than Isner – 40 years old Ivo Karlovic can still hit so many aces he needs and has a decent backhand slice. They never did play each other. Playing Ivo needs some special tactic. The most important shots will be, more than ever, the serve (to never get broken) and the return (to get chances to break him).

The best would be some practice with Opelka 😉 A special job for Nico Massú. So long it works perfect. Massú has 1:1 H2H with Karlovic. More than ten years ago. Most of sets with Ivo go over TB, so Dear Nico, make Thiem until tomorrow to win TB’s vs. Ivo. At least one more won than lost 🙂

Updated 12.03.2019, 10:06


Good team? My guts tell me, it is. QF or more in Indian Wells would be nice confirmation 🙂

Updated 12.03.2019, 16:49

Match scheduled not before 6.00 pm (2.00 pm CET tomorrow) on Stadium 2.

Weather forecast (for the time of the match) : sunny weather, about 20°C

Updated 13.03.2019, 12:57

During both matches I noticed a new person in the player’s box and was wondering, who could it be. Well, here we are:

Duglas Cordero, professional fitness coach from Miami. Good idea, Nico 🙂 Mike Reinprecht comes only to slams, if needed. But always good to have a fitness coach during the whole tournament. Maybe that’s the reason, how dynamic and hard hitting was Dominic so far in Indian Wells?

Updated 13.03.2019, 13:28

Full match record

(click the image to watch)

Well, No tennis to watch but quite a hard job done the best possible way, no any tiebreak 🙂

Next today (very late (last match of the day) Monfils – for sure a lot of good tennis to watch this time 🙂

Updated 14.03.2019, 09:14

ATP interview with Massú, taken before the match vs. Kárlovic

Updated 14.03.2019, 10:19


Next Simon – so far “good” opponent for Thiem on every surface. Also good for catching rhythm and play longer rallies.

Well, this time what counts is the win. And then. maybe – for the first time – Ivo Karlovic 😉

Match scheduled for Monday (probably late night like today).

Updated 10.03.2019, 11:17

I(f you didn’t notice – California times has changed to Daylight Saving, so the time difference between Indian Wells and Europe is now by 1 hour smaller (8 instead of 9 hours). So matches starting yesterday by 20:0 CET are now starting by 19:00

Updated 10.03.2019, 19:29

Match scheduled for tomorrow as 4-th match on court 3, so it will start 1-2 hours after European midnight.

Updated 10.03.2019, 21:56


(Click once the line of your preferred opponent and click the VOTE button. After refreshing/reloading the page, you can click the RESULTS button to see the current results of the poll.) 

Coming Soon

Later today I plan to post here some fragments of the match Karlovic vs. Gunneswaran, so maybe you will want to see this video before you eventually vote. This will be maybe 3 first games, so you maybe able to watch them long before it is known, who will be known to wait for Thiem (assuming Thiem passes Simon test.

If you like such polls (I will recognize it after how many have voted), I will buy the Pro version of the plugin to make polls more attractive :)).


Updated 11.03.2019, 15:30


First 3 games Karlovic vs. Gunneswaran

Another update is about schedule. There was early retirement in the first match on Stadum 3.  The second match is going to end soon. Only one ladies match (Barthel v. Goerges) remains, so maybe Thiem starts his match around 23.00 CET?

Updated 11.03.2019, 21:15

FULL MATCH (click the image to watch)

Thiem was dominant and overpowered Simon, not letting him build his preferred game. Less shine than against Thompson, but more potential and domination. This was just the right tactic against Gille, which worked well in their last 8 encounters, all won by Thiem.

Updated 12.03.2019, 09:38


First opponent for Dominic is known – it’s the Australian Jordan Thompson

On paper it’s not a very dangerous opponent (Thiem defeated him twice so far (Australian Open 2017 and Davis Cup 2018), but what do we know about Thiem’s health and fitness. We may hope, Nico Massú could refresh him during more than a week of training in IW. Hoping for good start of Thiem&Massú.

Updated 8.03.2019, 08:35

Match scheduled on Stadium 2 as last match of the day, not before 5.00 am Vienna time. Something for early birds, especially if some matches before get long and Dominic could start 1-2 hours later.

Updated 9.03.2019, 10:28

Full match record

(click the image to watch)

Yes, fit&fresh again, focused, more confidence than expected for the first match after long break. Shots are there. Serving/returning ad always after doubles – needs some time to adapt. Good job, Dominic. Good job Massú 🙂

Updated 10.03.2019, 10:39


I have watched the match once more, only to observe Dominic’s body language. I have read before in Austrian media, that Thiem won but not shining.

First – you don’t know much about tennis, if you think, there is a difference of a class between players ranked 7 and 70. Look on the list of results from yesterday, only one day of a tournament, when lower ranked still play.

Second – you, who thought, there was no shine in Thiem’s game, please watch this point from the third game of the second set, when Thiem was trying to get second break in the set, the game was almost 20 minutes long and this point was played at 11. deuce.

Then – generally about body language. I have noticed something in Thiem’s eyes, what I have never seen before. Something like “I like you, mate, but sorry, I must kill you”. And Dominic did play lots of killers. Yes, important part of his game since years – hard hitting. But so far not with this aggression. Note, Thiem had pause after pause since the start of the season – because of health and then maybe also confidence problems and frustration. His body language was like “let me go, I cannot play what I want and what I should be able to – better I go to lye in bed and think about my life”.

I don’t know, but I think, this is the first big input from Nicolas Massú. Finally THIEM DELIVERS.

If I’m not wrong, Thiem can be a force in Indian Wells and further tournaments, including hard courts. Let it happen 🙂

Updated 10.03.2019, 17:59