Taylor Fritz is the third round opponent. Only 3 sets and 2 hours – Fritz won at 2:1 after retirement of his opponent. Not everyone is prepared to play many hours in this heat. Thiem and Johnson did present high class fight only for really hard men 🙂

Fritz may be less tired, but probably not that tough opponent as was Johnson.

Updated 29.08.2018, 23:20

Thiem plays Fritz tomorrow on GRANDSTAND (thank you, Fritz), second match of the day session, after a ladies match, so probably around 19.00 CEST.

Updated 30.08.2018, 22:23

Something not very common

Thiem and Fritz will have a common practice today at 10.00 on Grandstand. Most guys avoid things like this, thinking, they have some secrets, better not to show to the opponent. Apparently Thiem and Fritz have the common idea, they will be able to deliver better tennis show, when hitting together before for half an hour or so. It’s just like rehearsal in theater. You don’t do it with doublers. It’s for a a new ATP rule candidate. Every pair obliged to hit for half an hour on the match court. To get used to the court and to the opponent. To be able to deliver better show. And with an umpire looking for both take it seriously and not waste time with hiding their best shots.

Weather update

Rainy day in New York. No more heat but expect rain delays because Grandstand has no roof.

Updated 31.08.2018, 09:58

Weather was a third player on the end and brought an a bit unexpected finish. But all this you can see in this record and/or wait until tomorrow for a comment 🙂

Full match record

(click the image to watch)

Updated 31.08.2018, 23:12

What a match was this?

Hard fight, less opportunities for brillant shots and approaching the net like in first two matches. Fritz knowing that Thiem would have more advantage in longer rallies, applied the tactic to make the game very fast and shorten the rallies.

It may sound like a paradox, but Thiem is now more aggressive player than many typical hard court players. Plays close to the baseline, often inside.

The key to the match was Thiem’s outstanding mental strength. Allowing him to come out of many holes, to rebreak in tough situations and at the end – to come up as a winner after the rain delay, which came in the wort moment, just before Dominic was to serve for the match. Started very good with 2 aces. But then suddenly 3 double faults and he got broken. Not the usual problems with serving for the match. About 20 minutes of waiting, then no warm-up. It would be tough for everyone. In such cases the pressure lasts always on the server. He could not hold, being distracted and out of rhythm. But in the next game it was Fritz under the same pressure of having a chance to stay in the match and Dominic was a bit relaxed and broke again to win the match.

Good match, good win, confidence must rise. Confidence rises the most, if you win a difficult match.

Good chances to come deeper this time 🙂

Updated 1.09.2018, 11:27


This was breakpoint for Thiem, when he was trailing a break and was eventually to lose the break opportunity and land 2:5 in the third set instead of 3:4 and serving. At the end Thiem broke and then won the set in a tiebreaker. He could not know, what’s the risk and he would do the same in any case, even if ot was match point against him. That’s THIEM ❤🌻🍀🎾🔝🏅

Updated 1.09.2018, 18:41


First round opponent was BASIC, next one will be BASIC+ 😉 (overnext ADVANCED a.s.o.)

Now Thiem has an additional opponent. It’s tournament’s management. First banned to court 10, then suddenly moved to empty Grandstand (which was actually closed at this time, so almost no fans were aware of his match).

Now he is banned to court 17 but he is scheduled to practice today on practice court, just at the time, he will play the match on court 17.  Worst time of the day in terms of heat. Well, maybe Anderson will have even bigger heat (about 42°C of RealFeel). Keep the match short like yesterday 🙂

But Thiem was prepared since very young by Bresnik for such discomforts and the only thing he has to do, is to win. This match, next match and more.

We have 2 tournaments here. One is for Americans (somehow Johnson is not loved in America but he is friends with Thiem), old big names and potential upsetters. This is the HYPE SLAM. Let’s hope Americans and big names disappear soon from the tournament.  They are still 11 today. Too many 🙁 Add big names as wildcards (Murray, Wawrinka, Nishikori – being in fact an American).

The other is for outsiders, no matter their ranking (Anderson, ranked 5, plays just after Thiem on the same court). Let’s call it HAPPY SLAM.

Yes, better to play on smaller courts, without all the hype and celebrities in the crowd. Hype-less tennis is SIMPLY TENNIS. I think, Thiem takes it like this. You can deliver outstanding performance on any court.

I wish you, you come to the final and you reject then playing on Artur Ashe. What would tournament’s management do? Interesting, Let it happen !!!

Updated 29.08.2018, 08:19


This is the current (it’s 8.00 am in Nerw York!) weather, measured by the weather station nearby Flushing Medows.

The air quality index is about out of scale, meaning, you should sit home with air-condition on, because it’s a heavy health threat.

We had 6 retirements yesterday, probably due to the heat. We could see players struggling on the court, including Novak Djokovic, who was close to retire against younger Fucksovic.

I think, they should stop the tournament, because there is no air-condition on courts and players must run an hit balls and try to win and survive at the same time.

But tennis circus is a business. Players are like gladiators in Old Rome.  If they suffer and maybe dye, they will be heroes. Let’s hope, nobody suffers too much and there is still some tennis, not struggling to survive.

Updated 29.08.2018, 14:12


Thiem will have a practice on court 17 (to learn the court, I guess) at 10.00 am (about 3 hours before the match) ans his partner will be Rodrigo Mariz de Oliveira (USA) – guess, who is it 😉

At the time of the practice it will be almost cool (only 29°C) – at the time of the match it will be around 34°C.

Updated 29.08.2018, 14:41

Court 17 right now (17:41) 

Ladies playing and looking still alive 🙂 it’s 33°C and counting 🙁

Updated 29.08.2018, 17:45

Dramatic battle and outstanding tennis from both sides. Credits to both :- for the game and classy behavior. And thank you, Dominic, for the big effort. Take it as a confidence boost into next round 🙂

Match highlights

(click the image to watch)

Full match record needs some work to be prepared and will be available tomorrow.

Updated 29.08.2018, 23:12

Full match

(click the image to watch)

Updated 30.08.2018, 13:25


Many fans think, it was poor performance from Thiem. Mainly looking for the result. Or praising him for the last set, while every earlier set was better IMO. Thiem could have von in straights, but first – Johnson is in-form, coming with confidence from Winston Salem, no virus or injury before, perfect preparation timing and he is both very athletic and fit guy and big fighter. So no anyone without weapons. Second – Thiem has still (but going to improve at that) problems with pressure points. Which is by no mean a sign, he would need a “mental coach”. His mental strength would be good enough for many top players.

No excuses, but Thiem’s USO preparation was very far from optimal. Who follows Thiem, knows, what is it about. He had also not optimal performance before Roland Garros 2018, so take care 😉

Thiem presented something, he started to test in the season after USO, with poor results, but still learning and then showing some edge in RodLaverCup and in London.

Now this game is not only matured but developed. No more a classic baseliner, with about 50 net approaches for the match and winning most. With big serve and serve&volley. Volleys newly improved a lot after a 1 hour lesson with McEnroe directly before USO. Returning (I’m sorry, FedFans) better than Fed (I mean SABR, but SABR was only decoration, while Thiem plays SRBD to win points and first of all to rise his breaking chances.

The last set was nice to watch, but was easy. Johnson’s resistance was definitely broken in the set no. 4.

After the very impressive Basis-match Bresnik told something like “if Thiem plays his best, he’s independent from the opponent”. Bresnik know, what he says. Of course it’s not the same to dominate Basic or to dominate Nadal, Delpo, Djokovic or Federer. But the potential is there.

Updated 30.08.2018 . 20:33


If Thiem is fit, must think about round 4. or more, so this should be good opponent for a warm-up and starting to get match experience after long break.

Updated 23.08.2018, 21:19

Thiem scheduled to play on Monday

probably around midnight Vienna time

Updated 25.08.2018, 08:31


I’m sorry, I could not watch (and record) the match live and will look for the replay on Eurosport during the day. So far I have only these highlights.

and stats

Both looking very, very well. I don’t want to comment the match using only these two sources. Seems to have been a one-way-affair and Thiem explosive. Good start for sure.

Updated 28.08.2018, 08:48

Full match record

(click the image to watch)

Comment to come soon.

Updated 28.08.2018, 12:09

Thiem in killing mode 🙂

I will try to avoid predictions basing on this match. We don’t know, how much can Dominic’s body withstand after all he passed through in last weeks.

The result and the stats are telling much about Dominic’s current form.  Maybe somehow he needed to abreact all negatives from last time.

Many were scared about his potential loss here.

But Dominic presented a dominant display, was fresh,  on fire and hungry. Of winning of course, but first of all of being ale to play again.

Last return drills on Randell’s Island seem to have worked. Return was today outstanding. Very aggressive. In both versions – backhand return from the baseline or inside the BL and forehand returns from 1-2 meters behind the baseline. Big serving. 133 (mph) seems to be his favorite number 😉 Lots of serves with this speed. Mostly to the middle and then often aces (13 for the match) and  some (not counted in stats) serve winners.  Some nice variety of serve, including 90-100 mph slice serves to wide out, some also good enough for aces/winners, one or two 130 mph aces on second serve.

If the serve and return sit so well, all you need to do, is playing serve&volley quite often (he did), step into the court and hit strong fore- and backhands with good angles to hit winners or push the opponent back behind the baseline and finish at the net with volleys, drives and smashes.

Looks perfect, doesn’t it?

Of course this will not work so good against better opposition. But it’s a good base for next rounds and if the body holds and confidence rises (must rise after such a match), we can expect good things to happen. All-Austrian final with Dennis Novak? Well, I’m just kidding a lot, but … you never know and dreaming does not cost much. In any case, the opposition was warned and probably Thiem does not remain under the radar anymore. He will maybe play 2 Americans in next 2 rounds (Johnson is assured, next could be Fritz). So no more unexpected moves from Court 10 to Grandstand. Every next match at least on Grandstand. And Thiem says, he likes Grandstand. In 2017  it was just Grandstand, where Dominic lost in a dramatic match to Delpo. But Thiem can learn. And should he meet Delpo again, it will be rather Armstrong or Artur Ashe. Let it happen 🙂

Updated 28.08.2018, 13:11

Memorable moments 

Updated 28.08.2018, 19:00


Alexander Zverev (nickname “AllMyGold“) just sold a bit of his gold and the concept is to buy for them US Open DF. Very humble as for Sascha 😉 Why not F or Crown? Well, he probably listened well to advise given him by certain Roger Federer, “Be patient”.

Maybe Federer meant something like this “wait until I’m available for hiring”?

Well, Sascha is not that patient. He wants something right now. Telling humble it’s semifinals but thinking “CROWN! DAMN, I WANT A CROWN

Hope Ivan Lendl has heard this. If not, this can end in a quick split.

No, Sascha is not doing something exotic. He’s following the best (well, maybe not the 2 best – they did the trick without fancy coaching). But think on Andy Murray. He hired time ago Ivan Lendl e voilá – CROWNNovak Djokovic took Boris Becker – bang!  – 10 slams in a row (no sense to count minor things like Masters). Marin Cilic took Goran Ivanisevic.

Humble Stan The Man took Magnus Norman (only French Open runner up) – here we go -Australian Open, French Open, US Open. Stop. No Norman, no slam.

Now wait – Djokovic fired Boris Becker and look – another Wimbledon crown with old good Vajda, no fancy coach out there.

All other slams were won by Roger Federer (with old good Severin Lüthi plus for a while Stefan Edberg and Ivan Ljubicic, but as real coaches, not fancy) and Rafael Nadal – (with old good uncle Toni, recently supported by Carlos Moya, again – no fancy coaching and in fact it’s still uncle Toni on Mallorca and Francisco Roig on tour.

Now what you do (and why?) if you are young and talented but somehow you cannot win a slam? You hire Lendl and if you are not Sascha (Lendl no more available for next 2 weeks), you must look for another big champion from the past, still alive. John McEnroe? He told once, he would like to coach Nick Kyrgios, but … you know, what Big Mac meant with those 3 points 😉 Pete Sampras ? – does not seem to be interested.

Wait until Roger or Rafa are available? Too long.

As you maybe realized, I’m kidding a bit here. But maybe there is some secret or mystery? If you are skinflint, maybe you never get a major crown?

Now what about Dominic Thiem? Many think and tell, Bresnik will not lead him to slam crowns.  Or Thiem likes more to follow R+R and go without fancy coach?

While waiting for the outcome, look on Thiem’s slam story. No rockets but steady progress. Twice SF in Paris, now first F in Paris. Maybe first crown in Paris in one or two years? Still with Bresnik?

We may think, Thiem is too normal to think about fancy things. But hey – why is he hitting right now in NYC with Big Mac? And BM telling him, he didn’t like his game in Paris, meaning – you could have challenged Nadal more = win instead of losing well? Take care – maybe first crown comes not in Paris? Let’s dream if you are Thiem’s fan 🙂

Updated 23.08.2018, 14:57


My humble opinion

It’s definitely shit. Because it’s still the umpire, who rules, starting the clock at his will. But situations on court are different, so nobody can list them and recommend proceedings for every situation, still umpire deciding and no appeal right or main referee of the tournament controlling umpire’s behavior.

Here’s is a video showing an example (Cincy final yesterday)

The umpire calls Time and starts the clock. It lasts 1-2 seconds before Djokovic (who is to serve) stands up and goes quite quickly to the serving place. Federer is 1-2 seconds later on place, starting to be ready to receive. Everything looks fluent. It’s not told, players must sprint from the bank to the serving place. It’s normal walking (Delpo would need twice this time). Then normal serve preparation routine. And the  suddenly umpire calling the clock time is over (meaning – first serve lost). I cannot hear and understand the talk between Djokovic (rather smiling than showing anger) and I don’t know, what was the outcome. Has the umpire changed his decision and set start the clock once more for first serve?

I have measured time between umpire calling Time and both players appearing on place. It was about 13 seconds, meaning only 12 seconds remained for the whole preparation starting with getting balls from ballkids. It’s absurd to expect, even the no-bounce server like Paire would be ready. It’s also not told, players sitting on the bank should observe the change-over clock and stand up 15 seconds before it’s at 0, so they have still 25 seconds for preparation. Does walking after changeover count as serve preparation?

It’s completely different situation between points, when both players are on place but should one of them end the point at the net, the umpire would normally wait until this players is back at the baseline before he starts the clock. So between points players have really 25 seconds and they are very close to the place, from where they will serve, unlike in case of changeover.

In the old system there was still a shot-clock, but it was displayed only on umpire’s tablet. He could observe what’s happening and at his will warn a player, who regularly takes more time for serve. Not a second or two, but say 5 seconds or more.

The shot clock can be displayed to players but if a given player is almost on the end of his preparation, the umpire should postpone the warning (now meaning losing first serve).

What’s even more weird, the shot clock is not started for the second serve, so the player can tak so much time he wants when preparing for the second serve, making the rule (immediately after the first serve fault) pure abstraction.

Updated 20.08.2018, 13:33

US OPEN 2018

Something we remember very, very well !!!

Updated 17-08-2018, 15:22

Does Thiem play US Open?

According to Bresnik, Friday was the last day to decide, so preparation can be started in New York. Friday was yesterday. No news from Team Thiem (as always). Here and there you can find pics of Thiem sitting on the stadium and watching matches. Not looking happy, healthy and fit.

No information about what doctors say. And about what is happening more than sitting, maybe some treatment going on?

Nobody feels obliged to tell a word to fans and the tennis world. We must wait for news from US Open website.

I cannot see how Thiem could go deep enough to make the try have some value. If chances are low, better skip NYC, go home to have a real treatment and don’t come back to the court before the issue is completely resolved. That’s my point. But who decides, is of course Thiem and Bresnik. Or maybe only Bresnik? Or Only Thiem?

Updated 18.08.2018, 11:09

Good news 🙂 New York trip in nice company 🙂

(from Dominic’s Instastory)

Updated 18.08.2018, 18:45


Now we hear finally a word from Günter Bresnik in an interview for Austrian paper Krone (German original can be found HERE).

… “Dominic hasn’t trained yet. We’ll be hitting for an hour tonight, then we’ll slowly increase the training’s intensity and see how he feels on Thursday, Friday,” said Bresnik on Sunday. Thiem had also been in telephone contact with his doctor Johann Pidlich. Everyone’s been sick, including (Sebastian) Ofner and (Dennis) Novak. “They may have caught something in Kitzbühel, where many people were ill,” Bresnik reported.

Novak was in bed for three days this week and therefore delayed the flight to New York. “Unfortunately it takes a bit more time with Dominic,” says Bresnik. We don’t know, whether Thiem already got cold in Europe, or something had arisen from the combination of a jet, flight or a visit to a children’s hospital.

Bresnik did not want to talk much about the upcoming US Open for the time being and after three weeks he wanted to get a personal impression when he met Thiem again.  …”

That “we don’t know” is telling much about how Thiem’s health support looks like. Who can know the 3 years Campylobacter story than Bresnik? Dr. Pidlich was the one who saved Thiem’s health and his tennis career. Why didn’t happen the contact with Dr. Pidlich earlier? Symptoms were strange at least in Toronto.

That there was lot of people ill in Kitzbühel, must have been known  before his departure to Toronto.

Now it’s still not sure, if Thiem will be really ready for US Open. I mean – not ready to play and lose first round, but to reach some decent result.

Let’s hope, the consultation with Dr. Pidlich was the best thing and came not too late.

Updated 19.08.2018, 13:27


Now we hear from Thiem’s father, Dominic was to infections since very early years of his life. 2-3 times cold in a year is not a big problem for regular people. You go to the doctor, get sick leave and some recommendations – rest, vitamins …) and in a week you are fit again.

It’s different for performance athlete. I know, Thiem has wise parents, wise coach and wise doctors. But even wise people can make mistakes.

I’m wondering if Thiem’s schedule suits him well in terms of health. Maybe a simple rule should be applied – less traveling, scheduling of some days of rest after long travels with jetlag. Maybe start the season with Australian Open, but without any warm-up tournament – instead 2-3 days rest after the flight, then only practice, not too hard (like everyone at this time he is just after big off-season preparation). Then maybe skip South American clay swing and play only Acapulco as preparation for Indian Wells+Miami. than start European clay season in Monte Carlo, play all most important events – Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Paris or even skip Barcelona or Rome? Take rest again after Paris and go directly to Wimbledon. Then no Hamburg, no Kitzbuehel, no Washington – come to Canada one week before Rogers Cup, play Rogers, Cincy and USO. Than again rest, maybe skipping the whole Asian swing or play only Shanghai Masters (it’s mandatory), go back to Europe, take some rest, play Vienna and Paris Masters and London if qualified. No DavisCup, no LaverCup. If feeling well, can always get a wildcard to some minor tournament – for example add Beijing or Tokyo before Shanghai, it’s the same time zone or only 1 hour difference for Tokyo.

Could be some simple way to streamline the schedule, minimize travels and sudden skipping between different climates. They say – better less but better 🙂

Now I don’t really understand, why Thiem is sitting in New York, but not practicing on USO courts, practicing somewhere with Bresnik actually to see, if he can hold the stress of a competition (Bo5!) right now – not better to take longer break before Asian and European hard court swings?

Updated 22.08.2018, 10:29

Sorry, I forgot Kiki! It’s of course good enough reason to stay in NY, to spend 2 weeks together – they have such chance only at slams and in the off-season.  And one cannot exclude, the blooming love and support from the lover can do wonder – maybe helping Dominic to get back on track, stay fit and healthy and still deliver some decent performance at NYC?

In a recent short interview for SPOX Thiem stated (and I agree with him), that it’s not correct to see him as clay specialist. Yes, I think, he has the game for other surfaces and will be able to go deep also on hard and grass. Let’s hope, something big can happen shortly, maybe in NYC?

Updated 22.08.2018, 1130

Thiem practicing at McEnroe Tennis Academy  on Randall’s Island

This time just with Big Mac 🙂

Updated 22.08.2018, 11:54

Bresnik about Thiem’s fitness (today morning)

(German original read HERE)

“Dominic Thiem’s condition is “better than in the wildest expectations”.
NEW YORK: Good news from the camp of Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem on Wednesday morning (local time).
His coach Günter Bresnik, who has been in New York since Sunday, sees Thiem fit for the last Grand Slam tournament of the year one day before the draw.

Thiem had recently caught a persistent virus, requiring him to cancel his presence at the Masters 1000 tournament in Cincinnati. “You can’t wipe out two weeks now, that’s clear,” said Bresnik at APA’s request, but added with relief: “But he really hangs in, trains well and has already played sets here. I must say, it is much, much better than in the wildest expectations.”

Updated 22.08.2018, 11:54




Thiem’s potential path:


Updated 23.08.2018, 21:14

First “competitive” practice today afternoon with DAVID GOFFIN

Good pairing for first practice on USO courts. David is one of those, Dominic was always having troubles with, especially on hard courts. He seems to be in good form and always a smart player, so good opportunity for Thiem to try out, how he can adapt his tactics and shot selection to this kind of opponent and the one, who can go deep in USO.

Updated 24.08.2018, 10:12

Main draw, now with qualifiers and lucky losers


Updated 25.08.2018, 09:54

Court 10 – affront or a gift?

Thiem under the radar

Some think, it’s an affront against No. 9 player. Maybe it is. Many unseeded+low seeded pairs will play on higher ranked courts.

But take this specific hard courts ranking. Taking only hard court points, Thiem is ranked 15.

Of course it’s the same around the globe. Court assignment has own rules. Current ATP ranking is only one of them. Oher, more weighing factors is nationality. Tournaments directors are not especially hospitable. Biggest courts belong to legends, big names for whatever the reason and of course own compatriots, whatever the ranking.

Does this mean, spectators prefer to watch top players beating in 45 minutes an outsider or a compatriot losing in 45 minutes to anyone, given by the drawing?

It has to do with business, not with sport. And professional tennis is a mix of sport and business.

Thiem is now a big unknown. No success since Paris this year. No big successes on hard courts. Injuries and illness all over the year. Who knows, what he can show in the first match?

Thiem prepared himself mainly on courts at BigMac Academy, not on Flushing Meadows. Partly because he needed to absolve a bigger program and be able to avoid the hype of all those media days, kid days, practicing with fans, then losing an hour for giving autogramms and making selfies.

Started on very side courts of BigMac Academy, first match on side courts at Flushing Meadows. This can be good transition between misery of injuries, illness and early losses and maybe some glory at USO.

You can play outstanding tennis on a small court. You can play poor and lose on a Stadium court. Thiem does not need for the start a big public, celebrities in the public, rituals and ceremonies. He needs to implement his come-back in practice into competition. So just good court for his start here. If he wins, next will be probably Johnson, so for sure a higher ranked court. But then hopefully with more confidence and ability to show spectacular tennis. And if he shows spectacular tennis tomorrow on a side court, there will be watching no celebrities but his real fans and if the performance is good, they will be happy to have opportunity to watch Thiem and his brilliant tennis on a side court, because they maybe never could afford for a ticket on Grandstand and higher.

Don’t make it a problem. If Dominic plays well, courts ranking will rise with his every win. Should he reach QF, what I think is realistic, it will be Artur Ashe for sure – against Rafa. And not on an almost lost position like in Paris.

Take care and win this quickly. Show good tennis, with aggression, good serving and returning. Don’t start with 0:2 to win 3:2. But … win is win (Kudla 5-setter in AO) and it gives confidence, because it’s a great effort and class to come back from 0:2 down. Still I would prefer short 3-setter of course 🙂

Updated 26.08.2018, 08:37

Family dinner 🙂 Nice 🙂 Good mood before first round matches 🙂

(from Dominic’s Instastory)

Updated 26.08.2018, 12:30

Just updated Dominic’s path


Updated 26.08.2018, 19:16

Thiem loves US OPEN – does US OPEN love him too?

Updated 27.08.2018, 13:28

Cincinnati Western&Southern Masters 2018

And here we are with the main draw



Nice draw. Finally a chance to meet Federer not in a bistro but on court 🙂 No idea, in which form will be Fed but cannot see him falling before QF. And if Thiem finds his groove, his game does not suit well Federer, so there are some chances to come deeper.

Updated 11.08.2018, 08:53

Thiem practicing 5000 backhand returns (SRBD) in Cincinnati

(slow-motion from original, you find HERE)

The same shot Thiem did try before in a lost match in Toronto

Updated 12.08.2018, 09:18

Thiem playing doubles in Cincy tonight

I don’t need to remind you, what I think about Dominic playing doubles before singles, so …

Thiem teams up with Diego and they play against Kohlschreiber&Verdasco. The match will be played around 3:00 CEST tomorrow (9:00 pm local time)

The match will be played on Center Court after 2 qualifications matches and will be probably streamed on TennisTV.

I don’t plan to watch the match live, but will try to record some highlights tomorrow morning, so we can have an impression of his form.

Updated 12:08.2018, 17:40

Pulled out from doubles because of some problems with left knee. As always no information from his camp about the issue and if he will be able to play singles. Let’s wait. Maybe 5000 backhand returns was too much? Now having perfect return but no ability to play? Mr. Bresnik, stop to kill your golden cow!!!

Still no reliable information about Dominic’s status. We must rely on private reporting channels. Looks like Dominic was ill, not injured.

In any case time to rethink the schedule management. Since Paris Thiem is only travelling from one tournament to another only to not be really able to play and losing early. Cincy may be next ending up like this.

But we still here before every tournament, Thiem is topfit. Somehow nobody seems to be scared, because Dominic loses early after every such statement.

Austrian “fans” press him to play Kitzbühel and Vienna and DavisCup, but then are first at criticizing him for missing progress, missing titles a.s.o.

On the other hand Bresnik seems to believe, everything can be compensated with additional portion of hard training.

Looks like blind path to nothing. Ruining health and results of hard work.  What’s next???

Updated 13.08.2018, 14:13

Lesson learned? No competition, no fun, no wins, if not listening to your body. But at the end good decision to pull-out. 

Still not so much time to repair health damages and be able to prepare well for USO. If he stays for some days in Cincinnati. maybe Kiki can care a bit of him? Women understand these things better 🙂

Some lessen for Bresnik too, I think. Before he asks Gary Muller to hit 5000 backhand returns before Cincy, it would be good to ask doctors, if Thiem is healthy enough. He was not. And still he started to train hard in Cincinnati. Too hard. With this outcome 🙁

Updated 15.08.2018, 09:30

Now Thiem states in an interview for Austrian “Krone”, he thinks his immune system is down and regeneration after “normal cold” lasts too long. Telling this Bresnik via telephone, he gets answer, it’s a pitty but you must decide until Friday, if you can play USO.

Well, he cannot decide it. Doctors (not a standard doctor to prescribe you Ibuprofen or something and let you go – nothing out of ordinary). It’s his immune system, “who” will decide. Be it on Friday or a day before first USO match.

Think on THIS. First there were normal doctors at work and bacteria was ruling, applying ups and downs to their pleasure. Maybe time to another visit at the stubborn doctor in Austria? Maybe right now, before USO? Or maybe instead of USO?

Updated 16.08.2018, 18:41


To people thinking, tennis is an aristocratic, kind and sweet entertainment for gentlemen.

This is how Dominic’s right hand looks like (2018, Kitzbühel)

Updated 08.08.2018, 19:34


It’s again Thiem vs. Tsitsipas. Going to be quite intense rivalry.  3 matches so far, all in 2018. Thiem leads by 2:1.  Kind of paradox, but Thiem won both matches on hard but lost on clay. Maybe clay the best surface for both?

I watched yesterday parts of Tsitsipas against Dzumhur.  Tsitsipas with dominating display (better than vs. Zverev in Washington) but Dzumhur not in a big form.

I hope, Dominic is in  form again after some virus infection early in Toronto. If he is, should have good chances to win.

The match starts on Grand Stand, about 18.30-19.00 CEST (following Djokovic vs. Polansky, which should a short affair).

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Match lost but not a bad performance. First match on hard after a long clay season. Virus infection. The best Dominic should have done, was done. Testing hard-court-game. Lots of serve&volley (which I think, he should play regularly on every surface), many of them bringing points. Not enough aces (maybe not strong enough because of the virus). Lots of SRBD, not always successful, but visibly better in second set. If fit and it was 5-setter without rain delay, Thiem would probably win. Could not read well Stefanos’ serves allowing him for too many aces. Probably reaction too slow because of illness-related fatigue. For me a good omen for the hard court season but must goo deeper in Cincinnati to have more match practice on hard court before USO.

First part of the match before rain

Second part of the match after rain

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What’s the difference between FEDERER and THIEM?

Well, there are many. Federer has a bit more slam crowns 😉 But Thiem has more wins over Federer (2:1).

Then – Federer’s technique makes every his shot to look effortless like. But it’s a good piece of work with heavy loads on wrist, elbow and back (because of half-volleying so much). Thiem’s technique makes the opposite – every his shot looks like it was his last in life. Look his face and even hair. It’s looking like very heavy piece of work. OK, it’s not effortless. But the load of a hard hit shot is distributed over his whole body. Since toes to the hair.

Deep swing, involving positioning every part of the body so, every part can add something to the overall effort.  Watch his shots in slow-motion and don’t observe the racket and the ball, but the whole body.

Federer is jumping a lot on many shots to generate more power for the shot and get better position while standing very close to the baseline.

Thiem is also mostly jumping, but this is not the end. Observe the movement of his legs, arms, lower and upperbody, while in the air, before jumping and after landing. It’s very complicated and I have never seen a player doing something similar (tell me, please, if I’m wrong).

Thiem is seen on the tour as one of hardest hitting players. Many think, he is wasting his energy instead of hitting softer but placing the ball better. OK, this can help on many occasion and Thiem should maybe apply more often such soft shots. But not because of the energy input on his “normal” shots. Rather because of surprising the opponent and making his game more difficult to read, less predictable.

If this would be such a big effort and energy waste as it looks like, Thiem would not be able to survive a single match, hitting that hard almost every shot. He is not a muscle pack like Rafa. He uses his muscles more efficiently just thanks to WBT.  And never looks tired even after very long rallies or matches. If so it’s because of running a lot (not having to do with hitting technique). Every player is tired for a while after such a long rally. But Thiem is using maybe a bit more (than other players) energy for running, but less for hitting. He can still hit full strength on the end of a long rally.

For a long time I was wondering, how can he survive, play so many tournaments and matches and still remain fit (injuries or illness is completely another thing). I was suspecting what I just describe but had no time to think enough about that.

Now I’m sure – Thiem has unique hitting technique, able to generate fast and hard shots without overloading the most vulnerable part of the body of every tennis player.

Maybe the best thing Thiem has got from B resnik.

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