Another 193 cm tall opponent, making some breakthrough in Paris – don’t expect him to be that hard nut as Stef

Match to play tomorrow, schedule comes after today’s matches are finished. No rest between today and tomorrow but today was a kind of practice. Could not find better than this.

Updated 31.05.2018, 15:05

Just scheduled

Third match on Court no. 1 (first match starting 11.00), first is Verdasco vs. Dimitrov – could be long, than a ladies match. Not much weather delays in the air, so maybe starting 16.00-17.00 with chances to finish tomorrow

Updated 31.05.2018, 20:21

An impression about Berrettini (highlights from his match against Zverev in Rome)

I have watched parts of his won match against Tiafoe in Rome. He likes to often change pace, plays many dropshots, lobs, nice guy and smart player but without any special weapon.

Updated 31.05.2018, 22:32

What to expect from Berrettini?

Expect him to play unorthodox tennis.  He will try to break Dominic’s rhythm of baseline game, play many dropshots, lobs and volleys. He is so far a Challenger hero, going lastly deep in tournaments on Challenger circuit. This is another kind of tennis. Most have not enough skills to play classic game, so they use different trick shots, go for high risk. Just like Sandgren in AO?  Sandgren was/is a player with lots of holes in his skills. But has some patterns, which work quite well against “classic” players. Plays forehands with heavy acceleration and immediately goes to the net. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. Similar things can happen with Berrettini, but his patterns are different. Some problem for Dominic could be “dead balls”, which are difficult for a hard hitting baseliner.  Berrettini would have no chance in baseline hitting like between Dominic and Tsitsipas. His strength are – what a paradox – his poor skills.

But he has so far no win over top players, so it will be enough to be prepared for some surprises. First set can be tough to learn this unorthodox game. Fortunately there are more to play 🙂

Updated 1.06.2018, 08:57

Here’s the full match to watch (click the image)

Before I post the comment, must watch the match again.

It was about what I expected. Really hard opponent. One of the new generation of upcoming big hitters. Must be at least 190+ cm tall (optimum maybe between 190 and 195) to have an advantage to hit balls from the height (10 cm is a huge difference, I know this from my own hobby tennis experience) but still be able to move quite well. As they get older, mostly become big servers, very difficult to break but their movement will get worse or they get injuries. But for some years then can be very dangerous. Berrettini ist just one like this. Moreover – it’s (as I wrote before quite the same as with Sandgren – Challenger Tour players build their game (missing more skills) on power serve and power flat shots plus some unorthodox trick shots.  If everything goes well, only one such player (Zverev) awaiting him. But first Nishikori, this time a player with top skills and experience, but not a tower 😉

Updated 1.06.2018, 19:35

Memorable Moments

Updated 1.06.2018, 23:30

Nobody cares after the match is won, but … can be useful to understand tennis better. You may wonder, how could Thiem lose the second set. Leading with a break and serving at 4:3 for 5:3. And then just this. 3 double faults in a row. Rather rare. But it happens and nobody can tell, why: Even the player himself cannot understand this. In the Memorable Moments you will find Dominic’s face just after this has happened. Trying to understand. Having only few seconds to do this. But whatever the reason, you instantly lose focus and while still in the set, when the tiebreaker came, he must have had it in mind. My Goodness, 3 double faults in a row means I’m 0:5 and the opponent serves. The more you try to focus, the more chance you have this to happen ion the worst moment. That’s the whole story. And don’t try to think, Thiem misses mental strength or something like this.

I’m sure, neither Thiem, nor Bresnik or some mental coaching pundit can tell you some reasonable story about such things. If this happens in a decider, you lose the match. And it happens to so many players.

I remember Pablo Cuevas, maybe Buenos Aires 2017 final. He had lots of double faults in the match but still was going to win. And in the crucial moment he suddenly found the solution. He served underhand. It worked. The serve was in, the opponent surprised and the point (and match) won. This can help one time for a match. And professional players feel ashamed doing such tricks. But it is allowed and a correct serve. I remember too, Cuevas was apologizing for this and explained in an interview, he was scared to make another double fault in the all-deciding moment. But this is not a result of long deciding process – should I, can I, what if such shaming serve fails too? No, this is decided without thinking, even if you may think thereafter, you was thinking and consciously and rationally deciding. This is instinct. Sometimes ending well, sometimes bad. You may be Federer or Nadal or Djokovic and still such thing can happen to you.

Updated 2.06.2018, 12:10


First job done well 🙂

Next test will be tougher

Match of course not yet scheduled, but will be for sure on Wednesday.

Updated 28.05.2018, 16:03

Match is scheduled as 3rd match on court 18

After one ladies match and then Dimitrov against Donaldsen. No idea, at what time the match could start. Thunderstorms are in the forecast between noon and 14.00 CEST, so first 2 matches can have rain delays.  Theoretically you should count 2 hours for a ladies match and 3 hours for an even men’s match. Add 1-2 hours for rain delays and Dominic starts not earlier than 17.00-18.00.  Or later, because thunderstorms can come also around 17.00.  The only good news is, if he starts 17.00 or later, no new rain or thunderstorm in the forecast before midnight and no more big heat – around 22°C (real feel), so rather nice conditions.

I’m wondering, if there are smaller courts, where Dominic could play? Everything to host FRENCH and NAMES on bigger courts. Even Zverev lands tomorrow on Court 1 (where Dominic did play yesterday.

On start to wish all French players to lose so soon as possible 😉

But maybe better for Dominic to play on small court. He does not like hype.  Well, on smaller courts there could be more Greeks to support Tsitsipas. Also nothing new for Dominic.  So he must rely on his good performance and that’s what is needed tomorrow.

Updated 29.05.2018, 20:46

Another delay

Herbert vs. Polansky was added before Dominic’s match pn court 18. The much is to be finished and it stays 1:1 in sets, so i t can be 1-3 hours, meaning Dominic could start even first about 18.00-19.00 CEST.

Updated 30.05.2018, 10:13

We all get “two little white pills” from Dominic for free so we can survive his matches. Thrillers starts to be his “specialité de la maison”

There are many questions. Where were Dominic in second set? How could re resurge in the third?

Let’s hope, the answer is ready after the 4. set tomorrow with no need to play the 5.

The 3 sets from today are recorded and will be available here tomorrow morning.

So far I don’t see the continuation of the match in the schedule for tomorrow, so we must wait. There are more matches to be finished.

And it could have been a day of many big upsets. Instead it was the day of great survivals. Dimitrov survived Donaldson in 5 sets. Nishikori survived Paire in 5 sets. Zverev survived Lajovic in 5 sets. Djokovic was made to work hard in 3 by Jaume Munar.

Thiem is not yet done, but survived himself, after giving up the second set without a fight.  To win the third was extremely important and Dominic was again himself in this set. Still not easy and a very exciting and high-level match.

Don’t dare to think, what will happen tomorrow 😉

Updated 30.05.2018, 22:01

To watch first 3 sets, click the image

and the finish is scheduled for tomorrow

Updated 30.05.2018, 22:36

Who knows, what kind of Dominic we will see today in the 4. set (and maybe 5.). Winning only one point from 21 on first serve and 4 double faults? (second set yesterday)???


Winning 16 points from 31 first serves and only 2 DF?

This just made the difference between winning or losing sets. And a difference in first serve stats between 20% and 70% in two sets after other is just another player playing. The only shot in tennis, the server has full control of. And principally depends on how bodily and mentally fit is the player, no matter, who stays on the other side of the net?

My (a bit risky conclusion) – it’s not physical or mental. It’s something happening in him on another level. Maybe hormones or spirit. And maybe nobody can predict, what comes the next set.

One steel principle at Dominic is – the more he is challenged, the better his game. Either adrenalin level changing drastically or no killer instinct to win sets to zero or close to this, being sorry for the opponent, just not able to play well.


Maybe we will be thrilled today too. By a stellar high or terrific low.

Better you don’t watch the match today live or you have some small white pills in the pocket 😉

And be prepared for rain delays today.

Updated 31.05.2018, 07:21

This time no calming pills needed 🙂

Click the image to watch the last set

Updated 31.05.2018, 15:02

The match deserves some comment. Two outstanding single-handed backhands. Number of excellent shots from both would make 10 other matches alive. Both playing on fire. Stefanos going for more risk because of his shots not yet so mature and perfect as Dominic’s.

Dominic maybe starting to peak. Both Paris matches so far could compare only with Nadal defeat in Madrid. As I wrote before, hard to guess, where the second set yesterday came from.  But no more slow starts, neither yesterday nor today. Good signs for Dominic to come deep. To be honest, I don’t see any rival in Paris to withstand Dominic’s current shooting, including Djokovic and Rafa. The only question is, can he avoid such sets like the second yesterday? Can he hold the level after more emotionally involving matches?

I mean since round 4 there are potentially only big names in a row: Nishikori, Zverev, Djokovic, Nadal. 4 matches in a row on top level. Don’t know about secrets of peaking scheduling in training. But it’s not new for Dominic to deliver his best performance in slams. And it’s not knew, he plays the better, the more he is challenged. Until the moment, when his emotional energy tank is empty. Hopefully first after 10th of June 🙂

Updated 31.08.2018, 16:50

Memorable Moments – Day 1

Updated 31.05.2018, 19:54

Memorable Moments – Day 2

Updated 1.06.2018, 09:45


First round opponent is Ivashka, Dominic’s age-mate from Belaruss. They met once in Davis Cup in Wels this year, with Dominic winning.

Match not yet scheduled.

Updated 25.08.2018, 19:43

Scheduled tomorrow, second match (first starting at 11.00) on court no. 1.

What is the ATP ranking for??? When arranging, who plays where and which time, only two things matter: name and nationality. Thiem has bad nationality and bad name.  This is nerving a lot for us, but I think, it is fully accepted by Dominic and will not influence his game. Meanwhile Tsitsipas is a name and has right nationality, so second round maybe on Lenglen?

Updated 27.05.2018, 18:59

Well done. Playing on fire. Not many weak moments. 

Opponent low ranked but playing better than ranking. With some challenging moments and nice rallies won by Ivashka. Serve better than stats show. Return good. All weapons working. Who doesn’t know much about Dominic, could wonder, comparing his all Lyon matches (ending with title) and this one. So there are still reserves for awaiting tougher opponents.

If Zverev’s defeat of Berankis was a “message of intent” according to media, this match was nothing less. Would be nice to see both meeting in QF 🙂

The link to full match record comes in 1-2 hours.

Capo di tutti capi 😉

Update 28.05.2018, 16:18

Meanwhile Kiki at work on Lenglen

Update 28.05.2018, 16:25

The match record is ready. Click the image of capo di tutti capi  to watch 🙂

Update´28.05.2018, 16:32

Moments set 1.

Moments set 2.

Moments set 3.

Updated 29.05.2018, 14:20


The finals tomorrow are scheduled for 12.30 CEST but still not officially confirmed, which one is first, doubles or singles

Thiem leads Simon by 6:2, last win of Simon dated back in 2014.

Updated 25.05.2018, 18:49

It’s second match of the day, scheduled for not before 14.30 CEST

Updated 25.05.2018, 19:48

Where to watch (free stream)

If you cannot watch in TV or paid stream, try this free stream.

If some additional page opens after you click the link, close it and click again the LHStreams link.

Weather forecast

Sunny, hot, partly cloudy, no rain 🙂

Updated 26.05.2018, 14:10

What a comeback 🙂 

Comment and link to the full match record (including ceremony) comes later today.

Updated 26.05.2018, 17:33

My first thought was …

This is one of famous survival events from Mike Reinprecht. Coming back home from a swamp in dark forest, not knowing the way home and carrying heavy balks on shoulders, no light, no compass, no handy, nothing.

Now please, dear mental coaches, offering Dominic your services to make your mentality stronger … don’t be pathetic 😉 Who needs a mental support, are rather fans 😉

In any case an important message to RG opponents. Don’t think, you are over the Kilimanjaro peak, if you lead Thiem by 2:0, 5:2 and you are serving 😉

Simon was today 6:3 and 4:2 and having break point on 15:40 with Dominic serving.

And then that long patient rally with Simon serving at 4:3, 15:15, ended with Dominic’s Tomahawk-like forehand down-the-line.  And then a game-point at 4:3 4:30 for Simon.And again with Advantage.  And Dominic all of a sudden not hitting hard, but playing backhand slices to win one point after other. (who told, Dominic has only game-plan A?). And again Simon’s advantage. But finally Dominic’s advantage and breakpoint after forehand on the line and 4:4.  Then both holding serve easily and the tie-break.  Starting with mini-break for Simon, but he could earn only one point more in the TB 🙂

And the decider.

With Dominic playing one big rally after other., breaking in the first game to love and then holding with some brilliant shots, including final dropshot. Than again an excellent dropshot in third game,then Dominic’s tweener to level the game an to break once more with a great return.  Then Thiem defending possible break point in next game, hitting an ace on second serve.  And a fourth game with breakpoint for Simon but finally won with dramatic Simon’s defense and Dominic’s stellar backhand down-the-line to win the game. Then Simon holding serve to win his last game in the match.  Both slowly out of gas but still fighting. Bresnik sitting all the time like he was watching a boring movie, knowing the happy-end, all the time showing his face number  9a 😉

Dominic’s 10th title and 200th match won on tour 🙂

And now you can watch the whole match or if you have not enough time, at least just from the moment, when Dominic was going to be broken to 2:5 in the second set

Thread finished 25.05.2018, 19:38

Nice 🙂


Thiem has won so far all 4 encounters, all being on clay, including Rio 2017 and 2018.

But we don’t know, why was Thiem so unstable in the GLO-match. Yes, GLO is an old fox in both positive and negative sense.  Knows, how to distract the younger opponent. And this is something, Dominic cannot deal well with. Expecting everyone to play.

Dear Dominic, play always fair yourself. B ut never think, others do the same. Many do, but many don’t.

The match is scheduled after first semifinal (Simon vs. Norrie) and is expected to start about 16.00.

Updated 25.05.2018, 14:19

The match starts not before 16.30.

Updated 28.05.2018, 14:55

Calm and patient match with some fireworks and Thiem giving gas to break and win first and third set, but also to lose the second.

Maybe a bit too much for one day – a bit nervous third QF match and the SF match.

Maybe you wonder, why is Thiem making such thrillers from matches, which he principally should win in 2 short sets. I will tell you, why … I don’t know 😉

But I have some imagination. He is still sorry for underdogs and not able or willing to show them his dominance. Thanks God, this is different, when he plays the top – then he is or feels underdog and knows, he must deliver everything he has and something more. These are matches, in which he shows his best, amazing tennis.

Here you can watch the whole match

Updated 25.05.2018, 19.30


QF against Guillermo Garcia Lopez  on Thursday

They had 1 meeting so far, in Round of 64 at Roland Garros 2016, Thiem winning in straight sets.

Schedule will be available tomorrow.

Updated 22.05.2018, 19:34

I’m sorry. Simon is the only Frenchman still in the tournament and they wait with publishing the schedule for tomorrow until he can close the match. Simon will have preferences in choosing the time for his eventual match tomorrow, so the whole world must wait 😉

I think, Simon wins shortly and we get the schedule 🙂

Updated 23.05.2018, 20:46

Finally they got ready with the schedule. Dominic plays tomorrow, like the first match, Not Before 18.00.

Weather forecast (sunny, no rain :))  

Updated 23.05.2018, 21:32

A bit strange match. First it seemed, Dominic is just continuing yesterday’s practice (serving for aces/winners, returning for winners), but Garcia Lopez is an old fox and could not be broken.

Then the strange moment, when both seemed to get some problem with right foot at the same time. Dominic has tested himself on the bank and Garcia Lopez called for medical time-out. I was scared, something has happened to Dominic’s injured ankle, but it seemed then, it was maybe only some pain from bad slide and he was worried for a while. In the meantime Garcia Lopez took a longer break and everything looked like he was OK and the MTO was a small theater. Everyone on tour knows, Dominic cannot focus well, while playing against hurt opponent.  When at the finish of second set Dominic started to play better and more aggressive, finally winning the set in TB, Garcia Lopez refused to continue the match. It was starting to go dark, but at this time it was good enough to play. But the momentum was definitely on Dominic’s side, so the old fox decided to refuse.

So the schedule for tomorrow looks like this:

Thiem vs. Garcia Lopez (to be finished)  start at 13.00

Then follows the semifinal Simon against Norrie, starting not before 14.30 with following other semifinal, featuring Lajovic against Thiem or Garcia Lopez. If it is GLO, he must then play another match, doubles (2,5 matches on a single day). But let’s assume, Dominic makes him the life easier and beats him in the third QF set to wait for semifinal. Good news is, Simon plays before and Simon plays mostly very long matches. Oooofff, very complicated 😉

Before you can watch first 2 sets played today

Updated 25.05.2018, 21:28

Where to watch?

If you cannot watch on TV or any paid stream, here is a free stream available

Attention: after you click the link, another page can open. Close it and click once more until the right page opens.

Updated 25.05.2018, 12:37

Finally better game from Dominic. After started the third set staying close to the baseline (which did not work yesterday), he changed this quickly with almost instant effects: No more returning from uncomfortable position (GLO serving him consequently to the body), quite good serve and decent return.

Still the problem with holding break but instantly re-breaking and this time closing out the match on own serve without problems.

And here is the full record of third set

Updated 25.05.2018, 14:31


FRENCH OPEN is coming. Some players practicing right now on RG courts, others just fighting in qualifications.

While waiting for main draw ceremony (date not yet published, but probably this Friday), you can watch here live scores of qualifications. Here and here you can take a look for some images and videos and additional information.

Updated 22.05.2018, 10:54


Updated 22.05.2018, 22:05

Not sure, but I found in Swiss online paper BLICK, that the draw at RG will take place today at 19.00.

Not sure, because there was a rain delay in qualifications and probably qualifiers will still play tomorrow.

I will follow it and post every news about that I can find.

Updated 24.05.2018, 11:01

Just found this 🙂

Hyeon Chung and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga pulled out from RG because of injuries, del Potro is still a doubt.

Updated 24.05.2018, 11:35

And here is the draw – finally good one, not in Nadal’s half. Of course not easy – first Tsitsipas, somewhere later potentially Djokovic and/or Zverev.

2018 French Open – Men's Singles - Wikipedia

Potential path to the title

Round 1.  Qualifier

Round 2. Tsitsipas

Round 3.  Muller/Qualifier

Round 4.  Nishikori

QF Zverev

SF Djokovic/Dimitrov/Goffin


If Dominic is in good form and does not play nervous like today against GLO, the chance for a title is there 🙂 But since round 4 only top class opponents – well, it’s rather normal for a slam.

Updated 24.05.2018, 21:10



Second round match tomorrow not before 18.00 CEST

Roberto Carballes Baena is 25 years old, ranked 77. Not a big match record, but … lost to Tsitsipas in Estoril this year in a close 3-setter. And won ECUADOR OPEN 2018, defeating Albert Ramos-Vinolas.

Updated 21.05.2018, 17:48

Stormy weather forecast for today afternoon in Lyon

Some could happen before, but let’s hope those forecast for 6.00 pm are only lightnings coming off Dominic’s racket 🙂 But earlier ones can cause delays, so Dominic can play later than scheduled.

Updated 22.05.2018, 10:45

Where to watch?

If you cannot watch in TV or TVTennis stream (paid), here is a free stream for the match

Caution! First time you click the link, an additional page (advertisment, betting service or the like) will open in new tab in your browser. Close this page/tab and click the link once more. Now the link should open without any additional problems. The link is scheduled for 17.00 because of another timezone. It’s in fact 18.00 CEST, just like the match is scheduled.

Updated 22.05.2018, 17:37

As expected, one-way affair. Not very demanding opponent. Dominic could have won with more breaks also the second set, but was “practicing” attacking returns. Some of them were beautiful winners, many were netted. Well, this is a very difficult shot, but sometimes necessary, for example when playing Rafa or another big name.

Still some brillant shots to watch 🙂

And that’s the way, Dominic should win matches against weaker opponents. If not some practicing program, could have won 6:1, 6:2 or the like.

(click the image to watch the full match)

Updated 22.05.2018, 19:57

You probably noticed, that Thiem was “practicing” three things in the match. Staying close to the baseline on return and rather going into the court than getting back during rallies. Then hit so many aces as possible. 7 aces for him in 2 sets is better than usual. This costs of course low percentage of first serve in, but it’s no problem, so long there are aces (and serve winners, unfortunately not included in stats, but there were maybe another 7) and no double faults (there was no DF in the match) and so long the points won on second serve rate is high (it was high).  And the third thing was to play an aggressive return, many of them going for return winner. Nobody can reach high rate of direct return winners but if some are successful, this builds a pressure on the opponent and makes him lose confidence.

This is how Dominic must play in Paris against most of opponents. Against Rafa and some other top players, if he wants to win. And against others to keep matches short and save energy.

Then in real 5-setters this all elements must be well balanced, because saving energy while shortening rallies means saving legs and heart, but putting more load on wrist, elbow and shoulders.

For Dominic not the title in Lyon is a goal, but just possibility to test in competition what he mastered in training. Of course the title and points are confidence boosting factors too, but first of all it’s to play all 4 matches (reach the final), having some specific “testing” program for every match (different opponent, different competition level).

Updated 23.05.2018, 14:09


In this post I will quote some characteristic hatefan comments. Principally with no comment from me . They are self-explaining 🙂

All quotes come from  THIS BLOG (Jonathan is the blog owner, muser has some time ago commented here using nickname curious)

20.05.2018, 10:27

Shmeltz says:

In the meantime, Rafa continues to grunt&grind his way to clay court success.
Five matches have past, and he hasn’t lost a set, nor faced a tie break. No one seems to make sweat.
I had expectations for the Thiem match, but Thiem just went AWOL. Played lousy tennis. Too bad, because I like watching him when he’s at his best.
Oh, well. Seems like Rafa stays no 1 for a while.”

Shmeltz says:

Actually I don’t think it’s positive. Delpo has the better chance to beat Nadal than Anderson/Lajovic.
Well, I hope Thiem doesn’t sh*t in his pants once again. If he plays his best tennis he might even has a chance to take a set from Nadal.”

Thiem is playing beautifully right now !” (my comment: it was during Dominic’s match against Nadal in Madrid)

“Tennisfan says:

Rui says:

So true. At first I wasn’t quite getting if Thiem was just defending the way he could but upon a careful look at the last half of set 2 (which I hadn’t seen live) it became very clear that it was deliberate because Nadal didn’t know what to do with them other than returning with little in it. From there on, for Thiem it was just a matter of waiting for the right dead ball to attack it with his forehand. Very clever.”

Are we all praying now? Exactly for what/who in Rome? Anything but Rafa? Djoko, Sasha, Cilic? Maybe Cilic? Is said to be a nice guy, but, but….OK Cilic! But life is also other than tennis…”

How about Djoker takes out Nadal then someone takes out Djoker in the final. AND Hawkeye comes to clay.”

The Long super talent is in final with Rafa tomorrow. Will he win?? Can we hope? Does it matter?”

An explaining comment: Long super talent is Alexander Zverev, who was yesterday expected and hoped and prayed for to lose to Cilic, because they thought, Cilic has better chance to defeat Rafa.

20.05.2018, 20:07 (after the Rome final)

Annie says:

Oh for goodness sake.Has there ever been a luckier player than Nadal?All the momentum with Sacha and then a 50 minute rain delay.Totally reset the match with predictable results.However one thing he cannot benefit from. Zrerev is 21 and seems to be getting better all the time.Nadal may win RG this time but looking forward who knows.Them also good on clay.😎

Thiem 😊

(Ah, one can at least spell correctly T h i e m ;))

21.05.2018, 12:58

Both Thiem and Zverev have found chinks in Nadal’s armor. RG is definitely not a sure thing for Nadal. I think that Nadal may have worn himself out and realize that at nearly 32 he should have rested before RG. We will see, but my gut is telling me that he might have sacrificed his body and 3 set wins at RG might not be so easy.

(Looks like a praise for Thiem and Zverev. But don’t get deceived. The only thing which matters for them, is to see Nadal fall before he has more Masters. more slams than Federer. Well, I’m sure, Federer is not so greedy or envy, but who knows?)

25.05.2018, 14:10

I like this outfit. It will fit well on the grass courts.
Let’s hope he goes undefeated with this outfit. 🙂

As for RG, why didn’t they give Rafa a wild card to the final? Could have been much simple. Now he’ll have to grunt through 18 sets of tennis. Such a shame…
Actually, I read somewhere that in the 19th century, the champion of the US open automaticaly got to the final in the following year.”

Uncle Toni and the Mafia at work. Another joke draw. Sasha is our only hope, it seems.”

Well Sacha has begun well slaughtering his first round opponent.So annoying he has to meet Thiem in the quarters,
Providing they both get so far of course.”

I’ve never been more disgusted by his forehand last night. It was like Miami 2009 vs Djokovic. It was chaos, that’s what it was. The forehand IMPLODED. WHY??? It was weak and when it wasn’t weak it sprayed all over the court. I think the netted forehand on break point in his last service PERFECTLY sums up the match. A forehand shitfest. I can’t believe he took 3 months off for this shit. It hurts, because he had a very good chance to win the title again and increase the slam gap to Nadu11. It all went wrong in the 3rd set when he missed that regulation DTL backhand passing shot which would have given him more than 1 match point. From then on, he was timid on Anderson’s service and blew several 0-30 opportunities in the 5th set with passive play. Like there was the time he chipped a return into the net at 0-30, could have potentially had 3 match points. Then came another 15-30 where he net rushed with a weak slice approach and got easily passed. Why NET RUSH LIKE THAT? I’ve never slapped the couch so much in frustration.
Sorry for sounding so angry but this sucks, and I’m sure you all might agree. I hope Djokovic spanks Nadu11 back to Majorca because tennis would be in ruins if the moonballing buttpicker won Wimbledon again. That’s all I can say 🙁 🙁 🙁

If Nadal wins the title and closes that Grand Slam gap, I am going to retire from all tennis discussions. People will throw it round that he is the confirmed GOAT. It will never make him the GOAT. Even if he overtakes Federer’s count. Being a GOAT includes playing with finesse and style. And not grunt and howl each time you hit the ball.

Nice hatefans, no?

Updated 12.07.2018, 12:02

Pablo I know your a Nadal fan more so then Federer but let me give you a relevant statistic. 15 years in a row Federer wins the fan favorite. Roger Federer made tennis enjoyable to watch Nadal is never a fan favorite his constant grunting (and I know it isn’t necessary and is deliberate) will never achieve fan favorite. Like it or not that statistic is relevant it is what fills stadiums. And I noticed that even the French were cheering for Thiem more than Nadal at the last French Open. Tennis fans overwhelmingly will vote Federer as their favorite. That is one statistic that Nadal will never achieve over Roger. Adious!

Updated 12.07.2018, 116:27

I’m closing this thread

Why? I have seen today’s SF match between Federer and Coric.

Federer forgot his class and was a bad loser.

Must have watched with sound disabled to not hear the annoying chanting, disturbing Coric on every occasion with screaming, never applauding Coric’s winners or hot shots. And the logic conclusion was – reaction to nice and humble celebration of the winner – complete silence.

Federer is visibly ageing from tournament to tournament. Nobody can blame him for this. Not our business to tell, when and how should he retire.

But the day, those hating and hysteric red caps disappear from tennis stadiums, will be the DAY OF FREEDOM for tennis.

Closed 13.10.2018, 21:06


You can quite often read “experts” and fans telling about wise and smart players to have more than one game-plan. Do they really?

No, it’s fundamental mistake.

Every player has principally only one game-plan – to play, what he can best and to play it the best he can.

Now – the opponent has a game-plan too.  Namely the same.

Maybe the only (but important) factor, he can change when thinking about how to play the next opponent, is to play with more aggression and more risk. When does it makes sense? Only if the player knows, his usual best game is not enough to defeat the opponent, who’s simply better, has more experience. Maybe the player can adapt his game-plan, when playing a specific opponent like big server (Karlovic, Isner …) – you can assume, you will attack only the second serve, wait for big server’s errors or attack his every serve. These all are high-risk strategies, but this is simply a getter chance against higher risk.

Some are told to have many game-plans. Some “experts” and fans say, Thiem is one-dimensional, has always only one game-plan. Yes, it’s true, but this one-dimension means, he always tries to play his best tennis.

Maybe the “multidimensional” experts think, the player can try to start playing against a potentially weaker opponent with left foot, to save the right hand for matches against tougher opponents. Maybe they think, if you hit your best serves but they all are returned, you can try to hit weaker serves, which will be returned too, but you save your arm (on cost of going higher risk of getting a winning return from the opponent.

If the game-plan A does not work, the game-plan B is always about how to lose, not how to win. But is this really important, if you lose 2:6, 2:6 or 4:6, 4:6? Games don’t count in any ranking, only matches.

If you are not “ONE-DIMENSIONAL”, it means only, your are trying to save energy for the final. This way you can lose first round.

Of course you can have different plans for different opponents.  If you want to beat Rafa (the poor “one-dimensional” Thiem can it, while other cannot), his game-plan is to play everything better than in any other case. This is why such wins cost more than others and such a match is maybe your last in the tournament. After you have defeated the better player (and he was not ill or injured), you are out of energy. But you have played a match, which is worth more than a title.

But fairy tales are hard to kill. May they live among experts/fan, who imagine, this is a poker, when your grimaces are also winning factors.